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Arizona is certainly renowned for its iconic monuments, national forests & parks, and ski resorts. Apart from this, the destination is also home to numerous sacred sites offering some beautiful experiences to travelers coming from all over the world. While visiting world-renowned LDS temples including Phoenix Arizona Temple, Snowflake Arizona Temple, Mesa Arizona Temple, travelers are bound to get captivated by the holiness of these marvelous sites. If you are in search of spiritual renewal, then visit these Arizona Temples that will make your Arizona trip utterly worthwhile.

9 Famous Temples In Arizona

Check out these 9 Arizona temples that will undoubetdely treat your mind, body, and soul.

1. Mesa Arizona Temple

Mesa Arizona Temple

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Touted as one of the best LDS temples in Arizona, this temple boasts the greatest variety of architecture in Mormonism. A public visitors’ center is there at the temple where you can witness stupendous murals and various artistic displays. The holy site is staffed by Mormon missionaries. The lush green gardens and huge reflections pools welcome you with open arms. If you want to witness this temple at its best, then visit here at Christmas when you get to see a light display and a nativity scene.

Location: 101 S Lesueur, Mesa, AZ 85204, USA

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2. Snowflake Arizona Temple

Snowflake Arizona Temple

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This temple is set on a knoll which is now renowned as “Temple Hill”. The interior of the temple is adorned with Native American patterns that you can see on the walls and in the carpet as well. Along with this, baskets, handcrafted rugs, baskets, pottery, and other artistic items beautify the interior of this temple. Further, Empress White and Majestic Grey granite add a unique charm to the exterior of the temple.

Location: 1875 Canyon Dr, Snowflake, AZ 85937, USA

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3. Gilbert Arizona Temple

Gilbert Arizona Temple

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Established in 2014, Gilbert Arizona Temple is a colossal steel building that features an urban, spire design having a gold-leaf, and Angel Moroni statue atop the temple. highly visible art glass windows and bronze doors offer mesmerizing vistas. In addition to this, the building also exhibits an entrance that has a curved system of arches and planters. Visit here if you wish to see the perfect amalgamation of urban and old times.

Location: 3301 S Greenfield Rd, Gilbert, AZ 85297, USA

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4. Gila Valley Arizona Temple

Gila Valley Arizona

This site is another famous LDS temple in Arizona. The exterior of this architectural marvel is beautified with pre-cast and the art-glass designs highlight its windows. While walking in the temple you will notice the interiors that are designed with materials such as maple and cherry wood. Also, the murals made with marble and limestone depict mountain, desert, and river, landscapes. The time spent at the temple will let you calm your senses amidst serene surroundings.

Location: 5291 US-70, Thatcher, AZ 85552, USA

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5. Phoenix Arizona Temple

Phoenix Arizona Temple

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Accentuating the list of Arizona Temples is The Phoenix Arizona temple which is the 144th worldwide operating LDS temple. To compliment the desert landscape, this temple is designed in a deco-style having a light earthy tone. Like many temples in Arizona, this one is also adorned with a single spire that is topped with a gold-leafed Angel Moroni. Further, the upper section of the spire exhibits art glass that comprises an agave plant design in green, gold, and blue colored tones. Interestingly, the immaculate detailing of this temple is what captivates the travelers the most.

Location: 5220 W Pinnacle Peak Rd, Glendale, AZ 85310, USA

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6. Tucson Arizona Temple

Tucson Arizona Temple

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Located in the Catalina Foothills this spiritual site features art deco style comprising Sonoran Desert motifs. The temple swanks a beautiful dome that is inspired by the 1920s-era Pima County Courthouse. Due to local zoning ordinances, the height of this temple is smaller than the rest of the temples in Arizona. Additionally, the cactus plants at the site add great value to this place.

Location: 7281 N Skyline Dr, Tucson, AZ 85718, USA

7. Maha Ganapati Temple of Arizona

Maha Ganapati Temple

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Once you enter this temple, you will readily get a peaceful and spiritual feeling. This temple was built in traditional Hindu style and only Indian artists worked on its design. In the temple, you can find Agama sastra written beautifully in the scriptures. There is always some sort of function going on during the weekends, mainly during the Indian festival periods such as Diwali, and Pongal. The organisers conduct and celebrate the festivals true elan & high spirits that would one make feel infinitely joyed.

Location: 51293 W Teel Rd, Maricopa, AZ 85139, USA

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8. Arizona Buddhist Temple

Arizona Buddhist Templ

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Solely aiming at preachings of Buddha-Dharma, The Arizona Buddhist Temple is a non-profit organization. Being one of the oldest Buddhist temples in Arizona, this site offers you to relax your senses in the best way possible. At the temple’s main hall that is called Hondo, visitors coming from all over the world gather to listen to and imbibe the teachings of the Buddha-Dharma. If you want to study the teachings in depth, you can also be a part of several seminars and events condcted by the temple staff.

Location: 4142 W Clarendon Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85019, USA

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9. Jain Center Of Greater Phoenix

Jain Center of Greater Phoenix

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Offering a holy retreat especially to all the jains is the Jain Center of Greater Phoenix. The temple features Jain deities that are brough in from India. Just behind the primary Jain deities, you will find beautifully-carved 15-inch-high statues of Tirthankaras. You will be highly impressed with the entrance of the temple that comprises a sandstone archway and a colossal nonviolence monument called Manastambha that stands outside the temple.

Location: 6250 S 23rd Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85041, USA

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So, are you feeling the spirtual energy running into your veins? If yes, then plan a trip to Arizona and visit these scared sites. Dive into the charms of Arizona Temples that will take you to a devotional joyride. These mesmerizing destination will lend you the much-needed tranquility that you are looking for!

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