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Venice has various canals, and consequently, it isn’t extraordinary that there are innumerable of unique bridges. The Bridge of Sighs, though, is apparently-together with the Rialto- the well-renowned bridge in the city, and conceivably even the most wonderful as well. If you are planning to visit Venice or have already reached here, must make it sure to once have a look at the beauty of bridge of sighs, this is not just a bridge it is fantastically designed to give its viewers an eye warming experience. We have discussed below the complete details about its history, places from where to view it to have the most decent look and bridge of sighs entrance fee and much more that will guide you once you reach there.

Bridge Of Sighs History

Bridge Of Sighs History

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La Ponte dei Sospiri, as it’s so elegantly described in Italian, was crafted in 1600 by Antonio Contin (he also designed one of Venice’s another top sight – the Rialto Bridge). This unique Bridge of Sighs Venice is a small distance from the St. Mark’s Square and joins the Prigione Nuovo (new prison) with the Doge Palace. This former jail is in actual the earliest construction in the globe that was individually created to attend as a prison. The Bridge of Sighs used as a medium of transfer for prisoners to the offices of inquisitor where they kept on trial.
It was granted this title because, as per the tradition, the defendants sighed when they were watching the external world for the last time by a small windowpane on the bridge. Whether this is accurate, isn’t recognized for certain, though as it states in Italian, “Se non è vero, è ben trovato”.

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Some Facts About The Bridge of Sighs

Bridge View

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Here are some interesting facts to enlighten you about this marvelous bridge in the northern part of Italy. You may show off this trivia knowledge on your tour to other visitors and thank us later:

  • You surely are not aware of the fact that there are more than 100 canals and 400 bridges in Venice.
  • A local Venetian myth recommends that admired ones will always linger together while kissing each other during the evening at the time of riding in a gondola below the Bridge of Sighs Venice.
  • The most prominent prisoner who made the pass ever to the new prison from the Doge’s Palace is none different than Casanova. This traditionally modeled ‘player’ was imprisoned in the year 1755 for expanding an “anti-religious opinion” which was a significant issue in the holy city. 15-months later, though, he maintained to escape.
  • This is not one of its kind in the world. There is one another in New York, Cambridge, and Oxford.
  • Whether you get endless love below this well-renowned bridge is not assured, though it is a fact that touring La Serenissima is not impeccable without looking at this magnificent bridge.
  • This fantastic bridge, hovering above the Rio Palazzo channel, is about 36 feet (11 meters) high and built of lovely white Istrian marble. If you view at this bridge closer, you see 20 mask heads.

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Places To Visit Near Bridge of Sighs Venice

Lets’ have a look at a few of the unmatched destinations that are overloaded with excellence and surprises near the Bridge of Sighs for the tourists arriving Venice from all around the world.

1. Arsenale


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With all of these canals and islands, it’s no wonder that the naval power of Venice makes it feel proud. You can tour its ancient shipyard in the Castello region. The Arsenale addressed origin to the Venetian Republic galleys during its heyday at the time of Renaissance. The spot possesses showcases throughout the Biennale, but it’s yet meriting a tour during the entire year. Rehabilitation work is undertaken in several of the workshops and buildings of the massive walled stretch. The Naval History Museum is a must-visit for warships enthusiasts, though it also contains maps, gondolas, and weapons. They even possess a Bucintoro, a model of the Doge’s ceremonial barge.

2. St Mark’s Basilica

St Mark’s Basilica View

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The basilica marks the place of the Pentecost potpourri that looks in the original ARKANE book, Stone of Fire. View up, and you will notice the fire tongues getting down over the missionaries. The basilica also possesses the repository where you will get acquisition of reliquaries. They comprise the many saints’ bones. We’ve previously observed at quaint spiritual artifacts, but these repositories for holy relics are somewhat different. The treasury themselves are gorgeous, made of crystal and gold. It requires spending a little more to view, but it’s among the strangest places to visit near Bridge of Sighs Venice.

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3. Libreria Acqua Alta

Beautiful place

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If you are something like me, you can’t oppose a trip to a book store. But how would you manage as a bookshop keeper in a town placed on the water that usually floods? This remarkable Venetian shop ran on an elegant if unique solution. They store books, magazines, maps in waterproof bins or bathtubs. One room even flaunts a gondola as a stopgap shelf. In English, its name suggests ‘Library of High Water’. So each time the district canals flood, the amount of water rise above the normal waterline. Its flues have even been recognized to possess the occasional flue kit, strong enough to avoid the situation of flooding.

4. Torcello

Lake and bridge view

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While we are on the matter of islands, you can discover more concerning the history of Venice on Torcello. The town was initially founded here in the seventh century, and some believe the Romans occupied it. In the twelfth century, a malaria outburst on Torcello viewed the nearby Rialto reimbursement eclipse the island as the core of the city of Venice. Its church harkens after to the Byzantine custom of the era while cathedrals on the island illustrate its myth.

You can approach it by using a boat to Burano, shifting to another ship once you reach there. The church and museum lie just at a walking distance of 10 minutes from the ship station. So you will have lots of time to appreciate its collapsing grace. It’s not broken, but it’s unquestionably off the battered course.

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5. San Servolo Insane Asylum Museum

Insane Asylum Museum

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A chain of little islands makes up the magnificent city of Venice. But a group of different islands in the lagoon persists evidence to both its craft heritage and its darker past. While Burano and Murano might pull the visitors enthusiastic to know about lace or glass making, the other islands provide far more surprising places to visit near Bridge of Sighs Venice. San Servolo is recognized as the “Island of the Mad”. Starting in the year 1725, it served as the official mental asylum of the city for about 250 years.

While serving as a hospital during its time of service, it admitted more than 200000 victims. It ended in the year 1978, but the government of Venice decided it needed to protect the history and the records of the hospital. They founded the Study of Social and Cultural Marginalization Institute and opened it again in its modern form in the year 2006.

Visiting The Bridge Of Sighs

Lake and boat view

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There are four different ways in which you can see the Bridge of Sighin Venice, Italy:
If you are in a hurry, it’s finest to appreciate it from a distance. You only have 2-spots to see this extravagant bridge. The first is bustling and that is from the Bridge of Paglia (Ponte della Paglia). You arrive at this spot by moving to the right beside the Doge’s Palace. You cannot avoid this bridge as it is the primary bridge you confront.

The next (and prominent) site from where you can view it is likewise from another bridge: the Ponte della Canonica.
You can also stroll on the Bridge of Sighs when you tour the Doge’s Palace. You will not just trip the legendary palace, but further the jails, as well as the traditional bridge. You will then realize that it is separated into 2 narrow sections split by a wall in between. This was because the defendants arriving from both directions could nevermore observe each other.

Ultimately, you can experience a romantic Bridge of Sighs gondola ride through boat below the Bridge of Sighs Venice. Remark that this can be costly. Here is a summary of the ways by which you can view the beauty of the bridge.

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Bridge Of Sighs Entrance Fee

Entrance Fee

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For touring through a boat ride, you have to pay and Bridge of Sighs entrance fee for a gondola varies as per the choice of time you prefer to have it:

  • Daytime: You have to spend 80 euros for a 30 minutes ride. For every added 20 minutes you have to spend 40 euros more.
  • Evening: You need to spend 100 euros for a ride of 40 minutes and have to pay an additional 50 euros for each extra 20 minutes.
  • A shared gondola trip: As a cost-effective alternative it can also be adjusted if you don’t trouble to share your yacht with others. For every person, it costs 30 euros.

Bridge Of Sighs Popularity

Popularity of Bridge Of Sighs

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In case you were wondering what makes this piece of architecture a world-famous attraction, below is your answer. Read on to know more:

  • Ponte de Sospiri (The Bridge of Sighs), is in Venice, Italy, and joins the room of inquisitor towards the east of the Doge’s palace along with the prigioni over the Rio de Palazzo or prison of state.
  • Work on the residence of the Duke (Doge’s palace) or Palazzo Ducale was founded in the fourteenth century and took its contemporary shape just by the sixteenth century. The building was not just the residence of Doge’s and thus received the judge’s (inquisitor) office; it also possessed various other establishments like the Chancellery, lawyers offices, Naval Offices, etc.
  • The Bridge of Sighs beyond the Rio di Palazzo is one of the 100 or so canals and around 400 bridges that combine the town of Venice. Antonio Contino created it in the year 1600.
  • The bridge is turned out to be the pathway that is used to carry prisoners from the jail to the office of the judge. Its name derives from the traditional belief of grief and the sighs of convicted prisoners as they were taken through it to the hangman.
  • Though, it was only in the nineteenth century that it began to be described the ‘Bridge of Sighs’ after the famous reference of Lord Byron’s in his poetry Childe Harold’s Pilgrimage. When you visit the Bridge of Sighs, a prison, and a palace on each hand”.
  • In certainty, the days of torture and inquisitions were over as the bridge was constructed and only short-tenure criminals were retained in the prison units.
  • The jail is older than the Doge’s mansion and once was employed while the interrogation by the Church through the Middle Ages (when people were speculated of being non-believers or witches and tortured).

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Italian Ponte Dei Sospiri (Bridge of Sighs) is located in Venice, Italy, crossing the narrow canal – Rio di Palazzo connecting the prisons and the Doge’s Palace. It is assumed to be built around 1600 by the Antonio Contino – a great architect. The surrounded path was so named of the “sighs” of the prisoners who moved through the bridge of sighs Venice. We have discussed all the interesting facts about the bridge and also the complete history and the mysteries that are residing in its past. The Bridge of sighs is a must visit place while having a trip to Venice. It is so magnificently built that once you have a look at it, you can’t even believe that it is human-made. Plan a trip to Italy and experience the beauty of this marvel architecture for yourself.

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