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Beirut is a trendy, cosmopolitan, and fabulous capital of Lebanon which offers tourists a history of thousands of years reflected in its culture, cuisine, faith, architecture. As it is on the Mediterranean coast, there are many pristine beaches in Beirut where tourists and locals can enjoy. Enjoy swimming in the public and private beaches while you soak in the enchanting views of the Mediterranean Sea.

Top 6 Beaches of Beirut

A fun day out on the beach is a relaxing experience for tourists visiting Beirut. Here are some of the top beaches in Beirut that are open to locals and tourists visiting the country:

  • Tyre Beach
  • Pierre and Friends
  • White Beach
  • Benny Beach
  • Puncho Beach
  • Beach Resorts & Clubs in Beirut

1. Tyre Beach

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Tyre Beach is one of the beautiful beaches in Beirut that is open to the public. It is a clean beach in Beirut with no entry fee so it makes it an affordable option for tourists visiting Beirut. This beach is in the south of Beirut and tourists and locals can easily drive to this beach for a lovely day at the beach on the Mediterranean Coast. There are various options for good food and dining. Enjoy the beautiful views of the golden sandy shores and blue sea by setting up a beach umbrella on the Tyre Beach.

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2. Pierre and Friends

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On the coast of Lebanon just North of Beirut, the Sea Side Road is parallel to the Mediterranean Sea. There are many beautiful beaches in Beirut like the White Beach, Oasis Beach and Bonita Bay Beach. Pierre and Friends is one of the private beaches in Beirut and has a few of the best beach bars in the world. It’s a great beach to enjoy, have a party with the best food and drink in the region. There is a DJ playing great music and there is a great party atmosphere at this beach.

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3. White Beach

White Beach

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As the name suggests, this beach has white sandy beaches. The entry fee is low which makes it one of the best beaches of Beirut. This beach is not expensive or overcrowded and perfect to visit with family and friends. Tourists can easily drive to this area and have a great time on the beach.

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4. Benny Beach


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In the north of Beirut, another beach that is beautiful is the Benny Beach in Chekka. This is a great sandy beach and is not very known to most people and is something of a hidden treasure of a beach near Beirut. This beach is great for a group of friends and even for families.

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5. Puncho Beach

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Another beach in the north of Beirut which is popular with locals and tourists is Puncho Beach. This beach is on the sandy coast of Amchit and a great beach to enjoy with friends and family.

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6. Beach Resorts & Clubs in Beirut

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Beach resorts and clubs in and around Beirut are for tourists and locals to enjoy and have a great time at the beach. Iris Beach Club in the south of Beirut, Orchid Luxury Resort in Jiyeh and Riviera Hotel in Beirut are great beachside resorts in the region. If you want to enjoy a lazy swim in the pools of Beirut, you can check into one of these clubs and resorts to have a good time.

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Beach vacation on the Mediterranean coast is a dream for many tourists from all over the world. It is becoming a great tourist destination ad it combines the culture of the Middle Eastern countries like Lebanon and also the beautiful coasts that offer the perfect Mediterranean beach holiday for tourists.

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