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Living the last days of “freedom” before jumping into the life of commitments is definitely a must do, even if it’s not for yourself, throw a party for your friends. One of the most common things that majority of the people seek out for is to have a destination bachelor party for themselves and let us tell you that the bachelor parties in Bratislava are worth it. Irrespective of what kind of bachelor party or even a week you want to plan, the capital city of Slovakia definitely has a bit of everything up for grabs. If you are throwing the party for your friend or even for yourself, make sure that you make the plans ahead of time. But, if what’s worrying is a perfect place, fre not, we got your back! Here’s a sweet short list of some of the potential places where you can plan your adventure!

6 Best Places For Bachelor Parties In Bratislava

These 6 places in Bratislava, Slovakia are some of the finest spots to party and let your hair down with your loved ones. Take a look!

1. Masquerade Club

Masquerade Club

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Located around in Venturska, Bratislava, the Masquerade Club is definitely one of the high points when it comes down to the nightlife of Bratislava. Irrespective of the occasions being held, it is one of the best places to host a stag party in Bratislava. The club is studded with an amazing bar and the dance club is beyond amazing, if that is something you want to indulge in. Irrespective of anything, it is also quite popular for the cocktails they spruce up for the special occasions.

Location: Venturska 16, Bratislava 81101, Slovakia

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2. Bratislava Stag

Bratislava Stag

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More than a location or a place to host the bachelor party, the Bratislava Stag does specialise in providing with amazing bachelor party activities in Bratislava without a shadow of doubt. They help you plan around the very best party including a complete packed itinerary that you can indulge yourself and your group of friends with. They are primarily a travel agency which have a well reputed name for providing the very best night of your life before your marriage.

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3. The Club Bratislava

The Club Bratislava

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Yet another one of the amazing Bratislava bachelor parties location is The Club Bratislava. The disco and the overall services you get in the club is definitely worth every penny you spare. If you are on the lookout for something extraordinary, it is definitely one of the best choices when it comes to the booming interiors and the amazing music you can play around in the place. The song mixes played by the DJ in the club can make your entire night an amazing one without a speck of doubt. Owing to the demand, it is always best to make the bookings beforehand to avoid last minute rushing through.

Location: Rybne namestie 1, Bratislava 811 02, Slovakia

4. Moulin Rouge

Moulin Rouge

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The Moulin Rouge Club is yet another amazing and quite common spots to throw a stag party in Bratislava. If you want to surprise your friend with an over the top experience for their bachelor party with strippers and an amazing nightlife experience, the Moulin Rogue is actually an amazing spot to indulge in. It is mostly R-rated club with strippers and such, so be assured that nothing about the night is going to be innocent.

Location: Cintorínska 2372/32, 811 08 Bratislava, Slovakia

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5. Strip Club Paradise

Strip Club Paradise

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Yet another one of the popular strip clubs cum bachelor party destinations around in Bratislava is the Strip Club Paradise. Located in Trnavská Cesta, this one is definitely one of the popular ones because of the strippers and the amazing ambience it has inside. Make sure to carry all the necessities and don’t get too intoxicated to lose your inhibition completely.

Location: Trnavská cesta 5680/50, 821 02 Bratislava, Slovakia

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6. Messalina Club

Messalina Club

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Located in the close proximity of the Strip Club Paradise, the Messalina Club is yet another one of the amazing spots that is amazing for throwing a bachelor party in Bratislava. If you want something traditional and want to help yourself or your friend has an amazing night without any care in the world, this is an amazing place to indulge in.

Location: Viedenská cesta 1, 851 01 Petržalka, Slovakia

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Planning a bachelor party around in Bratislava can be a tough nut to crack. It all lies in the connections you have and the amazing spots around you can take notes of. Just make all the arrangements and bookings beforehand to avoid the last minute rush, and believe us your bachelor trip to Europe with TravelTriangle will then be the only one of its kind!

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