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The Batticaloa Lighthouse, a sentinel of the Sri Lankan east coast, stands tall in the suburb of Palameenmadu, guarding the entrance to the Batticaloa Lagoon. Dating back to 1913, the lighthouse remains a key element depicting the importance of Sri Lanka’s rich maritime history. Measuring around 28 feet in height, this is one of those sightseeing spots in the area that has an equally enriching historical significance behind it. It is a national treasure, one that also serves as a stunning and scenic viewpoint for tourists. The next time you are in Sri Lanka, visit Batticaloa Lighthouse is one of the must-visit destinations in your travel itinerary.

Where Is Batticaloa Lighthouse located?

Batticaloa Lighthouse location is on top of your bucket list.

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The exact location of the Batticaloa Lighthouse is roughly 5 km from the main city of Batticaloa, on Bar Road. To reach it from the city centre, take the Lake Road (also known as Munich Vittoria Friendship Road) near the Kallady Bridge and proceed along the Sinna Uppodai Lagoon for about 4 kilometres. Most tourists also rent a cycle to reach the lighthouse and traverse this scenic route. If you are in a nearby hotel, a refreshing walk will also take you to the lighthouse’s base in no time.

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Facts About Batticaloa Lighthouse

 Some essential facts to know about Batticaloa Lighthouse

Image Credit: Tharsan Sriranganathan for wikimedia commons

Batticaloa Lighthouse also has several interesting facts that will make your visit more fruitful and intriguing.
Historical significance: Beyond offering a glimpse into Sri Lanka’s rich maritime history, the lighthouse, built by the British in 1913, also helped with navigation over a century ago.
Architecture: Due to the British’s construction, the lighthouse’s architectural design features a cylindrical brick and mortar tower with an elegant white exterior.
Location: Navalady, Batticaloa, Eastern Province, Sri Lanka.
Batticaloa Lighthouse timings: 10:00 AM to 04:00 PM
Batticaloa Lighthouse entry fees: There is no additional entry fee for going to the top of the lighthouse.

Things To Do At Batticaloa Lighthouse

Although there are no Batticaloa Lighthouse entry fees, you can’t skip out on making the most of your visit there. Some of the activities you can indulge in are:

1. Historical Exploration

Batticaloa Lighthouse location is on top of your bucket list.

ImageCredit: Astronomyinertia for Wikimedia Commons

While the main objective of the Batticaloa lighthouse was navigational aid, it remains much more than that. Built by the British in 1913, the lighthouse has witnessed significant historical events and changes in maritime technology. Initially, following its construction, the lighthouse’s operations were manually done. However, with technological advancements, it has since been automated, reflecting advancements in lighthouse operation.

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2. Nature Walks

Indulge in nature walks around Batticaloa lighthouse during sunset.

Image Credit: Tharsan Sriranganathan for Wikimedia Commons

Beyond soaking in the views of the Indian Ocean and the eastern province of Sri Lanka, you can also engage in nature walks around the Batticaloa lighthouse. The surrounding area boasts a wide range of unexplored nature trails, which provide an escape for tourists. Some of the trails are best left alone though. Walking along the beach or through the nearby village of Navalady offers a chance to observe local life and natural scenery. Walking around will also lead you to the local eateries where you can stop and try some food.

3. Bird Watching

Indulge in bird watching which is the best thing to do.

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Due to its isolated and serene location, the area around Batticaloa Lighthouse welcomes a lot of birds, both native and migratory. Some of the common bird sightings include herons, kingfishers, egrets, etc. Early mornings, with the backdrop of the sunrise, make for the best experience witnessing the birds and hearing their chirping.

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4. Picnicking

an ideal place for a picnic is the Batticaloa Lighthouse.

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The serene environment around the Batticaloa Lighthouse makes it an ideal spot for picnicking. There are multiple spots around the lighthouse’s base where you can arrange and host the picnic. However, ensure that you are being respectful of the environment and clean up after yourself.

5. Photography

a mesmerising view from outside the house

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Once you reach the top of the lighthouse, probably the most vital activity to indulge in is photography. It’s fun and engaging and the panoramic views of the coast and the Batticaloa lagoon from the top of the lighthouse are truly a moment that deserves to be captured in your camera. Early mornings and late afternoons are the best times to take photographs, as the soft lighting during these periods creates dramatic shadows and highlights. Also, you can visit during sunrise and sunset to capture stunning shots.

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Places To Visit Near Batticaloa Lighthouse

As you finish your experience exploring the Batticaloa Lighthouse Sri Lanka, there’s much more to do in the area. Batticaloa is steeped in history and colonial influence, so you can’t miss out on visiting the following sightseeing spots:

1.Batticaloa Fort

Kallady Bridge is one of the exotic places to explore.

Image Credit: Anton Croos for Wikimedia Commons
The closest sightseeing spot to Batticaloa Lighthouse is the Batticaloa Fort. It is within walking distance and has a rich historical background. Reportedly, the fort’s origin dates back to 1628 when it was built by the Portuguese that settled there. Later in 1638, the fort was captured by the Dutch due to its strategic location. Initially, the fort stood as a shield and a military stronghold for the Portuguese army. The architecture of the fort has European military design and local influences.

Distance from Batticaloa Lighthouse: 6.1 Km
Timings: 24 Hours

2.Kallady Bridge

Kallady Bridge is one of the exotic places to explore.

Image Credit: Anton Croos for Wikimedia Commons

More commonly named “Lady Manning Bridge,” Kallady Bridge is a popular sightseeing spot located atop the Batticaloa Lagoon. Even this bridge has a rich historical significance since it was built by the British. The bridge has an eerie phenomenon called “Singing Fish,” wherein a musical hum can be heard emanating from the water below. There are reports that there are certain fish species in the water that are responsible for creating that sound.

Distance from Batticaloa Lighthouse: 4.9 Km
Timings: 24 Hours

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3. Batticaloa Lagoon

Batticaloa Lagoon near Batticaloa Lighthouse on the way to Sri lanka.

Image Credit: Anton Croos for Wikimedia Commons

The last thing to explore after visiting the Batticaloa Lighthouse is the Batticaloa Lagoon. This brackish lagoon stretches across a long coastline and provides a glimpse into the rich biodiversity of the place. From mangroves to numerous bird species, the lagoon is home to many. Furthermore, the lagoon serves as a mode of sustenance for the nearby fishing villages. Visitors can observe fishermen using unique fishing techniques, such as using large nets and traditional boats called “Oru.”

Distance from Batticaloa Lighthouse: 25.9 Km
Timings: 24 Hours

Best Time To Visit

 a serene environment on the banks of the river.

Image Source: Pexels

When you are planning your visit to Batticaloa lighthouse, the main aim is to reach the base of the lighthouse to catch the stunning views of the surrounding area. To ensure comfortable exploration, you must visit during the dry season, aka summer and spring season.
The months between April and September are considered peak time for tourists. To beat the crowd and be able to explore the lighthouse and spend some time on the top, visit either during early mornings or late afternoons. The crowd usually fizzles down by that time, allowing you to have free reign around the area.

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How To Reach

Sunset view of the Sri lanka train reaching the Batticaloa Lighthouse.

Image Source: Pexels

Reaching Batticaloa Lighthouse Sri Lanka is fairly simple. You can reach the nearest airport or railway station like Batticaloa and then hire a taxi or another local transportation mode to take you to the lighthouse. For a more affordable commute, you can hire a tuk-tuk, which is available from the city centre.
Note: For tourists on a budget, there are public buses available from the nearby cities to Batticaloa.

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The Batticaloa Lighthouse stands tall as one of the most significant historical monuments from British colonial rule. Its picturesque location, coupled with its historical significance, makes it a must-visit destination for anyone travelling to Sri Lanka’s eastern coast. So, on your next trip to Sri Lanka ensure that you include Batticaloa Lighthouse as one of the many pit stops in your travel itinerary.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Batticaloa Lighthouse

What is the history behind the Batticaloa Lighthouse?

Batticaloa Lighthouse in Sri Lanka was built by the British in 1913 to help with navigational aid for their soldiers travelling via sea.

What are the opening hours of the Batticaloa Lighthouse?

The Batticaloa lighthouse timings are from 10:00 AM to 04:00 PM. After that, tourists aren’t allowed to climb to the top of the lighthouse.

Is the Batticaloa Lighthouse still operational?

Yes, the lighthouse is still operational and has been automated to ensure continuous service.

Is the Batticaloa Lighthouse suitable for children?

The lighthouse is perfectly suitable for children to explore. Just ensure to keep an eye on them once you reach the base of the lighthouse.

How Old Is Batticaloa Lighthouse?

The history of Batticaloa Lighthouse is more than a century old and was built in 1913 by the Brithishers under their ruling era.

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