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Beaches in Berlin have a scenic beauty to watch for. The western country Germany has many attractive beaches in Berlin to have some fun time with friends and family. Every year the numbers of visitors come to the beaches in Berlin to spend a wonderful vacation out there. Gay Beach Berlin is one of the biggest beaches in Berlin City. Beaches in Berlin provide many facilities to the people including swimming, sports, and night parties every year.

Berlin beaches are also very popular every year for the New Year gatherings with loud music being played on the beaches. Dances and other events are carried on the beaches in Berlin. Visitors can chill out the best of their time out there. The city of Berlin is surrounded by some alluring beaches with picturesque beauty to view at and can have some attracting views with nature under the sun.
Being a western country with long winters and short summers, the region mostly remains frigid in many of the months. The visitors, including the local people of the country, move toward the beaches for stimulation in the summertime. During summertime, the most preferred activity in the beaches in Berlin is bathing in the beach and plunge bath by tourists as well as natives.

6 Best Beaches In Berlin

We have here, a list of the 6 best beaches near and around the Berlin city for you to chill out in, and indulge in a variety of activities. While Berlin in itself is surrounded by land on all sides, there are a few water bodies within Berlin. And most of those come with beaches. And here are 7 of those, we consider the most attractive.

  • Strandbad Wannsee
  • Gay Beach Berlin
  • Freibad Plotzensee
  • Beach at Tiergarten
  • Oststrand
  • Strandbar Mitte

1. Strandbad Wannsee


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Stranbad Wannsee is one of the best beaches in Berlin. It is located along the East of the Lake Grober Wannsee. Inaugurated in the year 1907, this beach has the biggest interior pool in the continent of Europe. The Wannsee beach in Berlin is situated in the vicinity of Nikolassee to the south west of Berlin. The pool extends till the Eastern Lake to the North, and the Breite’s ending in the East. The beach is regarded as the civil washing place near the Berlin city. It covers an area of 355,000 sqm, out of which the water portion is 130000 and the garden and washing area includes 60,000 sqm.

Originally the washing area of the beach did not allow both men and women to sunbath together in the same area, as it was not allowed by the authority of the place. It was rather considered unlawful. But later in the year 1907, with the pool coming in, an area of 200 meters was extended and was allotted to be used by men and women willing to sunbathe together.

Location: Wannseebadweg, Berlin
Entry fee: EUR 4
Time: 10-19 from Monday to Friday, 08-20 from Saturday to Sun, Open Mid April to September

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2. Gay Beach Berlin

Gay Beach Berlin

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The gay beach in Berlin is one of the biggest beaches in Berlin City famous among individuals from the Gay community in the area. They can sunbathe in the beach under the sky on the permitted days. A total area of 12000 square meters, this beach is dotted with Palm trees along with smooth particles of sand, loungewear, and straw brollies. This beach is especially suitable for and is generally meant for boys. Naturally, a lesser number of girls is seen on the beach. Hence, male homosexuals are usually spotted on this seashore. On Mondays, the beach usually permits only the homosexual boys to enter the beach area; and a lesser number of girls are allowed.

At 17:00 clock, Berlin time, the entertainment activities begin. It is available for the homosexuals on Monday and everybody else on the other days. With the entry passes on you, you will be offered complimentary welcome liquids and osteopathy. You will also be able to avail amazing discounts on pizzas and Sazerac, to be enjoyed at night, with the DJ playing through the night. The beach is full of entertainment being provided to the gays as well as to the other tourists on other weekdays. Also, make it a point to attend the beach party, held every Wednesday.

Location: Bay of Metaxas, Invalidenstrasse, Berlin
Entry fee: EUR 5
Time: Gay Beach every Monday on August 17-02, Open on September mid-April

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3. Freibad Plotzensee

Freibad Plotzensee

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The Freibad Plotzensee beach is one of the famous Berlin beaches. This beach stands out of all the other beaches and has a history; more of a culture, to itself. The cultural practice on this beach is that people have to enter nude on this beach, and children, with broods. The place is in the heart of the city. That makes it a place, anyone visiting Berlin will initially decide to visit and spend some time in amusement, preferably while swimming. Facilities are also provided for families and children; like playgrounds with puddle for children, and theme park for the children to have fun in. These provisions pull people on their hard working days too, towards the beach. Homosexual males are common in this amusing place at the time of sun break. The facilities of boating are provided to the people. This place, in fact, is a very interesting place to visit.

Location: Nordufer 30; Berlin
Entry fee: Free EUR 4
Time: From Monday to Sunday – 10-19, Open Mid April to September

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4. Beach at Tiergarten

Beach Sand Tenerife

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This is an unnatural beach on the side of Tiergarten. Along with spell bounding natural beauty, this beach has a strange routine. Monday nights on this beach are reserved for the Male Homosexuals. During high-temperature days, this place is jam-packed with people. It is always wise for visitors to make reservations before the destined day of the visit. The high-temperature days will find the beach on a different note. The beach remains occupied by radio announcer at night. Throughout the night, one can enjoy, and participate in salsa dances.

Location: Englische Strasse 21-23, Berlin 10587
Entry fee: Free. 25 Euros for homo boy’s night at Sun loungers.
Time: From Monday to Friday– 12-23, Saturday to Sunday- 12-24 Homo boy’s night on Monday 19-03 in June

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5. Oststrand


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Oststrand beach is one of the biggest beaches among all the beaches in Berlin at urban area. This beach is large enough to provide varieties of aura, crossing many of the buffets in the city. The temperature here in the beach of Oststrand is relieving throughout. Different dances and other events are always in order here to provide entertainment. The Television tower nearby hosts Salsa performances for those visitors who show their willingness to see the tower. At times, a visit to this beach is kind of awkward, as just a few minutes' walks from the beach will take you to parts of the Berlin Wall; and harrowing memories of horrible times will come flooding back to you.

Location: Muhlenstrasse 24; 10243, Berlin at the back of the Gallery of Eastern Side
Entry fee: Free
Time: daily from 10 till overtime.

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6. Strandbar Mitte

Strandbar Mitte

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Strandbar Mitte beach is the real deal. It is the best beach in the municipal areas of Berlin, for recreational purposes. The beach is lined with numerous volleyball courts on the sand. The big number of galleries on the beach provides amazing views all around.
Location: Monbijoustrasse 3; 10117, Berlin
Entry fee: Free
Time: April to September daily from 10.

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Visiting these beaches with an amazing view is just a halo of happiness for people within and outside the country. Go to these beaches prepared with a picnic basket and loads of sunscreen to enjoy a happy time under the sun. Plan a trip to Berlin and have a time of your life on your vacation

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