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The 8 km long, breathtaking Atlantic Ocean Road along the Norwegian Coastline, has a reputation that rivals some of the world’s deadliest roads. The curvy road, brutal dips, dizzying turns and sky high waves make it the big daddy of all drives. However, the thrill you feel when the harsh sea waves crash on you and the whoosh of sea breeze stuns you is simply unmatchable. The 8 bridges of the road are heralded to be made for pure adventure, instead of mere paths to commute. This is going to be an ultimate ride – probably, the most ultimate ride of your life!

Without further ado, let’s ride along the people in this video who have dared to take it all, for the sake of pure thrill. At least, until you can’t boast of doing it for yourself and catching the moments in camera for eternity.

Interesting Facts about the Atlantic Ocean Road

The interesting turns and roller coaster bridges of Atlantic Ocean Road make for a fun ride

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1. The Atlantic Ocean Road is about 8 km long. What it lacks in length, it makes up for in its phenomenal beauty.

2. The stunning road has many titles to its name – Cultural Heritage Site of Norway, National Tourist Route, The World’s Best Road Trip and Norwegian Construction of the century.

3. The road has a roller coaster feel to it with a total of eight bridges, multiple viaducts and a plethora of causeways.

4. The phenomenal construction started in 1983. It took 6 whole years to complete this road.

5. During its construction, the road was hit by 12 fierce hurricanes. Needless to say, the road took it all in its stride and came out as a winner.

6. The dramatic Atlantic Road came into existence in an equally dramatic style. It was originally slated to be a railway line. However, circumstances didn’t add and it came out as one of the most beautiful and deadliest road of all times in the history.

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Atlantic Ocean Road’s Key Attractions

The beauty as well as deadliness of Atlantic Ocean Road is unparalleled

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While you can’t miss the breathtaking panoramic views of this gorgeous stretch, there are many more things that you mustn’t miss. The most important ones being:

  • The clear sky above – On a sunny day, it’s sharp blue; but on a cloudy day, the greys are mesmerizing too.
  • Stunning landscapes – Including the bridges, fjords, and the Bremsnes caves.
  • Off-the-way attractions – Since the road is quite popular with tourists, slightly off-the-way, but beautiful spots have also got their share of popularity. If you have time, don’t miss the lovely island of Haholmen, Stave Church and Old Kvernes Rural Museum, among others.

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Gorgeous sunset at the fishing village of Haholmen near the Atlantic Ocean Road

The fishing village of Haholmen

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So, are you up for it? To know more about how to reach, what to do and where to stay, check out its official website. And to keep the spirits high, we leave you with another seducing video of the deadly road

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