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    ways in which india and pakistan are not so different from each other

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    If we were to ask random people what comes to their mind when they think of India & Pakistan, their response, for sure, would be things like “war”, “enemies”, & “terrorism”. But India’s relation with Pakistan isn’t just about that. There’s much more to it that people generally tend to overlook courtesy of whatever they’ve been told and taught for years. It’s time we stow away these stereotypical views about each other and acknowledge all the beautiful things that we share, the things that really matter

    1. “To us there is but one true God…”

    Both the nations follow one religion of humanity

    One may not find any difference in our submission to our one true religion of Faith and Humanity, be it at this side of the border, at shrines such as the Jama Masjid in Delhi, or at the other, at sanctums like the Badshahi Masjid in Lahore.

    2. Our Motherland’s fertile soils feed & sustain us

    The fertile plains at both the countries are fit to sustain us

    We be blessed with abundant stretches of fertile plains in every corner of both our countries that sustain, nourish, & nurture us.

    3. We have indistinguishable, yet stunning landscapes

    The natural wonders both the nations are blessed with

    Both the lands are an epitome of scenic beauty, such that one may not be able to tell which wonder belongs to which nation. Two of such amazing works of Nature include the Zanskar Valley in India and the Hunza Valley in Pakistan.

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    4. Even in our diversity, we hail one religion: Cricket

    cricket fever in both the nations

    No matter what culture, colour, or caste we belong to, people on both sides of the border are united by this one passion- Cricket. And against all myths, every cricket match between the two nations brings us closer, instead of taking us apart.

    5. Dance is in our blood

    Both the nations have rich, traditional forms of dance

    We may be separated by our petty differences, but they all go out the window and our feet start to tap once you play some good desi tunes.

    6. Ladies at either sides love to be pampered

    Women at both sides of the border love to be pampered with ethnic jewelry

    Ethnic jewelry is our first love, and we have the same agendas to flaunt our styles most of the times- bangles, ‘jhumkas’, and an overuse of Kohl!

    7. We’re both known for our delectable cuisines

    The cuisines of India and Pakistan

    Both the countries are famous worldwide for their delicious cuisines and spicy curries. No one in the world can beat the exquisite taste of our food.

    8. The influence of our rich music travels across all barriers

    Both the nations are known for their rich, classic music

    Be it Hindustani music and classical ‘sangeet’, or Pakistani Sufi and Qawwali, the exuberance of our magnificent melodies breaks all barriers and wins millions of hearts all over the world. Both our versions of the Coke Studio produce tunes that are just out of this world.

    9. Our canvases for art are a little ‘hatke’

    The trucks of India and Pakistan reflect our love for art

    We don’t need conventional platforms like paper and cloth to express our art. Almost all aspects of our day-to-day lives express our love for art, right down to our traditional modes of transportation.

    10. We’re both the lands of ‘shahi’ weddings

    India and Pakistan are a land of grand, shimmering wedding ceremonies

    Be it a ‘shaadi’ in India, or a ‘nikah’ in Pakistan, weddings at either side of the border be grand, glittering…and gorgeous!

    11. We both cherish our glorious history with pride

    The monuments at India and Pakistan tell the amazing tales of the history of both countries

    Be it our oppressive rulers of old, or traumatic incidents of the Partition, or our glorious tales of the struggles for freedom, we are blessed with rich stories to tell about our history. Our numerous monuments and heritage sites like the Amber Fort in India, and the Lahore Fort in Pakistan, constantly remind us of our magnificent past.

    12. Our brave soldiers risk their lives for our welfare

    Soldiers and India and Pakistan helping citizens during difficult times

    It doesn’t matter which side of the LOC they belong to, these brave soldiers risk their lives for ours almost everyday, and ask for nothing in return for their sacrifices.

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    13. Both sides have been victims of heart-wrenching tragedies

    Both the nations, India and Pakistan, have seen difficult times

    We’ve both suffered similar tragedies and seen difficult times. In fact, against all misbeliefs, both the nations have been victims of horrific terror attacks. Lives have been lost at both ends…mothers have cried for their children at both ends.

    14. Our hearts, in unison, plead for just one thing: Peace

    Both India and Pakistan long for peace

    Our eyes grow tired waiting for that one glorious day,
    But we believe in our hearts we’ll achieve it one day.

    We’re not trying to hurt anyone’s nationalistic sentiments through our words. This is merely an attempt to break the walls of misconceptions between the two nations so that we may rise above our petty differences and at least attempt to live with goodwill and peace. Know of any more similarities between India and Pakistan? Let us know in the comments below and share this with your friends.

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