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Situated in the southeastern part of Australia, Melbourne is a fascinating coastal city and also the capital of the Australian state of Victoria. And although people visit this city for its amazing food, culture, and cricket, there is another beautiful thing that this city has to offer to its fellow visitors, its beaches. Beaches in Melbourne are the perfect place for one to spend time at. People usually go to these beaches to just relax and tranquilize themselves.

Top 10 Beaches in Melbourne

Here are some of the best beaches in Melbourne that you must visit in order to unwind yourself while exploring this exuberant city. Thus, this is a list of beaches in Melbourne city to have one of the best beach experiences of your life.

  • St Kilda Beach
  • Half Moon Bay Beach
  • Brighton Beach
  • Mothers Beach
  • Elwood Beach
  • Williamstown Beach
  • Sorrento Beach
  • Altona Beach
  • Hampton
  • Mornington Peninsula

1. St Kilda Beach

perfect weather

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With a perfect weather and a variety of quality restaurants offering delicious food, St Kilda Beach in Melbourne is one of the most famous beaches. This beach offers great opportunities for swimming, sunbathing, surfing, and fishing. This beach is over 700 m long and is a favorite amongst both the locals and the tourists. One can spot people from all age-groups, diving in the waters here.

Address: Jacka Boulevard, West St Kilda, St Kilda, Port Phillip, Victoria 3182, Australia.
Attractions: Swimming, windsurfing, jet-skiing, rollerblading, skating park, jogging, and cycling

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2. Half Moon Bay Beach

Bay Beach

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Half Moon Bay Beach in Melbourne is situated about 40 minutes from the city, and named so after its crescent shape. Considered one of the calmest and safest beaches in Melbourne, this 350m long beach is definitely the place for you. This beach is also a leading attraction amongst the local snorkelers.

Address: Beach Road, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.
Attractions: Surfing, swimming, yachting, boating, and fishing. Also, the delicious food served at the restaurants & cafes here is one of the prime attractions.

3. Brighton Beach

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Brighton beach in Melbourne, named after the famous Brighton beach in the UK, showcases colorful bath boxes on its shores. All these bath boxes are identical in size and shape. The turquoise blue water along with the soft sand under the golden sun rays are a perfect combination that makes sure you are relaxed completely.

Address: Esplanade, Brighton, Bayside, Victoria 3186, Australia.
Attractions: Sailing, swimming, yachting, and kite-surfing

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4. Mothers Beach

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This beach in Mornington provides travelers with a family-friendly and safe atmosphere and is a favorite amongst the locals. With BBQ, and a variety of picnic facilities available here, it is a perfect getaway for you and your family. One can hire a canoe or kayak and explore the sea as the water here is safe and shallow.

Address: Schnapper Point Drive, Mornington, Victoria 3931, Australia.
Attractions: Fish and chips served at the restaurants here are a delight. Also, this is a common picnic spot for most of the local families.

5. Elwood Beach

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Stretching around 1.3 km long, Elwood beach in Melbourne is one of the finest reserves as well as one of the largest reserves in the Elwood suburb. There are a number of activities carried out here that the kids can be a part of. The waters at this beach are very calm and it is thus easier for people to swim here. For those who just want to sit and relax, there are a number of quality restaurants and cafes.

Address: Ormond Esplanade, Elwood, Port Phillip, Victoria, Australia.
Attractions: Sailing club, football club, fishing, surfing, swimming, and windsurfing. Also, various recreational clubs, restaurants, and cafes are very popular.

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6. Williamstown Beach

Beautiful Beach

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This beach, being the closest to the main city, is one of the most visited and most popular beaches. Also known as the Willy beach, it provides visitors with breathtaking views of the skyscrapers of the city. This is amongst the few beaches that adhere to both, deep sea divers as well as paddlers.

Address: Between Thompson Street and Bayview Street, Williamstown, Hobsons Bay, Victoria 3016, Australia.
Attractions: Deepwater swimming, paddle swimming, sunbathing, sailing, and strolls

7. Sorrento Beach

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Sorrento is one of the most beautiful beaches in Melbourne, Australia, that is visited by people of all ages. A 2-hour drive from Melbourne takes you to this wonderful destination. People usually visit this beach in the evening, as sunsets here are divine. During summer, the water is extremely clear and hence, it is also the time when a lot of snorkelers visit this beach.

Address: 780 Melbourne Rd, Sorrento, Victoria 3943, Australia.
Attractions: Walking, jogging, and snorkelling

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8. Altona Beach

Beach Side

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For all those who are in search of a serene beach where they can experience peace and tranquility, Altona Beach is a perfect choice. Considered as one of the cleanest beaches in Melbourne, this beach showcases crystal-clear water and soft yellow sand. Also, with a number of restaurants and cafes along this beach, it is a great picnic spot to go to with your family.

Address: Esplanade, Altona, Hobsons Bay, Victoria, Australia.
Attractions: Swimming, and kite-surfing

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9. Hampton

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One of the most pristine and ancient beaches in Melbourne, Hampton is only about half an hour away from the city. The coastal cliffs at the southern end of Hampton Beach offer breathtaking views. The water here is safe and even kids can swim here. Have a great time with your friends and family at this popular beach in Melbourne.

Address: Beach Road, Hampton, Bayside, Victoria 3188, Australia.
Attractions: Kite-surfing, fishing and windsurfing

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10. Mornington Peninsula

Sea view

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The Mornington Peninsula occupies about 10% of Victoria’s entire coastline. It consists of a coastline stretching for over 260 km that hosts a number of activities that are suitable for families as well as for the adventure enthusiasts. About an hour away from the city, this is one of the most attractive beaches in Melbourne.

Address: George Street, Sorrento, Victoria 3943, Australia.
Attractions: Sailing, kayaking, and scuba-diving

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These are the beaches in Melbourne that you must visit while touring this splendid city. Book your trip to Melbourne and relax and unwind in the best way at these gorgeous beaches in this bustling city of Melbourne.

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