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Belize is a well-known jewel in Central America’s crown and is beautifully perched between Mexico and Guatemala. It is a tourist favorite around the world for its Caribbean coastline and laid back atmosphere which can make you forget about the monotony of your life in a minute! Apart from stunning beaches in Belize, the country is also popular for its diverse culture and water activities that lure in enthusiasts from around the world.

10 Wondrous Belize Beaches

Find below a list of the best beaches in Belize and their attractions to help you plan your itinerary better. So, which of these will you visit first?

  • Maya Beach, Placencia
  • Ambergris Caye
  • Hopkins
  • Caye Caulker
  • Turneffe Atoll
  • South Water Caye
  • Goff’s Caye
  • Silk Caye
  • Glover’s Reef
  • Sapodilla Cayes

1. Maya Beach, Placencia

most stunning beaches in Belize

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Also referred to as “barefoot perfect” by the locals, Placencia is located in the southern part of Belize With its 16-mile long coastline and several pristine beaches. Placencia is known as the area with the most stunning beaches in Belize such as Maya Beach and Seine Bight. With many adventurous activities such as snorkeling, diving with whale sharks, sailing and many inland excursions; you will not find a boring moment here. Your exploration of Belize beaches cannot be complete without visiting Placencia and its beautiful sites!

Location: Stann Creek, Belize
How to reach: Shuttle trips run every day connecting Belize City and Placencia Village. Located at a distance of approximately 160 miles, a one-way journey lasts about 3.5 hours.

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2. Ambergris Caye

the largest island of the hundreds of islands in northern Belize

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This island houses a few of the best diving sites in Central America and is an ideal spot if you want to chill, snorkel or participate in water sports. It is the largest island of the hundreds of islands in northern Belize and can get a little overcrowded at times. However, if you are looking for some solace amidst the madness; take a boat from any pier and travel up to the north of the Caye for unparalleled views! Some of the best San Pedro Belize beaches are located in this Caye.

Location: Belize District
How to reach: Visitors to the Caye can also take a water taxi or ferry from Belize City to San Pedro

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3. Hopkins

Garifuna village where the vibe is traditional

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Also known as Belize’s friendliest village, Hopkins is a traditional Garifuna village where the vibe is traditional and you go back to simpler times when you step into this beauty. You will not come across any modern roads, buildings, beach cleaners, etc. All you will see are seaweeds, palm leaves, and fallen coconuts and that is exactly what a beach should look like! Belize beaches are truly a wonder and you will only know this when you will visit one!

Location: Stann Creek District, Belize
How to reach: It will take approximately 30 minutes to reach Hopkins from Dangriga.

4. Caye Caulker

slow and peaceful life

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This is another gem in the list of the best beaches in Belize city and is a Caribbean paradise on all fronts. It can be accessed by taking a water taxi from the city and this island lives up to its motto of a slow and peaceful life. The best part about this beach is that cars are not allowed here, so don’t be surprised when you don’t find one! It is a small island and everything is in proximity so you can easily walk down or rent a bicycle if that fancies you!

Location: Belize district
How to reach: Take a water taxi from Belize City

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5. Turneffe Atoll

the ravishing beauty

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Located to the southeast of Caye Caulker and Ambergris Caye, Turneffe Atoll is one of the three islets of the Belize Barrier Reef and is also the largest coral islet in Belize. It is an official Marine Reserve and is home to many endangered marine species such as stingrays, large fish, and corals. It is also known as one of the greatest spots for diving, snorkeling and sports fishing for both amateurs and experts. This is one of the best beaches in Belize city to look at mangroves which make the atoll even more stunning.

Location: Stann Creek, Belize
How to reach: The Belize City Caye Caulker ferry route connects Belize with Belize and takes 45 minutes

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6. South Water Caye

track diving and snorkeling activities

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One of the lesser known and equally remarkable options, South Water Caye is known for its off-the-beaten-track diving and snorkeling activities. Make sure you carry a camera with you to click pictures of this stunning coastline which is adorned with soft, powdery white sand. South Water Caye is home to one of the most popular Belize beach resorts, The Pelican Beach Resort.

Location: Stann Creek, Belize
How to reach: Take a ferry from Dangriga

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7. Goff’s Caye

perfect pearl beaches

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It is a small and sandy island with many offerings! One look and you will find yourself in love with the perfect pearl beaches and turquoise waters here! This is a perfect place to go snorkeling since the coral reefs here house an abundance of colorful fish and turtles aplenty! However, remember that it is cheaper to bring your own equipment rather than renting it from here!

Location: Belize
How to reach: The only way to get to Goff’s Caye is by boat. It takes approximately 20-30 minutes between Belize City and Goff’s Caye.

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8. Silk Caye

 Queen Caye is another place name

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While many know Belize for its bright and colorful villages, what many don’t know is that the primary attraction here is the stunning beaches. Silk Caye, also known as Queen Caye is another place that you should definitely add in your bucket list. The beaches are sugar white and the vast coastline makes it a stunning location! However, there are no options to spend the night is Silk Caye so the only way you can explore this beauty is on a day trip.

Location: Stann Creek, Belize
How to reach: Take a ferry from Placencia, it takes 1 hour

9. Glover’s Reef

aqua fun

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It is named after the two popular pirate siblings, John, and Rodger Glover and this is a renowned World Heritage Site and one of the 3 atolls of the popular Belize Barrier Reef. The interior lagoon of the islet has more than 850 rings of reefs. You have the option to stay here for a few days to unwind and relax or spend a day and partake in the adventure sports such as diving, snorkeling, and fishing.

Location: Stann Creek, Belize
How to reach: It is a 65-mile direct route from Belize city via ferry

10. Sapodilla Cayes

Sapodilla Cayes

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Belize is home to more than 200 Cayes and Sapodilla is often referred to as one of the most picturesque ones. It is located 40 miles east of Punta Gorda and the Cayes form the southernmost group of Cayes in the famous Mesoamerican Barrier Reef. It is a World Heritage site as well as a protected marine reserve where one can indulge in activities such as Snorkelling, diving, and fishing. Visit this Caye and get some of the best pictures of Belize beaches to create some Postcard envy in your group!

Location: Belize City
How to reach: 45 min water ferry from Belize City

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After reading about these 10 wonderful beaches in Belize, we are sure all you want to do is pack your swimsuits and sunscreen and head there for a holiday. Why wait? Book your trip with TravelTriangle now!

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