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Are you wondering what you can do in Barcelona in March? Well, Barcelona has something to offer to every type of traveller. From cultural festivals, tapas, art and architecture to indulge in, there are literally zero chances of you getting bored here with the list of things you can do in Barcelona. Trust us, you won’t think twice about booking your travel tickets to Spain. For making your vacation a hassle-free affair, here is a Barcelona in March travel guide which has all that you need to know about and experience the city on your enthralling vacation!

Weather In Barcelona In March

Barcelona Weather In March

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Are you planning of visiting Barcelona in March? Then you must know about the weather in Barcelona in March. The temperature is usually 16ºC during the day and 7º C during the night time. The month of March is also considered to be the starting of peak season in Barcelona. If you are wondering what to wear in Barcelona in March, then carrying warm clothes during your visit to Barcelona would be a smart choice. Due to the weather being unpredictable at times, it’s better to carry warm clothes so you can avoid falling sick.

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Places To Visit In Barcelona In March

Here is the intricate list of places to visit in Barcelona in March that you must check out before you leave for your vacation. Keep scrolling down and read along to know more about them!

  • La Sagrada Familia Temple: The Marvelous Structure
  • Magic Fountain Of Montjuic: Perfect For A Romantic Evening
  • Picasso Museum: For All History Enthusiasts
  • Palau De La Música Catalana: The Iconic Building
  • Gaudi’s Pedrera: Spain’s Stunning Marvel

1. La Sagrada Familia Temple: The Marvelous Structure

La Sagrada Familia Temple

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The stunning La Sagrada Familia Temple in Barcelona is known to be inspired by the gospels of Jesus’ childhood. This monumental structure is the most visited by people globally and was designed by the famous Catalan architect Carles Gaudi, who died before completing the temple. The La Sagrada Familia Temple also holds the title of UNESCO’s World Heritage Site. Do visit it on your trip to Barcelona.

Temple timings: 9 AM – 7 PM
Ticket fees: INR 1250/-

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2. Magic Fountain Of Montjuic: Perfect For A Romantic Evening

travel tickets to Spain

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Font Magica de Montjuïc is situated on the Montjuic hill and is one of the best places to visit in Barcelona in March. It is also one of Barcelona’s most visited landmarks by tourists from across the globe. This magnificent fountain was designed by Carles Buigas in 1929 for the Barcelona Exhibition and is visited by 2.5 million people annually. This fountain uses a combination of light, sound, and water which work together to display and capture the water’s movement. Do not miss this spectacular show when in Barcelona.

Winter Night Magic Fountain show timings: 7 PM – 9 PM

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3. Picasso Museum: For All History Enthusiasts

Picasso Museum

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The Picasso Museum consists of 5 medieval palaces that are linked together to make this one of kind museum. Admire the artworks of the genius artist Pablo Ruiz Picasso in Barcelona, which features Picasso’s beautiful oil paintings and drawings till date. His paintings also reveal and reflect the relationship he had with Barcelona, which shaped his youth and continued till his passing. Head to the museum to know more about this famous artist.

MuseumTicket fees: INR 999/-

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4. Palau De La Música Catalana: The Iconic Building

Palau de la Música Catalana

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 The Palau de la Música Catalana in Barcelona was built between the years 1905-1908, this iconic building serves as concert hall. The architecture is inspired by the Catalan Art Nouveau style and it is also listed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. This beautiful building features some of the most intricate works filled with motifs of plants.

Concert hall opening hours: 9:30 AM – 9 PM (closed on Sundays and holidays)
Concert hall Ticket fees: INR 1665/-

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5. Gaudi’s Pedrera: Spain’s Stunning Marvel

Gaudi’s Pedrera

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If you want to be awestruck by the creativity of a mastermind, then make sure you visit Casa Mila La Pedrera. Pedrera is an audiovisual tour of Gaudi’s work. This is the last complete project made by the great artist Antoni Gaudi. It is advised that this work of art should be seen during nightfall. Antoni Gaudi took most of his inspiration from nature and it will feel like you’ve been transported into a forest when you enter this magical place.

Opening hours: 9 AM – 8:30 PM
Ticket fees: INR 2493/-

Things To Do In Barcelona In March

Are you still wondering what to do in Barcelona in March? Now you don’t have to worry because our list of things to do in Barcelona in March will give you an authentic Barcelonian experience!

  • St. Patrick’s Day: Enjoy With The Locals
  • Sant Medir Festival: All About Sweets
  • International Beer Festival: For All Beer Lovers
  • Food Tour: Relish Local Food
  • Barcelona-Sitges Rally: The Famous Festival
  • Nightlife: Party Till You Drop

1. St. Patrick’s Day: Enjoy With The Locals

Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day

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Barcelona is filled with Irish pubs, almost every nook and corner of the capital city, making March 17th a day of celebrating Saint Patrick’s Day. Well, this basically is an excuse to let your hair down, and take part in the festivities with the locals here. You can start by heading down to one of the famous Irish pubs here in the city and start your day with a refreshing mug of beer. Enjoy the occasion with your friends and folks.

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2. Sant Medir Festival: All About Sweets


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Festa de Sant Medir is celebrated every year on the 3rd of March, and it is famously known as the sweet festival in Gracia, Barcelona. This festival is quite unique as it is celebrated by the diverse neighborhoods of Barcelona on the streets. Around 6 tonnes of candy is distributed on this day! The streets are filled with large processions where you can see horses, as well as floats representing the different communities living here. Be a part of the festival if you visit Barcelona in March.

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3. International Beer Festival: For All Beer Lovers


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The next one on this list of things to do in Barcelona in March is for all those who are crazy about beer. All the beer lovers, Barcelona invites you to a grand beer festival where you can have as much as beer you want. Spain is famous for its local beer and traveling to Barcelona in March is incomplete without attending the International Beer Festival. So, get ready to party with the locals and have your favorite mug of beer.

Date: 13 March 2020

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4. Food Tour: Relish Local Food


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If you love indulging in food during your vacation, then you will definitely love the authentic food tours Barcelona has to offer. There are many family-owned businesses here in Barcelona, which offer amazing food tours practicing the traditional methods of cooking. You will never get tired of trying out the delicacies here as food plays a huge role in the Spanish culture. And of course, no trip is complete without tasting the local cuisine of the place!

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5. Barcelona-Sitges Rally: The Famous Festival

Barcelona-Sitges Rally

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If you are a car lover and looking for things to do in Barcelona in March, then head to this rally. Vintage car lovers will definitely be thrilled to know that each year on the 3rd, 4th and 5th of March, Barcelona and Sitges has a spectacular rally of coches de la época, as these coaches are referred to in Spanish. These vintage beauties were all manufactured before the year 1924, and this rally has participants hailing from all over Spain. If you love cars, then this is a one of a kind experience which you shouldn’t miss, especially if you are visiting Barcelona in March.

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6. Nightlife: Party Till You Drop

Explore the nightlife

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Barcelona is renowned for its lively nightlife, live-band performances, outdoor concerts and nightclubs. The night scene here will definitely keep you on your toes, as the city’s energy levels go up by a few notches. You can enjoy going bar-hopping with your friends and meet and greet the friendly locals. Every bar here in Barcelona has something special to offer, with their signature cocktails and unlimited tapas.

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The list just keeps on getting better. So don’t spend any more time wondering about your travel plans to Barcelona in March. The possibilities are just endless when you visit Barcelona in the month of March. So, don’t forget to book your trip to Barcelona for a personalized holiday experience that we’re sure you’ve never experienced before.

Frequently Asked Questions About Barcelona In March

Is it warm in Barcelona in March?

Yes, the weather in Barcelona in March starts getting sunny and warm in the month of March. The average temperatures range from 16 degrees Celcius – 7 degrees Celcius.

Is March a good time to visit Spain?

Yes, the month of March falls in the best time to visit Spain. The spring season from March to May is when you must visit Spain.

What is there to do in Barcelona in March?

You can attend a lot of festivals and witness the nightlife of Barcelona in March.

Is food expensive in Barcelona?

No, food is not expensive in Barcelona. If you visit the luxury restaurants then you might feel that food is expensive.

How safe is Barcelona at night?

You can easily roam around the streets of Barcelona at night as they are safe and there is nothing that you should be scared of.

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