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Almora is one of Uttarakhand’s sites that combines the best of nature with a diverse ecosystem. It is an ideal place for everyone who wants to spend time in nature in a hill station. It’s a cantonment area. The Himalayas surround it and provide breathtaking vistas that captivate and impress visitors. In addition, the Almora restaurants provide some of the best combinations of comfort and elegance and breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape. Look out for this selection of top-rated restaurants in Almora, where you may rest your head after hiking!

Budget-Friendly Almora Restaurants

While exploring the charm of Almora, if you are hungry, these restaurants will surely pamper the foodie in you. Have a meal at any of these best restaurants in Almora for a cherishable dining experience:

1. Kasar Rainbow Restaurant

Spread of the Almora cuisine at Almora Restaurants

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Rainbow restaurant offers thoughtfully designed interiors and delicious, mouthwatering food from the best local menu, ensuring various delightful dining experiences. The interiors, with a 360-degree view of the Himalayas and surrounding hills tops, is a fantastic place for anybody who wants a good time. You can have a variety of great meals at the Rainbow, and it’s never disappointing. The menu varies from Continental, Middle Eastern, and Tibetan to Indian, with snacks, coffees, and fresh juices. The place is comfy and clean, with a nice view, Wi-Fi and ambient music. The restaurant is known for its hospitable staff.

Cuisines Served: Italian, Chinese, Indian, Pizza, Cafe, Asian
Cost For Two: ₹ 500 onwards
Address:Binsar Road Kasar Devi, Almora 263601

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2. Oak Barrel Family Restaurant

The restaurants serve the most delicious food

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The restaurant’s interior is excellent, but the approach is imperfect due to construction issues. The food is prepared fresh and presented well, with excellent taste and customer service. The Non Veg Sizzler is delicious and affordable, while the Vegetarian Chilli Honey Potato is excellent. The quality, quantity, and taste of veg and non-veg items are excellent. So, if you are seeking affordable places to eat in Almora, stop by Oak Barrel Restaurant which will surely impress you with its food and ambience.

Cuisines Served: American
Cost For Two: ₹ 600 onwards
Address: Raghunath City Mall, Almora 263601

3. Dolma Restaurant

The iconic Rajma Chawal at Almora Restaurants

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Dolma Restaurant in Almora offers a variety of dining experiences, including traditional Kumaoni dishes, popular Indian cuisine, and international flavours. The restaurant is known for its authentic Tibetan dishes like momos and thukpa and various Chinese dishes. It also serves a range of Indian dishes, catering to diverse tastes. The cosy atmosphere makes it an ideal spot for enjoying a meal after exploring nearby attractions like Kasar Devi Temple.

Cuisines Served: Indian, Asian, Tibetan
Cost For Two: ₹ 400 onwards
Address: Near Kasar Jungle Resorts, Almora 263601

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4. Hotel Sakhi Continental

The iconic imarti or Jalebi: served as a sweet dish

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Hotel Sakhi Continental is one of Almora’s standout multi-cuisine dining destinations. The spacious restaurant has an elegant yet cosy interior dining area and an outdoor seating section to savour meals while soaking in the crisp mountain air. Their extensive menu aims to please all palates, featuring authentic Indian curries like butter chicken and palak paneer and Chinese favourites like vegetable Manchurian and chilli chicken. The restaurant also offers an array of Continental delights such as wood-fired pizzas, pastas, and steaks. Don’t miss their signature apple pie for dessert, a nod to Almora’s fame as India’s apple basket. Open from 8 am for breakfast to 10 pm.

Cuisines Served: Indian, Asian, Tibetan
Cost For Two: ₹ 400 onwards
Address: Mall Road, Near Sumitranandan Pant Park, Almora 263601

5. Navami Vaishno Dhaba

 The famous yellow dal which is good for te digestive system

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This humble, no-frills dhaba (roadside eatery) run by a local family offers a true flavour of the region. The simple decor and basic seating arrangement create a rustic charm. Using age-old recipes, the menu showcases traditional specialities made with fresh, locally sourced ingredients. Signature dishes include bhatt ki churkani (stir-fried soybeans flavoured with spices), rus (rice pudding), kaali daal (black lentils cooked overnight), and madua rotis (finger millet flatbreads). The dhaba is mostly geared towards takeaways, given its limited seating. It operates from early morning at 7 am to 9 pm in the evening.

Cuisines Served: Indian, Asian, Tibetan
Cost For Two: ₹ 400 onwards
Address: Katari Bagh, Almora 263601

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6. Daishin Japanese Restaurant

The famous Dal-Bhaat of Uttarakhand at one of the Almora restaurants

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Daishin offers a delightful Japanese culinary experience, a rarity in the small hill town. Opened in 2018 by a Japanese expat chef, the restaurant has painstakingly tried to recreate an authentic Japanese vibe through its decor featuring tatami mats, low seating, and minimalist wooden interiors. The menu features expertly crafted delicacies like fresh sushi and sashimi platters, hearty ramen bowls brimming with noodles and broth, teppanyaki iron grill dishes, and traditional katsu curries. With just about 10-12 seats, the cosy eatery maintains an intimate ambience and requires prior reservations, especially on weekends. As they don’t have a liquor licence yet, it’s BYOB.

Cuisines Served: Indian, Asian, Tibetan
Cost For Two: ₹ 400 onwards
Address: Dhana Danda, Kanlina, Almora 263601

7. Khana Khazana

 Mouth-watering dosa being made at a restaurant

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Khana Khazana offers a vibrant setting for relishing authentic vegetarian Indian fare. The restaurant’s walls are adorned with colourful Rajasthani-style murals and paintings, providing a lively ambience. Their extensive menu features an array of delectable North Indian thalis (meals with unlimited servings of curries, dals, breads, rice, etc.), as well as an impressive selection of vegetarian curries, dals, Indian breads like naan and kulchas, and chaat snacks. Highly recommended are their delicious chana bhatura (chickpea curry with puffed breads), paneer curries like shahi paneer, and melt-in-mouth jalebi for dessert. They also offer a limited Chinese menu with dishes like veg noodles and Manchurian. Open from early morning till late evening.

Cuisines Served: Indian, Asian, Tibetan
Cost For Two: ₹ 400 onwards
Address: Govind Bhawan, Lala Bazaar, Almora 263601

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Indian cuisine is widely varied, setting it apart from other food from around the world. Therefore, people will always find something unique and new to taste in these restaurants. From spicy culinary delights in South Indian dishes to tangy North Indian delicacies, these restaurants of Almora are the perfect places for people who love to explore different flavours of food. So, what are you waiting for? Plan your trip to Uttarakhand with Travel Triangle to experience the rich delicacy!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Almora Restaurants

What are some of the best restaurants in Almora?

Some of the top-rated restaurants in Almora include Hotel Sakhi Continental for multi-cuisine dishes, Navami Vaishno Dhaba for authentic Kumaoni cuisine, Daishin Japanese Restaurant for Japanese fare, and Khana Khazana for vegetarian Indian food.

Are there any good vegetarian/vegan options in Almora?

Khana Khazana is a popular all-vegetarian restaurant serving North Indian thalis, curries, and Indian loaves of bread. Many local dhabas and eateries also offer vegetarian Kumaoni dishes made without meat or egg.

Where can I find traditional Kumaoni cuisine in Almora?

Navami Vaishno Dhaba and other small local dhabas are great for sampling authentic Kumaoni specialities like bhatt ki churkani, rus, kaali daal, and madua rotis made with local ingredients.

Are there any fine dining restaurants in Almora?

While Almora doesn't have extremely upscale fine dining places, Hotel Sakhi Continental offers a more elegant multi-cuisine dining experience with nice views.

Do restaurants in Almora offer outdoor/rooftop seating?

Yes, a few like Hotel Sakhi Continental and some cafes have outdoor terraces or rooftop seating areas to enjoy views of the Himalayas while dining.

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