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    Mother and child enjoy views of the city of Melbourne from a glass deck

    Having a dull day in Melbourne is as difficult as working while there’s a party on – there is so much fun happening around that you just can’t miss it. In fact there are so many fun things to do in Melbourne that you’d actually be begging for a few more days in the city.

    So without much ado, here’s everything you need to know about all things fun in the lively city of Melbourne.

    1. A drive down the Great Ocean Road is the most fun thing to do in Melbourne. Period.

    A drive through the Great Ocean Road is the top fun thing to do in Melbourne

    Image Source
    Termed as one of the best vantage points in the country, The Great Ocean Road is a stunning road to drive through. Sea waves lapping up to your windshield when you are at lower altitude, the cool ocean breeze, and the amazing feeling of driving through the ocean are enough to make it a best fun thing to do in Melbourne. Claimed to be one of the best roads in the world, driving here is an overwhelming experience.

    Now rent a car and enjoy this beauty stretched across 243 km at your own pace. You can also take a guided tour. Whichever way, don’t forget to click pictures, because this is among the most memorable and fun things to do in Melbourne for free.

    Entry fee: Free
    To know more about a few fun stoppages and packages, check the website.

    2. Look out for fun places in Melbourne through the Eureka Skydeck

    Mother and son looking out of Eureka Skydeck – One of the top fun things to do in Melbourne

    Image Source
    If you afraid of heights, this is not for you. Eureka Skydeck, stationed at a height of 297 meter, is the Southern Hemisphere’s highest viewing platform. Buckle up and have a mind-boggling view of the entire city and beyond. You can do inky pinky ponky to choose where to head next. For the daredevils, the experience can be taken a step further. Step on the glass “edge” of the tower and stand directly over the city. Now it’s time to think, was it an ant or a fellow human on that road to the left.

    Opening hours: 10 am to 10 pm (Last entry by 9.30)
    Entry fee: $ 19.50 for adults and $ 11 for children
    Tickets can be bought on the spot or can be booked prior on the official website.

    3. Fly over the city on a hot-air balloon

    Hot-air ballooning in Melbourne is among adventurous and fun things to do in Melbourne

    Image Source
    Soaring over the cityscape in the early morning light, witnessing the breath-taking view from the top, and a enjoying delightful breakfast mile-high in the air – what else do you need to place something in the list of most fun activities in Melbourne? Trust us, you won’t regret shelling out big bucks for this one.

    Entry fee: $ 450 to $ 400 (Varies according to the package)
    To pick and book a ballooning package, click here.

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    4. Australian Center for the Moving Image is almost a sacred place for cinema lovers

    Curvy exteriors of Australian Centre of Moving Images – one of the fun places in Melbourne

    Image Source
    Cinema lovers needn’t look further for most fun places in Melbourne! Your list will begin with the Australian Center for the Moving Images. Collection, preservation, exhibition and education of almost all of the previous and upcoming cinema work of Australia is documented and presented here. Plan a visit to enjoy a live event, relive a past flick, and to go through the various exhibitions.

    For current events and live exhibits, see their website or Facebook page.

    5. Wildlife Tours at Zoo, Aquarium and Phillip Island

    If you love animals and their company, there’s quite a lot fun stuff to do in Melbourne, especially at famous Melbourne Zoo, Sea Life Melbourne Aquarium, and the Phillip Island Nature Park.

    A) Melbourne Zoo – Pet animals, interact with little ones, observe the colorful butterflies, get an eyeful of orangutans, and look out for humongous lions. Courtesy the park’s maintained air-conditioning covering the all of it, being here on a hot summer day is quite fun. If you kids along this is highly recommended.

    Opening hours: 9 am to 5 pm
    Entry fee: $ 31.60 for adults and $ 15.80 for kids (Saturday-Sunday free)
    Book your tickets online at their official website.

    Lemur Island at Melbourne Zoo – One of the fun places in Melbourne for kids

    Image Source

    B) Sea Life Melbourne Aquarium – Presence of sharks, crocodiles and other dangerous aquatic beings makes Sea Life Melbourne Aquarium heaven for aqua-lovers.

    Opening hours: 9.30 am to 6 pm (Last entry by 5.30 pm)
    Entry fee: $ 40.50 for adults and $ 26 for children
    You can book your tickets here.

    A child enjoying at Sea Life Melbourne Aquarium – one of the fun places in Melbourne

    Image Source

    C) Phillip Island Nature Park – Discover your wild side at the Phillip Island Nature Park. It is the world’s largest Little Penguin colony and quite a unique place to explore truly fun things to do in Melbourne. Watch out for a ‘Penguin Parade’ at night, when thousands of penguins head to the shoreline.

    Things to do: Take a guided tour to know the nuances of the penguin world; enjoy an eco-boat tour; take a peek into the koala lives at the Koala Conservatory; and visit the Churchill Island for added fun.

    Opening hours and Ticket Cost: Vary according to the activities you pick.
    Take a virtual tour to the world of Little Penguins here.

    Penguin Parade at Phillip Island Nature Park

    Image Source

    6. Collingwood Children’s Farm is full of fun things to do in Melbourne for kids

    A kid petting a sheep at Collingwood Children’s Farm – one of the fun things to do in Melbourne

    Image Source
    Get a taste of farm life at Collingwood Children’s Farm. Here, teach your child to milk a cow, feed the chickens, ride a pony, play with lambs, collect eggs, herd birds to their coops and more. Isn’t it the best among all fun things to do in Melbourne for kids?

    Opening hours: 9.15 am to 4.45 pm
    Entry fee: $ 20 for families, $15 for adults and $ 5 for children
    See their website to know more about what all activities happen at this cute little farm.

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    7. Pamper the cricket fanatic in you at the Melbourne Cricket Ground

    Melbourne Cricket Ground is one of the fun places in Melbourne for sports lovers

    Image Source
    Actually, cricket fanatics could have straight jumped to number 7. For them, visiting G National Sport Museum tops the list of fun things to do in Melbourne. Revisit historical moments of the cricket world or live through a monumental around yourself at this biggest cricket ground of Australia. And it’s not just cricket. Football, rugby, racing and boxing fans won’t be disappointed either.

    Opening hours (for non-event days): 10 am to 5 pm; last guided tour starts at 3 pm
    Entry fee: $ 22 for adults and $ 15 for kids
    Look out for live events on their official website.

    8. Close to nature and wilderness at Dandenong Ranges

    Rotunda at Mound Dandenong is one of the fun places in Melbourne to have a quiet time

    Image Source
    Explore paradisiacal environment with lush greenery, away from all the hustle and bustle of the city at the Dandenong Ranges. There are a lot of fun activities in Melbourne, if you can manage a day here – enjoy a city view from SkyHigh, the top of Mount Dandenong; reacquaint yourself with Mother Nature. and just soak in the tranquility and calmness of the place. If you are the adventurous kinds, hike your way and camp in the wilderness.

    Best time to visit: October to February, the spring and summer months. Winter gets too cold to enjoy.
    Distance from central Melbourne: 1 hours’ drive
    To know more, click here.

    9. Get happy high at Wine Tours and Tasting and have a fun-filled outing

    A group enjoying wine tastings – a fun thing to do in Melbourne in style

    Image Source
    Champagne, Cheese, Wine, Chocolate, Coffee. Do I need to say more or you are in already? Wine tours are where you smell the wine, note the color, look for natural sediments in red wine, swirl it, and take a small sip. With friends and family, wine tasting tours are a great way to have a pleasant time. Among other fun activities in Melbourne, this is a peaceful one too.

    Cost: Varies according to the season and the region.
    Book your wine tour here.

    Guess, we have put enough on your plate. Now pick and plan; and do share your experience with us.

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