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The Art Gallery of South Australia is one of the most popular art galleries in Adelaide, South Australia and is home to over 45,000 works of art. The gallery has lots of permanent artworks on display and is also one of the most significant places for temporary exhibitions. The collection includes paintings, sculptures, drawings, prints, photographs, ceramics, glass, textile, furniture, and jewelry. The artworks at the gallery are arranged by culture and by medium, providing viewers with a cultural and historical context that helps them understand the artwork. Read on to find out more about this educative and beautiful art gallery of South Australia.

About The Art Gallery Of South Australia

About The Art Gallery Of South Australia

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Established in the year of 1881, the Art Gallery of South Australia was only as big as two rooms, which were inaugurated by Prince Albert Victor and Prince George. The current building where the gallery is situated in was built in the 1900s, after which the art gallery was extended and became larger. The Art Gallery of South Australia is situated on the cultural boulevard in Adelaide and is one of the most prestigious visual art museums in South Australia. With a collection of over 45,000 art pieces created by world-renowned artists, this Art Gallery also boasts of being the second largest art collections of Australia after the National Gallery of Victoria. One of the main aims of the gallery is to give the visitors and the South Australian communities, a chance to view and experience the original high-quality artworks created by some of the best artists.

Location: North Terrace, Adelaide, South Australia- 5000, Australia.
Art Gallery Of South Australia Entry Fee: The general entry to the exhibition is free. However, there may be a charge for visiting and viewing specific exhibitions.
Art Gallery Of South Australia Timings: The art gallery remains open from 10 am to 5 pm on all days of the week.

Art Gallery Of South Australia Artworks

Built in the Victorian style of architecture, the Art Gallery of South Australia is home to collections of art that date back almost 2000 years. Among the different art collections that you will see at the gallery, you will find some superb Australian Art, International Art and Asian Art.

1. Australian Art Collection

Australian Art Collection

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The section where the Australian Art Collection is housed, you will find a survey which was conducted in the 1800s, documented till now, which includes Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander art. Some other very famous art pieces that you will see in the Australian collection are the 19th century Australian Impressionist paintings, colonial silverware and even furniture. The 20th-century Modernist artwork collection includes renowned art pieces created by skilled female artists and even the work created by South Australian artists. The Art Gallery of South Australia became the first gallery to house artwork created by an Aboriginal artist and now stands as one of the galleries housing a mix of both, traditional and contemporary art.

Highlights of the Australian art collection: Life of Stars by Lindy Lee, Kulata Tjuta made by the Anangu artists.

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2. International Art Collection

International Art Collection

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The International Art Collection features displays of North American and European art that goes back to the era of ancient Rome, till date. There are about three thousand European Old Master prints and paintings as well as two thousand decorative art pieces followed by twenty bronzes by Auguste Rodin, a famous Modernist sculptor. Interestingly, the International art collection does not restrict itself to any artistic or geographical boundaries and represents a full-blown art collection from different countries as well as mediums, including sculptures and installations by budding British artists, carefully made sculptures by Thomas Hirschhorn and paintings by Sean Scully.

Highlights of the International art collection: We are all Flesh by Berlinde de Bruyere, Absence Embodied by Chiharu Shiota.

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3. Asian Art


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Among the other art collections, the Asian Art collections are one of the most recently added collections, which was started in the year 1904. The Asian art collection at the Art Gallery of South Australia consists of pre-modern Japanese art, Southeast Asian art, Indian art and even art pieces from the Middle East. You will find sculptures made out of stone, wood, bronze, along with ceramics, textiles, paintings as well as decorative arts such as those made with lac and wire. The Asian Art collection also happens to be the only collection of the gallery which exhibits Islamic art.

Highlights of the Asian art collection: The different textiles by the Indonesian artist, Eko Nugroho.

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Things To Do At The Art Gallery Of South Australia

If you are wondering what all there is to do at this gallery in Australia, here is how you can utilize your time during your visit:

1. Network & Connect

Network & Connect

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The gallery offers unique learning experiences to students and even for educators where a specially qualified ‘Learning Team’ delivers the learning programs that are linked to the Australian curriculum. Becoming a part of these programs will allow you to get an insight of the Australian style of learning as these programs promote visual literacy, the development of higher order thinking skills, lessons on history and cultures of Australia and even programs that help you explore your own creativity. If you are an art student, you have got a huge opportunity for networking with educators and creators here.

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2. Art Gallery Of South Australia Workshop

Art Gallery of South Australia Research Library

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The Art Gallery of South Australia holds lots of informative workshops which visitors can participate in. You can also develop new skills, connect with some of the best artists and creators through these interactive workshops and seminars that are held at the gallery. If you think that there are workshops that only teach art, you would be happy to know that the gallery hosts some of the most interesting workshops that focus on the development of critical thinking among students and seminars on professional development. Those who are interested in art will love these workshops as they give you an opportunity to explore different painting techniques, contemporary sculpture, fashion illustrations, anatomy drawings, and life drawings.

3. Art Gallery of South Australia Research Library

Art Gallery of South Australia Research Library

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If you like reading in the library, you are going to love spending your time here. The Art Gallery of South Australia also continuously undertakes lots of research projects which cover things about the history of ownership of the artworks that are displayed at the library. This rich research database helps in identifying the historical, cultural, social and even the economic background of the region where the artwork was created. This research library at the gallery gives visitors a chance to relive all the times when the artwork was brought in to the times when it changed ownership and was bought by another person. Visitors can also find a list wherein all the details about the sculptures and paintings are mentioned, this list is also regularly updated.

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Things To Keep In Mind At The Art Gallery of South Australia

Things To Keep In Mind At The Art Gallery of South Australia

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You have got to be careful when you are visiting any gallery or museum. Here is what you should keep in mind:

  • Smoking or consumption/ carrying of food and drinks are not allowed inside the gallery.
  • Don’t carry very large bags or backpacks and even umbrellas. In case you are carrying one, you can leave them at the free cloakrooms located at the main entrances.
  • Don’t touch the artworks.
  • Photographs are only allowed using hand-held devices (mobile phones) and can only be taken for personal use. Some parts of the gallery do not even permit this.
  • Professional photography, application of added lighting, use of tripods or other filming equipment is not allowed. Filming inside the gallery is not allowed without prior permission.

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The Art Gallery of South Australia is worth a visit at least once when you are in South Australia, especially if you have an interest in the different art styles from around the world. When are you booking your trip to Australia to visit this center of art and knowledge?

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