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    Give yourself a beach break! If you are planning your next trip to Australia, be prepared for some warm love. You might find yourself on a riverbank, holding on to a tire or upon white sand beach enjoying a morning yoga session, stretching your spirits high. When you plan your visit to the world’s smallest continent and the largest island on earth, make sure you don’t miss any spot, and when you are about it, plan your stay before-hand so that you don’t miss out on any of these amazing cottages that Australia has to offer!

    Say wildlife? Australia has some of the quirkiest of all, rarest of rare and the tales are topped with the legends of aboriginals, tribes that are living in the land for centuries. It’s a wonderland for adventure seekers, a complete package with the coral reefs and rain forests. The red soiled national parks are something you have never experienced and the beaches, my my! Then there are dry deserts. Where you plan your next visit, remember you always need a roof over your head and nothing like coming back to a homely cottage after a day’s adventure. Here are a few to choose from to make your experience a little extra thrilling.

    Cottages in Australia for a serene stay

    1. Enjoy a laid-back day at the beach at the bathing sheds

    beautiful cottages

    Image Source

    Cutest little colorful huts on the beach, these are ideal to wash off your weariness after a combat with the waves. These huts top the list of iconic Australian cottages, they deserve a visit. These pink, white and green beach boxes are available for sale and rent.

    Things to do: These are not technically a home, it’s so tiny you won’t really get to cook or shower but you can just rest your back while you are at it and sleep it off.
    It comes along with a dining table and four dining chairs plus there are two relaxing chairs and a baby ‘chair and table’ set.

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    2. Explore a nature retreat at the beach shacks

    cottage near nature

    Image Source

    Here’s the nature retreat you were looking for! These earthy ‘beach shacks,’ were intelligently designed and uniquely built-up to blend in the greenery of the natural surroundings. Made with timber paneling and shaped into wood columns these beach shacks are strong enough to support dual level balconies.

    Things to do: Plan your evenings at home, relaxing in the summer air; treat yourself with a cocktail to go with.

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    3. Live a Recluse life at the bayside cottages

    beauty with nature

    Image Source

    While on your trip to Australia, if you find yourself writing one of the greatest Australian novels, we have a retreat in mind for you where you can embrace the solemn serenity of nature. Constructed out of locally available stones, the Wattle Cottage founded upon once what was a shoemaker’s residence dates back to the mid 1800s. There is a bit of history all around it. It was build following the local Hobart architect Alex Kostromin’s design and the building stands tall still.

    Things to do: These bayside cottages are perfect for you; just get the pens and papers handy. Another attraction is the Colorbond lockup workshop. Once you grow tired of the recluse lifestyle, not to worry, just around the corner there is the Swansea Township.

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    4. Mind living in the farmhouse

    stylish cottage

    Image Source

    Here is yet another charming zone to rest your weary souls among the gum trees. If you are looking for a ranch and a farmer’s life, at least for a few days, go ahead and book your homestead. Want to try your hands on a bit of community farming? This is your place.

    Things to do: You can get a dam attached and the vast and reaching view of a valley, touch the horizon with 180 degree bent. If you love horses go for a ride or you can simply appreciate the quite while you invest your time in bird watching.

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    5. Climb up the log cabin

    perfect shed of peace

    Image Source

    Are you looking for a get-away time, all by yourself, away from the hullaballoo of the urbanity? We have the perfect shed of peace for you. Get away from all the WiFis and digital TVs. You don’t need a fresh running water just to rinse your soul. Here’s the log cabin, a part of a larger estate that is run on a rain tank.

    Things to do: The place is not all into the wild, especially when you see the lavish gym and luxurious swimming pool and sauna. Explore the exploits of nature and nurture together.
    Rent: The rent starts from $510 per week at Wongawallan, QLD

    6. Float away upon the houseboats

    house made of boats

    Image Source

    Here’s your river retreat in Australia. It’s the blissful way of holidaying year round. Lie around under the sun and the gum trees. It’s the Australian way!

    Things to do: Plan your holiday to have a little time floating down the Murray on the top deck of your houseboat.

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    7. Taste the charm of the vineyard villa

    charming and dashing cottages

    Image Source

    It’s not like you have to be a beach person if you plan a trip to Austrailia. There’s more to what Australia can offer. Take for example the vineyard villa. Ask the members of this vineyard camp, the wine country happens to be their mecca. If you aspire to be a budding vigneron, this is your place, enjoy an outstanding view from the European-shuttered windows.

    Things to do: Explore the vineyard and check out the world famous Barossa Valley of Australia sitting just at the doorstep of the vineyard.
    Rent: The rent starts at $300 per week at Williamstown, SA

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    Excited much? Stay in one of these cottages on your next trip to Australia to experience the friendly hospitality of the Aussies.

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