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    Famous Beaches In Kazakhstan

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    Being honest we can say that Kazakhstan is not the only destination which comes to mind when we think for a beachside vacation. But the attraction of the beaches here in this nation are so much that it’s hard to deny that people actually love it for its wonderful beach life. Imagine that you are relaxing on the beach side chairs with a can of your favorite beer. How does it feel? We are confident that it will be a mind-blowing one.

    Even though there aren’t many real beaches in the country to explore, we have included several spots for the exact same experience in this list of beaches in Kazakhstan for witnessing some spectacular views, unwind amid nature and explore the wildlife habitats of this nation. The nation has so many things to offer to its guests which you can know only when you step in.

    9 Best Beaches In Kazakhstan

    If you are a mad beach lover then why not make a list of some beaches worth visiting during your upcoming trip to Kazak? Scroll down to know about the 9 beaches which are highly recommended for a visit. We are sure that each one of them will impress you with its own uniqueness and natural view.

    • Aktau Beach
    • Borovoe Beach
    • Jasybay Lake
    • Balkhash Beach
    • Sky Beach Club
    • Golubaya Bay
    • Mangystau Beach
    • Closed Beach
    • Lake Kapchagay

    1. Aktau Beach

    Aktau Beach

    Image Source

    One of the most acclaimed beaches in Kazakhstan, Akatu managed to win the hearts of many tourists to this destination. This beach is positioned on the shore of the Caspian Sea and especially during summer months, the beach turns to be a vacationer’s paradise. Besides having an attractive beach, Akatu is a famous city too. travelers from different parts of the world visit here to enjoy summer vacation. The beach is clean and one can enjoy swimming here to unwind the mind. The city is influenced by the mid-latitude dry climate and average temperature lies within 18°C. The hottest month is July and the coldest month is January.

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    2. Borovoe Beach

    Beach side

    Image Source
    If you are in a mood to visit Kazakhstan, then you should not miss the chance to visit the Switzerland of Kazakhstan, Borovoe. This place remains very pleasant during summer and the footfall of tourists increase in this month from different parts of the world. Various types of water activities are made available so that visitors can enjoy completely during their vacation with friends and families. If you want you can just relax on the beachside and enjoy the serenity of the surroundings.

    3. Jasybay Lake

    Lake view

    Image Source
    In Kazakhstan, Bayanaul National Park is one of the most popular tourist’s spots and when you are here you should not miss visiting the flawless beauty of Jasybay Lake. There are four popular lakes in this region and among these Jasybay Lake is the second largest. Moreover, this lake is famous for its cleanliness. The clean water of this lake will really attract you and the surrounding will offer you a breathtaking view. It’s true that it’s not a sea beach but still, the lake beach attracts huge footfalls of tourists all through the year. This lake is named after a Kazak Hero, Jasybay who lost his life while fighting a battle against the invaders.

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    4. Balkhash Beach

    Sea view

    Image Source
    Among the top beaches in Kazakhstan, Balkhas is considered one of the most beautiful one. This is located at the eastern region of Kazakhstan and the place is surrounded by Almaty, Zhambyl and Karaganda region. The weather remains pleasant during the summer but sometimes it crosses 30oC during summer. Well, in the month of January the temperature comes down to -14oC. This beach is a hot favorite with the Russians in the months of summer. If you love fishing then you can do it here at this Lake beach.

    5. Sky Beach Club

    Beautiful place

    Image Source
    Among the best beaches in Kazakhstan, Sky Beach club will surely make your trip more charming. This is famous as this the unique indoor beach and it is situated on the top floor of the famous Khan Shatyr Entertainment Center. Here you can enjoy the tropical atmosphere which has been created artificially and controlled with perfection. Once you are here you will never feel that it is an artificial beach. You can sit, relax and enjoy drinks. Even in the bitter winters, you want to taste the enjoyment of the beach then visit this beach for sure. It’s expensive for sure but the view of the palm trees and the water slide will make you feel right at the top of the world.

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    6. Golubaya Bay

    Landscape Kazakhstan Mountains Lake Sky Nature

    Image Source
    The popular Golubaya Bay is known for being the largest wild beaches on the shore of the Caspian Sea in Kazakhstan. You can find this beach on the Mangyshlak Peninsula in Kazakhstan. This region is also considered as one the most beautiful places for vacationing and your holiday will become really memorable here. Here you will get the gorgeous combination of golden clean beach with blue turquoise Caspian sea. Here no infrastructure is possible and hence this has made this beach more special to the beach lovers.

    7. Mangystau Beach


    Image Source
    To the southwest of the country you will find this wonderful beach and it is suggested that during your trip to Kazakhstan, you should never miss visiting this beach. This place is surrounded by Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan. The entire area is about 165600 square kilometers and here in the territory of Mangystau travelers will get the chance to tap lowland and deserts too.

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    8. Closed Beach

    A trip to Kazakhstan will definitely become more memorable in the pages of your travel diary once you step into the closed beach. This beach managed to make an entry in the list of beaches in Kazakhstan worth visiting. Lots of hotels and suitable accommodations are available in this region for traveler’s comfortable stay. It is located at an altitude of 243 m.

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    9. Lake Kapchagay

    Beautiful Lake

    Image Source

    To the travelers, Lake Kapchagay is no doubt the best place to enjoy a beach day. In the list top beaches in Almaty Kazakhstan, this one is surely one. You will be able to enjoy the entire day doing fulfilled water activities. Apart from that, casinos are also there to make the travelers trips more delightful. It is located 60 kilometers towards the north of Almaty.

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    This is not the end of the list of notable beaches of Kazakhstan as there are many more beaches worth exploring only. You can visit them all when you have that much time in hand or else short-listing is important. Other well-known beaches include Miner beach, Selena, City Beach, Tub Karagan Bay beach and many more. Get your accommodation booking done in advance to avoid any inconvenience during your vacation. So, plan your trip to Kazakhstan with TravelTriangle to experience the absolute serenity and blissful vibes that this place has to offer!

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