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Phuket has been one of the hottest tourist destinations among tourists all over the world for years now. Not only Phuket is the largest island in Thailand, but it is stunningly mesmerizing. With the blue water of the Indian ocean and mountains surrounding the beaches, Phuket caters to every type of traveler in the world. With luxurious resorts, delicious food, and amazingly cheap shopping centers, several people prefer to visit Phuket over any other part of Thailand. In this blog, you will get to know about the top adventure activities in Phuket that are quite famous all over the world. No matter how inexperienced or experienced you are, Phuket caters to all tourists who are looking for a heavy dosage of Adrenaline in their lives. So, next time when you go to Phuket, make sure you indulge in these activities for a unique experience.

9 Adventure Activities In Phuket

The following operations have been reviewed by the previous travelers that participated in them. Even if you have not involved in the events before, you will be able to participate in most of these adventure activities. Read the blog carefully because you will be able to get the entire idea of different activities and where you could find them in Phuket.

1. Ziplining

Enjoying Ziplining in Phuket

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If you do not know what Ziplining is, then read this portion to know. You will be tied through a cable and slid from one part of a mountain or a tree to another via a wire. It sounds crazy, but numerous tourists do this without getting the least bit injured. Phuket is quite famous among the adventure-seekers for Ziplining. Moreover, the entire activity happens in a lush forest. So, not only will you be able to get the fantastic experience of Ziplining, but you will get to witness mesmerizing scenery as well.

Where to take part in the activity: You can go ziplining in Kathu in Phuket.
Cost: A session of Ziplining usually costs around INR 4000.

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2. Bungee Jumping

Enjoying Bungee Jumping

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Bungee Jumping has been one of the trendiest adventure activities for a long time. Who does not want to jump freely from a tremendously high building or mountain? That is the reason why so many tourists opt for this activity during their Phuket trip. Many tourists get a massive dosage of an adrenaline rush when they hang mid-air during the exercise. In most of the sites in Phuket, this activity happens above a lagoon, and travelers sometimes dip into the pool to feel refreshed.

Where to participate in the activity: Phuket jungle bungee jumping is one of the most famous -bungee-jumping operators in Thailand. Most tourists prefer to go over there.
Cost: A single session of bungee jumping costs around INR 4500. You will be offered with a certificate as well after you complete the jump.

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3. Snorkeling

Snorkeling Experience in Phuket

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If you are a marine lover and are tremendously excited about the underwater lives of amphibians, then snorkeling will be a life-altering activity for you. Even if you do not know swimming, you will not have any problem snorkeling underwater. The feeling of swimming or being in the same space as the mesmerizingly beautiful fishes and underwater creatures is breathtaking. You will be able to move underwater without any hassle due to the tremendous guidance of the professional experts that will help you in your activity.

Where to take part in the activity: There are several snorkeling operators in the Patong beach of Kathu Phuket.
Cost: A snorkeling trip with gears costs around INR 3200 for an hour. If you want to get pictures, then it would cost you more.

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4. Windsurfing

Enjoying Windsurfing in Phuket

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If you do not know what windsurfing is, then noted it is a mix of both sailings as well as surfing. Unlike surfing, you will have access to sail in the case of windsurfing. In Phuket, windsurfing is quite popular. You may have seen the sports in several movies, but in Phuket, you get to do it by yourself. No matter how inexperienced you are, Phuket allows you to try the activity for the first time in your life.

Where to take part in the activity in Phuket: Phuket has several schools that teach you windsurfing in places like Rawai Beach.
Cost: You can rent all the equipment for an hour for INR 400.

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5. Scuba Diving

Enjoying Scuba Diving in Phuket

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For all the unwater lovers in the world, Phuket is an accessible and fantastic place to scuba dive. You will find several locations out there that serve a great place for scuba diving. Not only is the water out there crystal clear, but you will get to witness mesmerizingly colorful and amazingly beautiful underwater creatures. Those of you who are crazy about marine sea life, you will have a life-altering experience in Phuket.

Where to participate in the activity: You will find several companies that allow you to scuba dive under professional experts, including Patong beach.
Cost: You will be able to scuba dive thrice at the rate of INR 7900. The scuba diving equipment, food, and transportation cost are also included in this.

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6. ATV Riding

ATV Riding in Phuket

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If you want to leave the hustle and bustle of Phuket and explore somewhere remote, ATV riding is the best option for you. Not only does it let you experience a whirlwind trip in the wild, but it also allows you to witness the incredible beauty of Phuket that you will miss if you stay in the central city center only. While riding the ATV, you will get to see small waterfalls, explore the jungles of Phuket, and even see a statue of Buddha. The activity is perfect for beginners.

Where to take part in the activity: There are several tour operators located in Thalang in Phuket that allows you to take part in this activity.
Cost: At a price of INR 3800, you will not only get to ride the ATV for an hour, but hotel transfer and refreshment will also be provided to you.

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7. Kite Surfing

Kite Surfing in Phuket

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Kite surfing not only looks terrific, but it refreshes and energizes you never like before. If you do not know what the activity is, note that it is a form of surfing where you will be pulled by a kite that will be moving at high speed according to the direction of the wind. You will have to balance using your body weight. If you have done this before, you can even jump in the air
up to 50 feet for ten to twelve seconds. It will feel like you are flying. Phuket is a hotspot for this activity. Several tourists who are crazy about Kite surfing visit Phuket to experience it.

Where to take part in the activity in Phuket: There are several tour operators at Muang beach in Phuket that rents equipment to take part in this activity.
Cost: You would be charged INR 2400 an hour to rent the equipment for kite surfing.

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8. Motorbike Dirt Racing

Motorbike Dirt Racing in Phuket

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Motorbike racing is for those who love to ride their bike or are in pressing the need for a dosage of Adrenaline in their life. Phuket has been a popular place to take part in motorbike dirt racing for a long time now. Bikers all over the world, visit Phuket to race with other peers. The race track where you will be participating in the race is filled with mud and is frankly damaged. You will get a fabulous thrilling feeling from the danger of the trip. This activity is not for those with a weak heart. You will have to be prepared for the worst.

Where to participate in the activity: Motorcross in Chalong allows tourists to take part in the movement in Phuket town.
Cost: You will get to not only ride the bike but also access all the gears and GoPro cameras at a price of INR 5400.

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9. Surfing

Surfing Experience in Phuket

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Surfing is on the bucket list of activities for several tourists across the globe who are searching for an adventure in their life. Phuket is quite famous among several people for surfing. No matter what the level of your experience is, in Phuket, you will get to participate in surfing. If you are too scared to surf amid the massive waves in Phuket, you can avail of some classes that are provided to novice tourists. You can experience the same surfing experience in the indoor wave pool out there.

Where to take part in the activity: In Kata Beach and Kalim beach of Phuket, you will find several operators that offer surfing classes and allows you to surf out in the open.
Cost: You will be able to rent and surfboard and participate in the activity of surfing for an hour for INR 300.

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All the activities mentioned above are amazingly exciting. Not only are they adventurous, but they help you get energized for the rest of the year. Not every business in Phuket costs a fortune. Some of them are quite cheap and affordable. By spending a modest amount of money, you get to experience some of the life-altering activities of your life. But, before taking part in the activities mentioned above, do not forget to get yourself a physical check to rule out any physical problems. So, start planning your trip to Phuket, keeping in mind the adventurous activities mentioned in the lists above in your account.

Frequently Asked Questions About Adventure Activities In Phuket

Which beach in Phuket offers some of the best adventurous activities?

There are several beaches in Phuket that provide adventurous activities like scuba diving, para gliding, para sailing, kiteboarding, and many more. They are Laem Singh Beach, Racha Noi Island, Similan islands, Phi Phi islands, and many more.

What are some of the most popular adventure activities to take part in Phuket?

You will be able to participate in several adventurous activities in Phuket, including Ziplining, surfing, windsurfing, snorkeling, bungee jumping, and many more.

How much would it cost for bungee jumping in Phuket?

It costs around 3000 baht to do bungee jumping in Phuket.

How expensive is adventure tourism in Phuket?

Among the entirety of Thailand, Phuket is the most expensive place. Not only are the adventure activity tours expensive, but the hotels are quite expensive too.

How much does an average meal cost in Phuket?

You could get an average meal at a price of 90 to 150 baht. The price is provided for a person only. As Phuket is the costliest place in Thailand, the cost of meals is quite high too.

When is the apt time to visit Phuket for doing Adventure activities?

You would be able to participate in adventure activities if you visit Phuket from November to April. Those months are comparatively more relaxed than the rest of the year.

Is it safe to take part in adventure activities in Phuket?

All the tour operators who conduct adventure tourism in Thailand are registered and hire certified trained experts who guide you through the process. Hence, it is quite safe to take part in adventure activities in Thailand.

How can you reach Bangkok from Phuket?

There are several ways you could reach Phuket from Bangkok. You could travel via flights, buses or cabs.

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