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With the commencement of the spring season in Austria in March, this town welcomes its tourists to enjoy the last showers of snow. The weather in Austria in March becomes pleasant. There is a gradual increase in the temperature over the whole month of March.

Austria is a country that enjoys all the famous four seasons that are summer, winter, autumn, and spring and the month of march embarks the start of spring season. You can also enjoy some showers of snow while visiting Austria in March. Right from playing around the last snowfall of the season to witnessing the marvelous iconic landmarks, Austria has plenty to offer. Make sure you pack your woollens for you don’t want to get sick in one of the most beautiful countries of the world. 

Weather In Austria In March 2024

Weather In Austria In March

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Austria experiences humid mild summer in the month of March. The weather is not too hot and you can expect rainfall and uncertain snowfalls. Fog is the most common thing that you can encounter within the month of March. The average daytime climatic temperature is around 7℃ to 15℃. Moreover, the climatic atmosphere is usually windy with gentle breeze along with some precipitation. Austria in March is quite chilly and cold with the heavy sky and the temperature varies around 11℃. The third week of March is quite hot and warm. Travel to Austria in March and experience a pleasant weather with a hint of winter.

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Top 6 Places To Visit In Austria In March

Austria is located in Central Europe and is a perfect place to plan a holiday. There are a ton of fun and relaxing activities to enjoy in this country. These places to visit in Austria in March are not only some of the most fun-filled ones but also some of the most beautiful places that one has ever witnessed. Take a look. 

  • Vienna: The Most Beautiful Of It All
  • Hallstatt: The Snow Melt
  • Gosau: Escape For Nature Admirers
  • Innsbruck: Trekker’s Paradise
  • Bad Gastein: For Pure And Fresh Air
  • Graz: Mecca Of Students

1. Vienna: The Most Beautiful Of It All


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Being the capital of Austria, it is one of the most beautiful places to visit in the world. The place hypnotizes your heart and mind with its mesmerizing and stunning localities. The place is the perfect fusion of tradition and modernization, and the cultural shows in Vienna in March is a great event to attend. You will be stunned to see the rich culture in the local people who on the other hand are known to be the most modern people living in society.

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2. Hallstatt: The Snow Melt

Hallstatt - The Snow Melt

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Undoubtedly one the most lovely and wonderful village in the county. It is a local lakeside village in Austria and is home of very few people. When surrounded by snow the place totally reflects heavenly looks. But in March, when the snow starts melting away, Hallstatt looks amazing. If you are planning a holiday to Austria then you should surely screen out some of your time and visit this beautiful and stunning village.

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3. Gosau: Escape For Nature Admirers


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An ideal place for nature lovers. If you truly love to spend time in nature and want to have an out in wind experience, you should not miss this place in March. With the winter passing by, and the summer striking in, the wind here is as calm as it can get in March. You should keep ample time in your hands before visiting this place, as once you start the tour of this place you will not be able to leave tour in between. The place is privileged with rich dense forests and a plethora of wild creatures.

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4. Innsbruck: Trekker's Paradise

Innsbruck - Trekking In March

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A heavenly place blessed with artistic and royal architecture. Innsbruck also commences the start of the journey to Hafelekarspitze, a rugged mountain covered in snow. The place is very high from sea level and is an ideal place for trekking and snowshoe hiking. People who love trekking and other thrilling recreational activities must visit this place in March and enjoy the thrilling experience provided by the setting and environment of the place.

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5. Bad Gastein

Bad Gastein 

Sitting in the Hohe Tauern National Park, Bad Stein is one of the most stunning places to visit in March in Austria. This place is nestled amidst the mountains that stand proudly and is encircled with fog-free air, thus offering some of the most jaw-dropping views of the landscapes formed by the natural marvels. For those who seek to breathe in the pure and fresh mountain air, Bad Gastein is surely your escape. Stroll around the natural marvels, get some relaxing spa treatments, or simply soak in the natural hot springs when paying a visit to this stunning spot. For adventure seekers, do partake skiing or mountain biking when in Bad Gastein!

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6. Graz


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Nothing less than a mecca for the students, Graz is one of the best places to visit in Austria in March. Along with being home to a total of six big universities, Graz is also one of the oldest towns that one can visit in Europe. Reeking of vintage vibes, this town is all about the culture that has been influenced by the Balkan States and Italy. Right from museums to being a hub of gastronomic experiences, this destination does not fail to impress a traveler. For those who love to cook, do spend some bucks on a bottle of pumpkin seed oil from the farmer’s market!

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Top 5 Things To Do In Austria In March

There are many fun activities to do in Austria at this time of the year with your family or your friends. Let’s have a look at some of the activities which you can enjoy in Austria. All of these things to do in Austria in March mentioned below is something that can be experienced by every kind of traveler. Take a look! 

  • Skiing: Play Around The Winter Wonderland
  • Snowshoe Hiking And Trekking: Get That Adrenaline Rushing
  • Global Cuisine Festival: Indulge In Some Mouth Watering Delicacies
  • Schlegeis Lake: Soak In The Beauty
  • Admont Abbey Library: Admire The Interior

1. Skiing: Play Around The Winter Wonderland

Ski trip In March

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Vienna in March is one most glamorous and dazzling place to make memories with your loved ones.If you love skiing, then don’t miss the golden opportunity and plan a holiday to Austria in March. The place is best suited for the people who love this thrilling and adventurous recreational activity. Being surrounded by the Alps, this place in March is perfect for skiing with your family and friends. The valley is located in an idyllic setting offering its tourists to enjoy mesmerizing views and scenes especially in the month of March.

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2. Snowshoe Hiking And Trekking: Get That Adrenaline Rushing

Snowshoe hiking and trekking

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The latest trending activity among all the people is snowshoe hiking and Austria is the best place to enjoy this activity to the utmost extent. It offers mesmerizing backgrounds and still which are totally breath-taking and enchanting, and the weather in March makes this place perfect for some amazing snaps. In the month of March, you can enjoy an adventurous trek or enjoy a spectacular experience of snowshoe hiking in Austria.

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3. Global Cuisine Festival: Indulge In Some Mouth Watering Delicacies

Global Cuisine Festival In March

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If you are looking for a place to relax and enjoy world-class cuisine you must attend the Austrian Festival- Global Cuisine Festival In March. There are perfect places to enjoy food fest with your loved ones and relax with a cup of perfectly brewed coffee. So ahead and enjoy the evening and stretch out your legs and give your body a break from the regular stress and tensions of their hectic daily routine at this festival.

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4. Schlegeis Lake: Soak In The Beauty

Schlegeis Lake

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Wondering about what to do in Austria in March? Consider paying a visit to one of the most stunning natural marvels one has ever witnessed in their lifetime. The Zillertal Valley sitting in Tyrol happens to be a stunning place that blankets an extensive number of lakes in its lap, with Schlegeis Lake being one of them. These lakes are surrounded by the high mountain peaks on all four corners and thus forms a landscape that does not fail to impress. Right from mountain climbing to difficult hiking adventures, there are plenty of thrilling experiences just waiting to be discovered.

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5. Admont Abbey Library: Admire The Interior

Admont Abbey Library

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Mach in Austria happens to be a great time to indulge in the most fascinating city tour. The Admont Abbey Library is actually a Benedictine monastery that is sitting on the banks of the Enns River. This iconic landmark of Austria is one of the architectural marvels that one should definitely visit when in Austria. To add to the beauty, the surrounding landscape further leaves one in awe. This structure was constructed in the 18th century and happens to be the largest monastic library in the entire world. With the ceilings adorned with frescoes, light being reflected by gold, and the entire place reeking of Roman vibes, this library is definitely worth a visit.

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Now it is time to quickly pack your suitcase and plan a holiday to Austria with your loved ones to enjoy this amazing experience of Austria in March which offers a romantic setting for the newly married couples and encompasses a variety of places which will hypnotize your mind with their mesmerizing and stunning views and scenes.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Austria In March

How wealthy is Austria?

Austria is one of the 14 rich countries which has a well-developed economy with a high standard of living.

How large is Austria?

Austria covers a territory of total of 83,879 Kms per square area with highly mountainous terrains settled within the alps.

What is the best time to visit Austria?

The best time to visit Austria is between the season of spring which starts from April and ends at May. And apart from that Autumn season is also a perfect time which starts from September and ends in October.

What months does it snow in Austria?

The coldest month experience by Austria is January. While the snow covers the region around late December to March.

Is there snow in Austria in March?

While March happens to be the spring season in Austria, there are still last showers of the snow that one can experience here.

What clothes to pack for Austria in March?

The weather during this month is still pretty cold. It’s better to pack warm clothes, gloves, caps, thick socks, and warm jackets on your trip.

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