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If you are a Pluviophile, then is the best weather for you to bask in the beauty of Arizona. Monsoon in Arizona typically comes during the summer when one can experience increased humidity levels, dust storms, wind storms, and periods of heavy desert rains. Even though the monsoon can be a bit taxing, you can enjoy various activities and experiences while taking proper measures. While there are some attractions that you might miss due to such weather, there are plenty of attractions that welcome you with open arms. You can either take a dip in Havasupai Falls or enter a different world on a stargazing tour. Also, shopping at some of the best markets and savoring a variety of flavorsome delicacies at top-rated eateries will make your vacation a blissful experience. So don’t fret and make the most of your trip to Arizona in monsoon.

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Arizona Weather In Monsoon Season

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When a monsoon rolls through Arizona, it makes it all the more exciting and adventurous for travelers to visit this place. Arizona monsoon season commences on June 15th and stays till about September 30th. This further high winds, high temperatures, and thunderstorms. Moreover, the Arizona monsoon storm can be a bit severe and result in microbursts. However, if you are a smart traveler, you will definitely keep an update on the weather and snake away the best time to visit many tourist attractions. Arizona monsoon season 2023 predictions suggest that the monsoons will begin late.

5 Best Experiences To Go For On You Next Arizona Vacay

Making your Arizona trip all the more exciting, here are some the best experiences that you must sign up for!

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1. Enjoy A Stroll In Desert Botanical Garden

Enjoy A Stroll In Desert Botanical Garden

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If you are a keen admirer of flora, then you must visit the Desert Botanical Garden which is located in Phoenix, Arizona. The garden is beautified with a wide collection of more than 21,000 plants making you all the more fascinated. The unique plants are been take care of in the desert conditioners which they need in order to thrive. The substantial collection of agave and cactus plants will make you fall in love with its beauty. The Desert Botanical Garden features 5 varied walking trails for visitors to explore the garden in the best way. You should not miss visiting them in Arizona monsoon 2023.

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2. Go On A Brewery Tour

Go On A Brewery Tour

Go on a brewery tour in Arizona monsoon season 2023 to be a beer connoisseur and get to get first-hand insight on how breweries really work. You will find various local tour organizers at cheap prices that will let you have an ultimate experience in the best way. Savor some of Arizona’s finest and oldest beer and witness what happens behind the scenes. You can either opt for an individual tour or a be a part of a group. You can see, smell, touch & experience the brewing process up close and we bet with fondness, you will also respect beer ;).

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3. Calm Your Senses At Musical Instrument Museum

Calm Your Senses At Musical Instrument Museum

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One of the best attractions in Arizona is the Musical Instrument Museum that boasts various galleries having instruments from all over the globe. For a music lover like you, exploring this museum will make your visit extremely worthwhile. While housing more than 15,000 musical instruments and some related items, the museum straightaway gets highly interactive. Interestingly, you can also get to touch and play some instruments from old times and relive the ancient history with just a melodious tune. The highlight of this museum is its on-site theatre which a real treat for the visitors as they get to enjoy live acts from various parts of the world.

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4. Treat Your Eyes While Stargazing In Sedona

Treat Your Eyes While Stargazing In Sedona

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Taking you on an invigorating cosmic journey, a Star Gazing tour in Sedona will let you enjoy a fascinating trip through the night sky. With high-tech telescopes, you’ll be able to see a ton of stars, planets, galaxies, and constellations all the. There are various companies that organize such tours at affordable prices. You will be guided by the staff astronomers so that you can enjoy a spectacular stargazing experience. Evening Sky Tours is one of the best trip organizers that have an ample number of telescopes and skilled staff to make your stargazing experience an incredible one. If you are lucky enough, you will be able to catch a glimpse of Saturn and its rings. Your trip to Arizona In Monsoon 2023 will surely be memorable if you opt for this particular experience.

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5. Shop At Tlaquepaque Arts And Crafts Village

Shop At Tlaquepaque Arts And Crafts Village

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For all the shopaholics, Sedona shopping village is a must-go destination if they are visiting Arizona. This alluring Sedona shopping village is uniquely adorned in the style of Guadalajara which is a city in western Mexico. Positioned beautifully under the sycamore trees and charming archways are the number of shops and art galleries. You will find a variety of artisanal goods and creative items to take back home as souvenirs. If hunger pangs are bothering you, you don’t have to go far as the village itself features 5 gourmet restaurants where you can gorge on some of the finest cuisines.

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Handy Tips For Visiting Arizona In Monsoon 2023

1. Keep an emergency kit handy that includes portable cell phone chargers, battery power lights, a mini first-aid kit, and AM/FM radio
2. Have a collection of monsoon-friendly wearables that comprise cotton clothes, lip-proof shoes, and flip-flops
3. If you are driving then avoid hydroplaning and drive at a slower speed
4. Stay away from touching downed power lines
5. Don’t miss to bring your raincoat that will save you from getting drenched and let you enjoy the rains simultaneously
6. Avoid outside water and street food to stay away from any kind of infection
7. Keep a check on the weather report and news
8. Make umbrella your friend on your trip to Arizona in monsoon!

Frequently Asked Questions About Monsoon In Arizona

Q1. What is monsoon season like in Arizona?

Ans. In Arizona, the monsoon season comes about June 15 and stays till September 30. Also, the storms knock between mid-July & mid-August. Notably, Arizona receives an average of about 12.5 inches of rain every year.

Q2. What type of severe weather does Arizona have?

Ans. Arizona’s climate can bring calamity and weather hazards, especially during monsoon. Also, one of the Arizona monsoon facts is that severe storm occurs during monsoon that further leads to flash flooding.

Q3. What are the essentials to pack while visiting Arizona in monsoon?

Ans. Some travel essentials like an umbrella, medicines, repellents, waterproof bag for electronic items, etc. are a must. Apart from this, you must bring some synthetic clothes and rubber footwear as well.

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As exciting as it sounds Arizona monsoon has its own charm that will make you witness the beauty of this wonderful destination in a unique way. Even though the heavy rains and storms might refrain you from going outside, but with some museums, restaurants, art galleries, etc, you will definitely have the best experiences. So, instead of becoming daunted by the monsoon in Arizona, embrace the weather like true rain lover on your trip to USA in 2023!

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