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Baldeo in Mathura is a famous tourist town of great historical importance. Dating back to the Dwapara Yug, this place is believed to be ruled by Balrama(Baldeo), the elder brother of Shri Krishna according to the Hindu Mythology. The local people also call the area “Dauji”, another name of Balram. The famous temple “Dau Ji Maharaj” is dedicated to him. The stone idols of Balrama and Revati could be seen in the temple which is said to have been installed by the grandson of Shri Krishna. Apart from the Baldeo Mandir, the town is famous for many other attractions nearby. Also, Baldeo in Mathura is a true heaven where you get to relax and engage in a spiritual journey in the birthplace of Shri Krishna.

Places To Visit At Baldeo In Mathura

While Baldeo is a town of great spiritual and historical importance it has a lot to offer, if you are willing to take it all. From great temples to old palaces you get to enjoy many tourist spots at Baldeo in Mathura. Here is a list of all the tourist attractions nearby.

1. Dauji Temple

Holi in Dauji Temple

Image Credit: Gyanendrasinghchauha for Wikimedia Commons

One of the oldest temples in the city which is about 18 kilometres away from Mathura is the Dauji Mandir located in Baldeo in Mathura. It is believed that the shrine has been there for more than 5000 years since 1535 AD, making it one of the most important shines in Mathura. Lord Balarama, the elder brother of Shri Krishna, the presiding deity of this temple. Devotees and pilgrims from all corners of the country come together at this temple to offer prayers in the sacred abode of Lord Baladev, a manifestation of Lord Vishnu. The idol of Lord Baladev is considered to be the largest idol in Braja Mandal, with a height of about 7 feet. It is a black-coloured idol with a royal cup containing Varuni, the holy drink. While the right hand is raised and can be seen by devotees during their prayers. The idol is adorned with exquisite clothing and ornaments, radiating a magnificent charm.

Things To Do: Visit the temple ground, offer your prayer, seek blessings

Best Time To Visit: September to March

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2. Balabhadra Kunda

Visit Balabhadra Kunda at Baldeo in Mathura

Image Credit: Kridha20 for Wikipedia

The Balabhadra Kunda is a pond located in the Balabhadra Temple, Talavan, now known as Tarsi Village. Lord Balaram and his wife Devi Revati are worshipped here in this temple. Next to it, the Balabhadra Kunda is there, which is also called Sankanshana Kunda. According to mythological legends, this kunda is where the Talavan forest was located in the past. The name Talavan came from the presence of numerous Tala trees in this area. This Talavan was protected by the demon Dhenukasura and his other demon associates. As this area was protected by a demon, the Mathuravasi were even scared of entering the forest, so they could not enjoy any Tala fruit from the Talavan, so Balarama killed the demon Dhenukasura. And that’s how the famous Talavan of Mathura was freed from the possession of demons. Some Tala trees could still be seen in this area and surrounding the temple.

Things To Do: Sightseeing

Best Time To Visit: April to July

3. Brahmanda Ghat

Visit Brahmanda Ghat offers a stunning view of Mathura

Image Source: Shutterstock

Another place of great mythological importance is the Brahmanda Ghat, near Baldeo in Mathura. According to mythological legends, this Brahmanda Ghat is named after another Leela of Shri Krishna. When Shri Krishna was a toddler, he was eating clay here in this Brahmanda Ghat, and when his fellow mates saw him eating clay, they reported Shri Krishna’s behaviour to Mata Jashoda. Upon asking if he did eat clay, Mata Jashoda asked Shri Krishna to open his mouth. When Shri Krishna opened his mouth, Mata Jashoda was astonished to discover Krishna’s opulent form and the whole universe (Brahmanda in Sanskrit) in his mouth. She dropped unconscious and when she woke up she forgot this divine form of Shri Krishna. She later showered Shri Krishna with her motherly affection just like how she used to before. That is how this place derived its name from this incident, Brahmanda Ghat ( Valley of the Universe).

Things To Do: Sightseeing

Best Time To Visit: September to March

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4. Vishram Ghat

Visit Vishram Ghat while visiting Baldeo in Mathura

Image Credit: Vrindavan for Wikimedia Commons

The Vishram Ghat is another place of great importance, located near Baldeo in Mathura. According to the Mythological legends, Lord Krishna came here to rest under the shade of Giriraj Parvat after his duel with Kansa, the demon king of Mathura. The name Vishram Ghat comes from this story itself, as the word ‘vishram’ means rest thus this place is the resting spot of Lord Shri Krishna. Therefore, it is a must-visit tirtha spot, with a pond where devotees can wash away their sins in the holy water and do parikrama for their well-being. The architecture of the Vishram Ghat has great marble work with also a lineup of many temples and shrines, some of them are the Yamuna-Krishan, Murli Manohar, etc. The Yamuna River is also located near the Vishram Ghat, which is another sacred Hindu River. There is a grand evening aarti session in the Yamuna River. The clay lamps and devotion of the people add a very spiritual ambience to the whole ghat during this aarti.

Things To Do: Spend some time in the ghat, take photos, go for sightseeing

Best Time To Visit: All year round

5. Kans Quila

Visit Kans Quila while visiting Baldeo in Mathura

Image Credit: Prashant6001 for Wikimedia Commons

An ancient castle located near Baldeo in Mathura is the Kans Quila, named after demon king Kansa. This is where demon king Kansa was believed to dwell and this was the birthplace of Shri Krishna by Mata Devki. The existence of this Quila is believed to be about more than 5000 years old. The Kansa Quila is located near Krishna Ganga Ghar and the northern Bank of Yamuna. This Quila is believed to have protected the ancient kingdom of Mathura from severe floods rising from the Yamuna River. A stunning and notable audience hall is also there in Quila, where the duel of Shri Krishna and Kansa was believed to have been fought in front of the Mathuravasis. But over time this place of historical influence has been neglected and now it’s facing damage because of neglect. The British Ruly destroyed this Quila as it was demolished but still the ruins of the Quila remain.

Things To Do: Sightseeing

Best Time To Visit: All year round

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6. Shyam Kund

Visit Shyam Kund while you are at Mathura

Image Source: Shutterstock

Shyam Kund, an auspicious pond near Baldeo in Mathura, is the most popular tirtha spot for the Vaishnavas. The Shyam Kund is incomplete without the Radha Kund as both of them are set together and believed to wash away all your sins and bad karma if you take a dip in these two ponds. According to mythological legends, once Kansa sent the demon Arishta in the guise of a bull to kill Shri Krishna. Lord Krishna and Balarama killed the demon within a few minutes. After killing the demon, Radharani mischievously teased Krishna that now he has become impure as he killed a bull ( a breed of cow). Gauhatya, killing a cow is considered a sin in the Hindu religion. So Shri Krishna created a huge depression by his foot and summoned all the auspicious and sacred rivers in this Kund. Radharani, too, dug a pond with her bracelet, but no water was there. Shri Krishna summoned all the holy rivers to create the Radha Rani Kund again.

Things To Do: Sightseeing, learn the mythological values

Best Time To Visit: March to September

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With a checklist of all the things you need to remember for your visit to Baldeo in Mathura, make preparations for your next trip to Mathura , to enjoy these interesting and mythological places of importance, for an experience of a lifetime. Make sure to book your tickets now and secure the opportunity for an amazing trip!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Baldeo In Mathura

What are the types of payment modes available at Baldeo in Mathura?

From Google Pay to Paytm, different UPI options are available in India. It’s better not to rely entirely on credit cards and debit cards. Make sure to carry cash with you in the remote areas, as no ATMs or Digital Payment Services might be available there.

Are there any homestays available at Baldeo in Mathura?

Yes, there are plenty of homestays in Baldeo in Mathura. You get to choose your best stay place from several options available to you. Also, the hotels and lodges in Baldeo are great. The stay at Baldeo in Mathura will be very affordable.

Are there any vegetarian restaurants at Baldeo in Mathura?

Baldeo is a spiritual getaway, great for spiritual seekers, which means the restaurants in Baldeo serve vegetarian dishes. You get to choose from various cuisines and dishes available on the menu. From local cuisines to Shri Krishna’s favourites, you can taste everything in Baldeo.

What could be the expenses for the Baldeo trip?

The expenses of Baldeo's trip to Mathura could cost around 25,000 INR. The places in Mathura are quite affordable and have great hospitality. But make sure to bring some cash with you for your convenience. Also, the trip expenses may differ depending on your spending.

Why is Baldeo in Mathura so popular?

Baldeo in Mathura is a famous tourist town of great historical importance. Dating back to the Dwapara Yug, this place is believed to be ruled by Balrama(Baldeo), the elder brother of Shri Krishna according to the Hindu Mythology. The famous temple “Dau Ji Maharaj” is dedicated to him.

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