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Spain is of the most popular countries in the world when it comes to. The country is filled with so many things that not even a month could complete. Beautiful castles, historic remains, deserts, beaches; Spain is everything and anything. The popular spots like Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia are some of the quiet popular places for the tourists, thanks to La Liga. But there are many other places in the country that unknown to the general public. These hidden gems might turn out to be the absolute best that the country could provide you.

One such place is Andalusia, which is an independent community in the southern part of Spain. It might be a very good choice as a spot for vacation and for some relaxing time. They have got a nice array of deserts and beaches and all that you will possibly need. There are more than a hundred reasons as to why you must experience Andalusia travel at least once in your life. The place, which is adjacent to Spain’s southern coast, is a large area with lots of hills, rivers, and farmlands. The city, as well as the countryside, offers so much for you.

Top 12 Places To Visit On Your Andalusia Travel 2023

The place is steeped in culture and history that adds to the charm. The people here are quite vibrant and lively, just as Andalusia itself. No itinerary on Andalusia travel and tours would dare to miss out the following must-visit places in this community of Spain:

1. The Alpujarra Villages

The Alpujarra Villages

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These villages are set along the provinces of Granada and Almeria. You will get an absolutely amazing experience in these villages. This group of villages is waiting for its turn in the UNESCO’s list of World Heritage Sites. The locals flourish over here to get their hands on some of the local stuff. The sale of local craftwork is one of their highlights. The charm of the old village is quite nice and helps you to transform into some other times.

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2. Marbella


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You can enjoy the absolute marvelous Andalusian charm from here. This is a great spot for the holidays. The town, its culture, their cuisine, the weather: all of these make the place even greater. Marbella has got an old town or casa Antiguo, which normally tourists avoid. The old town has got stunning visuals, ancient architecture and also the beautiful sight of those cobbled streets. A visit to the old town would be breathtakingly gorgeous. The Paseo Maritimo could be hardly missed if you are taking a stroll on the coast. Marbella offers so much and it is an ideal spot for that peace of mind.

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3. Mirador De San Nicolas

Mirador De San Nicolas

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This is a fantastic and stunning spot in the area where the view of Alhambra will make you travel into some other place. The majestic view has to be the calling card for all tourists. The spectacular view of sunset will make you completely fall in love with the place and might be the sole reason why you want to come back to the place again and again. It might be climb but the end result is more than enough. The sight alone will be the best ever you have ever seen.

4. El Rompido

El Rompido Aerial View

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This is a place that every tourist always try to find. El Rompido was founded somewhere in the 16th century. This coastal area is a catch that you certainly can’t miss. You can get into the waters that are crystal clear. There are only a few inhabitants around here. El Rompido is considered to be one of the few places that are untouched by human civilization. If you are not into destroying its essence, come take a dip and enjoy the splendid plants and other greenery around you.

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5. Nerja Caves

Caves View

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The magnificent caves are a must-see if you are ever visiting Andalusia. They are a sequence of huge caves that is almost five kilometers long. They also possess the largest stalagmite in the entire world. Nerja Caves is one of the main tourist attractions here. There are certain cave paintings that date back to the Palaeolithic and post-Palaeolithic times that were found inside the caves. This place is perfect for history lovers. The cave is sure to evoke a lot of emotions in your mind and there is no doubt on that.

6. Seville Fair

Seville Fair

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This is a quite popular affair in the entire country and is a familiar festival all over the world. It is the most colorful and vibrant festivals in the city. The history and the past will literally come alive in the streets. All those who participate in the fair will be adorning the traditional dresses, both men and women alike. The fair is also home to the cultural aspects of the city. The morning will have the streets filled with carriages and rides. The night will see the socializing with drinking, eating and dancing in tune. If you are looking for a tour of Andalusia, make sure to book those when the Seville fair is on. You definitely don’t want to miss this.

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7. Frigiliana

Spring Sol Spain Mediterranean Village Frigiliana

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This is yet another beautiful village in Spain. This place is all of the cobbled streets, steep path and a beautiful array of houses in white. The buildings and the street all look like it’s taken from the Greek beauty; thus giving the charm and romance. Clicking a picture from anywhere around will automatically turn into something even more amazing and stunning. The scenic surrounding and the beautiful coast all provide the sights in the village. Truly a memorable spot that is literally like heaven.

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8. Tabernas Desert

Desert View

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Situated between Filabres and Alhamilla, Tabernas Desert is the only desert in Europe. The 280 square kilometers area is covered in dry ridges and strange rock formations are sure to offer you an amazing time once you reach this spot. This is a very popular destination and a lot of Spaghetti Western movies like Once Upon A Time in the West and music video by Little Mix were shot here. It shows how much the world knows about the place and its beauty.

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9. Bolonia Beach

View Of Bolonia Beach

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One look at the beach and you will never want to go back. This is an amazing beach that is backed up by beautiful pine forests and the presence of the tallest sand dunes. The pure white sand and the clear water will make everyone want to just jump in the water, irrespective what they are wearing. The waters just seduce you into spending so much of your time with them. The bay offers space for naturists and also there is a mild presence of wind that is perfect for the kite surfers. Bolonia beach is perfect for people for all ages and beauty should not be ignored or avoided at all.

10. Seville Cathedral

Seville Cathedral

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This is the largest Gothic building in Europe. It is also the third largest churches in the world. The cathedral is stunning with its architectural splendor and stunning interiors. It also holds a spot in the UNESCO’s World Heritage sites. Now, it is one of the most famous and important spots in the city of Seville and also in Europe. Each year the number of tourists who throng to the city to witness this architectural marvel is uncountable. The Cathedral has got almost fifteen doors and each one of them is a piece of art.

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11. Patios De Cordoba

Patios De Cordoba

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Cordoba is yet another amazing city in Andalusia. The city is always a spot that every tourist will try to capture it in their cameras. The charming Fiesta de Los Patios is an event when the locals open their beautifully decorated private courtyards for the public. They do it as a part of their tradition. During the festival, all the courtyards are open and the locals assemble roses and geraniums on their patios in the pots that they place outside. It is truly a sight and one you cannot afford to miss. The cultural heritage of the entire city is visible through this simple and charming event.

12. Ronda

Amazing Place

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Ronda is an internal town in Malaga. The main sight in Ronda is the vast gorge that split the town into two: the old town and the new area focuses predominantly on the commercial aspects. The bridge that is present here is said to have inspired Ernest Hemingway when he wrote For Whom The Bell Tolls. If you want to know something about the Spanish tradition, there is a museum here that displays these aspects. All in all, this would be a nice choice for your holiday.

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Andalusia is a wonder that most people forget to enjoy, but you don’t make that same mistake. Plan a trip to Spain and head to the beautiful and ever romantic Andalusia. Our Andalusia travel guide has enlisted the most iconic places that are a must visit. The sights and wonders that the place provides for you are just awesome. The cultural history that Andalusia has makes it far better than the other usual spots.

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