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There are some places that are so serene that you will find them far away from the cliches of mainstream tourism but often close to your homeland. Villages are often a perfect place to halt and reflect. Moreover, everything about Bhutan villages is remote, rejuvenating, and refreshing. However, these villages paint a picture entirely different from the usual village scenery. Bhutan has the highest Gross National Happiness index and what better place to experience that than the tranquil setting of a village.

7 Astoundingly Beautiful Bhutan Villages

Bhutan has many hidden gems in the form of serene villages. Moreover, if you wish to witness the rural side of Bhutan, then glance down to take a look at the list of Bhutan villages specially curated for an offbeat experience.

1. Sakteng


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Witness Bhutan at a relaxed pace on your visit to Sakteng village. Situated at an altitude of 2800 meters, it is a remote village located near Trashigang. Those willing to explore the real gist of Bhutan and open for something unusual find its name on the top of their list. It is one of those villages in Bhutan that offers a glimpse of the nomadic lifestyle and takes you closer to many rural communities. Moreover, it is nestled in an area surrounded with picturesque mountain peaks and far-stretching meadows, therefore, a must-visit for any nature lover. One can also visit Sakteng Wildlife Sanctuary, as it is situated nearby Sakteng, or can go for trekking to further explore the village and click some breathtaking images.

Highlights: A visit to Sakteng Wildlife Sanctuary

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2. Gangtey

Gangtey Village

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Gangtey or commonly known as Phobjikha is a village situated in a U-shaped glacial valley situated on the western edge of the Black Mountains. Since it is often completely covered with snow during the winter season, local people migrate to lower (warmer) regions during this time. Therefore, autumn and spring are often the preferred time to visit Gangtey village. It is also home to black-necked cranes that are endangered during the wintertime. It is one of those villages of Bhutan which will treat you with farmhouses and lodges. Moreover, just near the village, there is also Gangteng Monastery that you can visit for a surreal spiritual space. From this village, one can enjoy the panoramic views of the pine tree forest.

Highlights: Black-Necked Crane festival, stone baths, and trekking

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3. Dhur


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To witness the culture in Bhutan villages, one must definitely plan their visit to Dhur that is located just 50 km away from Chamkhar. It is famous for the trekking trail that leads to Dhur Tsachu where there is also a hot spring. Another key attraction that lures people to this distant village is the Local Dhur Tshechu Festival during the winter season. Here, you will find yourself surrounded by alpine forest, yaks, sheep, and many snow-capped peaks. Those who wish to experience the best of camping, make sure to visit during the autumn or spring season.

Highlights: Local Dhur Tshechu Festival

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4. Merak


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Merak village can be termed as the twin of Sakteng since both the villages are situated in the same geographical area and are separated by Nakchung La Pass. It is one of those villages of Bhutan is just a delight both to the eyes as well as the camera. Photography enthusiasts should visit this for next level landscape shots. This village is connected from a road emerging from Trashigang. It is situated at an altitude of 3200 meters above sea level, therefore, the journey might give travel blues to some people. However, as soon as you set foot here, you will surely be refreshed by the splash of nature and the warmth of local people. Moreover, in this village, you can also savor Ema Datshi, famous food in Bhutan villages. Therefore, spend some days in Merak to take a trip to good times.

Highlights: Safari, Ema Datshi

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5. Khoma

Village View

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Located in the Lhuentse district, Khoma village is a must-visit for any one willing to explore the roots of the textile industry of Bhutan’s village life. It takes around 30 minutes to reach Khoma from Lhuentse. En route, you will be mesmerized by the awe-gasping views that will be a treat to both the body and mind. Witness the traditional method of weaving and learn more about Bhutanese handloom. Khoma is also famous for being a producing ground for Kishuthara that is woven majorly by the women folk of this village. Moreover, one can also opt to trek to Singye Dzong and can take a closer look at Eastern Bhutan.

Highlights: Traditional weaving, Folklore, Kishuthara, Landscape photography

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6. Ura

Ura In Bhutan

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Ura village in Bhutan is another great sight for photography due to its traditional architecture. The village is located at an altitude of 3100 meters above sea level in one of the highest valleys of Bhutan. It will take around 1 hour and 30 minutes to reach Ura village from Chamkar. During winters, this highland village turns into a snow-clad beauty. The place is also famous as the birthplace of many politicians of Bhutan. Moreover, during the spring the entire valley blooms with the vistas of soul-pleasing flowers. To experience the best of Bhutan villages, a visit to Ura is a must. Like many other villages, it is also an awe-inspiring trekking site.

Highlights: Ura Yakchoe Festival, nomadic lifestyle, photography

7. Rinchengang


You must have heard about villages that are run by people but this is a village that was started by people. It is located opposite to Wangduephodrang Dzong. This village has its own eccentricities and folklore. Therefore, anyone willing to attend cultural shows should definitely pay this village a visit. It is one of the best Bhutan villages in terms of natural beauty.

Highlights: Shar Rinchengang Temple, Rinchengang Terraces

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Nature has many faces and to unfold the calmest of it all, spend some time in Bhutan villages. Drenched in happiness, soaked in bliss, and engulfed in high-altitude mist, these villages are a portrait of picture-perfect scenery. Visiting such tranquil place, you might perceive them to be pages between a storybook but all they are real experiences waiting to be explored. So take the road less traveled and walk towards a journey filled with soul-searching milestones as you plan your visit to Bhutan.

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