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With the clear blue waters and gold like sand on the shore, the beaches near Bucharest are an ideal destination for some fun time. Soak under the sun or bathe in the water, you can do whatever pleases you. If you are planning a trip to Bucharest, make sure that you don’t forget to visit the beautiful beaches around Bucharest. There are 5 famous beaches in Bucharest that demand to be explored. Here at these beaches, you can have the best time of your life. Whether you are traveling with your family or your partner, these beaches are the ideal spot for spending lovely summer vacation.

Tourists can indulge themselves in plenty of activities at the best beaches near Bucharest. Starting from bird watching to soaking themselves under the sun, everything is possible at the beaches close to Bucharest. You can also find some water sports activities ta some of the beaches.

5 Best Beaches Near Bucharest

If you are visiting Bucharest during the summertime, the best way to spend your holiday in the city is by visiting the beaches out there. Here’s the list of 5 best beaches near Bucharest, Romania.

  • Corbu
  • Vadu
  • Sfantul Gheorghe
  • Plaja Sulina
  • Plaja Gura Portitei

1. Corbu


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This is one of the newest beaches on the Romanian seaside. The beach is located nearby to the popular resorts Navodari and Mamamia. If you want to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city then this should be the perfect spot for you. Here at the beach, you can get the chance to enjoy the peaceful surrounding and the wild landscape. Other than that you can also enjoy many interesting activities as well including kitesurfing and windsurfing. Since the water is crystal clear you can also go for snorkeling, if you want. The beach is also perfect for bird watching and long walks. Near the beach, you can also spot a few attractions including the ruins of the Histria Fortress and the Enisala Fortress. This is actually the best beach near Bucharest.

Location: Corbu, Romania
How to reach there: You can take a drive from the Corbu locality to reach the beach.
Nearby places: There are a few attractions that you can explore near the beach. they include:

  • The ruins of the Histria Fortress which was built in 657 BC by Greek colonists
  • You can also visit the Enisala fortress which was built by Genovese merchants at the end of the 13th century.

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2. Vadu


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Located close to the city of Constanta, this is yet another beach to visit in Bucharest. The beach is actually very wide and long. You can have plenty of privacy and space at the beach in its peaceful surroundings. However, the visitors should be informed that the beach is a wild one and therefore, reaching the beach by cars has been restricted. This is why you are not allowed to park your car near the shore. Also, camping has been banned near the beach. You can access the beach only when you pay a RON 5 fee per day. If you plan to visit this beach make sure that you carry all the necessary things needed for the day. This will allow you to spend a lovely day at the beach. The nearest village to the beach is Vadu village which is only a few kilometers away. Once you are done exploring the beach you can pay a visit to the Vadu village if you want.

Location: Romania
How to reach there: You can drive from the Vadu village to reach the beach.
Nearby Places: The only place that you can visit near the Vadu beach is the Vadu village. When you are done exploring the beach you can take a stroll in the village and explore the life of the locals out there.

3. Sfantul Gheorghe

Sfantul Gheorghe

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You can reach the beach by boat. In fact, that’s the only way you to reach the beach. The beach is located 3 km away from the Sfantul village. This is one of the wildest beaches in the city but totally worth experiencing. The beach is blessed with fine sand and clear waters. You can also spot dotted seashells on the shore. This is actually a great spot for bird watching. If you are a bird lover then you should visit the beach once.

Location: Romania
How to reach there: You can take a drive from the Sfantul Gheorghe village.
Nearby places: You can visit the Sfantul Gheorghe village located near the village. Here you can get fascinated by the village life of the people. After exploring the beach it is a good idea to explore the village life out there. In fact, you can have a great time out there.

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4. Plaja Sulina


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Sulina beach is located only 2 km from Sulina. You can easily reach the beach on foot. However, if you hate walking then you can go for the alternate option and take a minibus from Sulina. This beach is mainly known for its fine sand and clear warm water. The water is shallow near the shore and therefore, it is a safe place for the kids. If you are planning to spend some good time at the beach with kids then this could be the ideal destination for you.

Location: Romania
How to reach there: You can take a walk from Sulina. If that is not the option for you then you can even avail the minibus service from Sulina.
Nearby places: You can visit Sulina near the beach which is only 2 km away from it. You may also get plenty of things to do in Sulina.

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5. Plaja Gura Portitei


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Separating the Golovita Lake from the Black Sea, this 4 km wide beach is yet another great destination to visit in the city of Bucharest. You can access this beach only by boat. The beach is a peaceful one and thus, you can have some great time around here. This place is ideal for soaking yourself under the sun while breathing in the beauty of the beach.

Location: Romania
How to reach there: You can only reach the beach by boat. You need to travel for around an hour from Jurilovca. You can also take a cycle ride from Vadu to Gura Portitei or from Sinoie.
Nearby places: You can visit the Gura Portitei holiday village out there. They are known to provide comfortable accommodations out there. Other than that you can also spot a few restaurants out there where you can relish some of the local specials in the area.

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These 5 beaches are the most popular beaches near by Bucharest where you can plan to visit during your holiday in Europe with TravelTriangle. These beaches near Bucharest are an ideal spot for spending a lovely time with your family. You can enjoy the crystal clear waters and the golden shores at these places and have the best experience of your life.

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