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Steeped in history and oozing with culture through its pores, Germany is a country that promises an unparalleled range of fulfilling travel experiences. With its architectural marvels, outstanding museums and Oktoberfest taking center stage, the country’s natural splendor is overlooked most times by tourists visiting this amazing country. Germany is home to stunning natural landscapes and untapped wilderness, making it the ideal destination for outdoor activities. Ranging from the soaring Alps to the mystical Black Forest, gorgeous ski destinations like Ochsenkopf as well as numerous hiking trails, there is no dearth of adventure places in Germany to lure adrenaline junkies.

Hop on to this rollercoaster ride as we traverse through the length and breadth of the country in search of some of the top adventure places in Germany.

10 Best Adventure Places in Germany

Here’s a list of the ten most adventurous places in Germany where you can chill, have unlimited fun, and make memories for a lifetime with your loved ones. Take a look.


  • Oberstdorf
  • Garmisch-Partenkirchen National Park
  • Black Forest
  • Bavarian Forest National Park
  • Ochsenkopf
  • Berchtesgaden National Park
  • Bastei
  • Taunus
  • Kappel And Waldseilgarten Höllschlucht
  • Wallberg



1. Oberstdorf


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If you have to choose one destination amongst adventure places in Germany then Oberstdorf in central Bavaria would win hands down. This southern German town popular for skiing and hiking offers not just the classic mountain charm but also the chance to indulge in some thrilling outdoor sports. One of Europe’s deepest and most spectacular rocky gorges Breitachklamm makes for a memorable adventure any time of the year. Admire gushing waterfalls during the summers or witness the magical wonderland it transforms to during the winter season. While you can enjoy paragliding, hand-gliding and the thrilling toboggan ride during the warmer months, you can indulge in skiing and ice-skating during when winter sets in. Ski-lovers can rejoice as Oberstdorf is home to Germany’s longest downhill slope promising some serious high-octane moments.

Best for: Hiking, gorgeous natural sights and adventure sports.

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2. Garmisch-Partenkirchen National Park

Garmisch-Partenkirchen National Park

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Located in the vicinity of Germany’s highest mountain, Zugspitze, this is one of the biggest national parks in the country and amongst the best adventure places in Germany. Those who sweat it out along the strenuous trails through the Wetterstein Mountain Range will be rewarded with sweeping views of the surrounding vistas and a walk through beautiful meadows of wildflowers. Cable car and train rides that take you to Zugspitze summit promise an equally thrilling experience and 360-degree panoramic views.

Best for: Hiking, Cable car rides with breathtaking views.

3. Black Forest

Black Forest

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The 200-Km long stretch of forested hills is one of the most beautiful regions of the country and also features amongst the best adventure places in Germany offering myriad outdoor activities and thrilling experiences. While hiking and mountain biking allow you to explore the area at leisure, canoeing or paddling through Black Forest fir woods and wakeboarding on the Rhine River give an altogether different high. The Schluchsee Lake and Titisee Lake offer all kinds of water sports as well as sailing and surfing schools. You can also take a guided ATV tour through Malsch region, zooming across the beautiful landscape. During winters, the numerous slopes and ski tracks as well as toboggan runs promise loads of winter fun, such that you’ll never run out of options for adventure sports in Germany.

Best for: Hiking, Mountain biking, canoeing, and numerous water sports.

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4. Bavarian Forest National Park

Bavarian Forest National Park

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The alluring natural beauty of the country’s oldest national park beckons travellers from across the globe looking for adventure places in Germany. Nestled between three separate mountain ranges, the Bavarian Forest National Park has more than 300 kilometres of marked hiking and biking trails through stunning landscapes, babbling brooks and forest canopies. The unique tree-top walk on the 1300-metre long wooden walkway is an adventure in its own right and must not be missed. The 200-acre open-air animal enclosure allows you to witness wild boars, lynx, bison and wolves in their natural habitat.

Best for: Wildlife, Nature, Biking.

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5. Ochsenkopf


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Along with the beautiful summer hikes and outdoor sports options, there are numerous adventure places in Germany that allow you to discover the winter wonderland and try your hand at some exciting activities. Counted amongst Europe’s finest ski resorts Ochsenkopf im Fichtelgebirge offers unique & thrilling skiing opportunities through its 27 different runs. Most of them are floodlit, making it possible to ski even at night. The ski park also boasts of a 100m ski jump, along with options for snowboarding, hiking and sledding. Skiing equipment and snow shoes can be easily rented in the area or at nearby resorts.

Best for: Skiing, Nature.

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6. Berchtesgaden National Park

Berchtesgaden National Park

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The scenic biosphere reserve and national park not just offers a chance to soak in the fresh alpine air and natural splendour, but also is one of the top adventure places in Germany. Home to Germany’s third highest mountain, Watzmann, it is marked with numerous trails to explore its scenic beauty and wilderness at leisure. While the professional grade Mount Watzmann trail is strenuous but extremely rewarding, the Almbach gorge trail is a must-do in summers for its gushing waterfalls. Extreme sports enthusiasts can soar through the stunning area on a para glider or hang glider, while skiers and snowboarders can swish on the snowy paths during the winters. The two hiking trails leading to Hitler’s popular Eagle’s Nest retreat are a great option too.

Best for: Rock climbing, hiking and hang gliding.

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7. Bastei


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The Malerweg or ‘Painter’s Way’ is one of the most beautiful hikes and adventure places in Germany known for the breathtaking views and stunning rock formations of Saxon Switzerland. Bastei is the most outstanding rock formation of the region with its unique formations and sweeping views of the surrounding cliffs as well as Elbe River below. The famous sandstone bridge (Basteibrucke) leads to the fortress Neurathen which offers unforgettable views of the Elbe Sandstones. After an exciting hike, reward yourself with some local delicacies and gourmet dishes at the historical Bastei restaurant that promises unmatched panoramic views.

Best for: Cliffs, Hiking, Nature.

8. Taunus


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This hidden gem in the north-west of Frankfurt turns out to be one of the most interesting adventure places in Germany offering a unique experience for outdoor enthusiasts. The climbing forest at Taunus offers an unforgettable jungle adventure with its 11 different courses for climbers ranging from beginners’ level to an ‘adults only’ course for experts. The popular “Tarzan Jump” and the 185m long giant slide promise some serious adrenaline rush and a taste of jungle adventure. With high safety regulations and professional instructors, the fun never ends in this fantastic forest!

Best for: Jungle adventure, Nature.
Cost: starts from Euro 9.90/2 hours on weekdays and Euro 11.90/2 hours on weekends.

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9. Kappel And Waldseilgarten Höllschlucht


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Extreme camping takes on a whole new meaning when you’re in one of the best adventure places in Germany known for it ‘sky tents’ as well as ‘portaledges’. Nothing can match the thrill and wonder of sleeping in tents suspended from trees, with panoramic views of the surrounding Alps. You need to climb a series of ropes and cables to reach your special tent. While the German Alps town of Kappel offers a campground for this adventure, the Waldseilgarten Höllschlucht resort offers plenty on ‘hanging in the sky’ sleeping options for thrill seekers.

Best for: Sky tents, Nature.
Cost: Starts from Euro 125/adult for sleeping on a suspended platform, while prices go higher for a portaledge or rock-face experience.

10. Wallberg


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The arrival of winters marks the time for Germans’ favourite outdoor pastime of sledding, also called ‘Rodeln’. Wallberg mountain near the town of Rottach-Egern is one of the best adventures places in Germany for sledding enthusiasts. Home to the country’s longest sled run extending to more than 4 miles, the region promises a whole lot of fun and adventure. Whether using a traditional wooden toboggan or modern sledding equipment, nothing can beat the joy and adrenaline rush of sliding down snowy slopes. The Wallberg sled run has a conveniently located cable car at the end so the fun never ends with continuous loop runs. Sleds can easily be rented on-site so you needn’t carry them from your hotel area.

Best for: Sledding

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While the list is endless, two more highly recommended adventure places in Germany include the Isar River which offers traditional log rafting and the Nurburgring racing track that offers high-adrenaline BMW rides with a professional driver.
Along with its heavy dose of culture, history, art, and architecture, Germany is also amongst one of the underrated adventure destinations of Europe. With such a diverse range of adventure places in Germany, you must plan to get a taste of adrenaline rush on your next trip to Europe with TravelTriangle. We can vouch that it’ll be the best trip of your life!

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