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    The Venice Carnival is nothing less than a grand affair, held annually in the stunning Italian city we all love. This 2-week-long festival is about parades, concerts, markets, and of course the ornate Venetian masks. This is the time when the whole city gets into the festive mood and celebrate like there is no tomorrow.

    If you can relate with a showstopper this festival is for you, as you get to steal the show with your attire. You can be as simple or as embellished as you please! This guide is here to let you know all the major and minute details of the extravaganza, right from what the festival is about to the entry charges. Know all about the Venice carnival history and Venice carnival facts here.

    About Venice Carnival

    About Venice Carnival

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    The extravagant Venice Carnival festival is indeed a legacy that’s been around since 13th century. Though there was a time when a ban was imposed on masks and the carnival, during the Austrian conquest in 1798, the festivity was brought back in 1979. It did indeed work as a catalyst for tourism, and also gave a chance to give a fresh start to the celebration as most people had forgotten about the tradition. Today, the Venice Festival of masks goes on for good two weeks with many free events that are open for the public.

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    Venice Carnival 2020 Dates

    lovely sunset during Venice Carnival

    Here is the information you need for the Venice carnival dates in 2020 and all the events. The Venice Carnival 2020 will begin from Saturday, 8 Feb, 2020 and will concluded on Tuesday, 25 Feb, 2020.

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    Venice Carnival 2020 Events And Highlights

    Here’s a list of all the top things to do and see at the carnival. Also, be it the Venice carnival masks, other Venice carnival activities or the fun competitions and performances on the streets, we bet it’ll all take you by surprise.

    • Venetian Mask Competition: A Cultural Extravaganza 
    • Ice Skating: For A Fun-Filled Experience
    • Grand Masquerade Balls: The Essence Of The Carnival
    • Classical Concert: A Musical Treat 
    • Masquerade Pub Crawl: A Bar Hopping Experience
    • Street Performances: The Most Happening Spot
    • Private Event: Spend Some Time Together

    1. Venetian Mask Competition: A Cultural Extravaganza 

    Venice Venetian Mask Carnival Masks

    Image Source

    Since you already know the Venice Carnival is an extravaganza centered around masks, this should not indeed come as a surprise to you! The Venice Mask Festival Competition is held daily during the festival. All the competitors parade through the streets and on the stage. If you are traveling to Venice during this time with kids, there may as well be separate slots for the kids as well. You can stay updated regarding the same through the official website.

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    2. Ice Skating: For A Fun-Filled Experience


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    This might sound a little weird since Venice does not experience snowfall, but the ice skating experience during the Venice Carnival is very much possible. Held between 11 am till 9 pm, this is a daily activity and you can hire the skates on rent as well. The skating rink is set up at Piazza Ferretto and offers a fun-filled experience to visitors of all age groups. So take out some time from the Venice Carnival 2020 schedule and enjoy sliding and gliding on the ice.

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    3. Grand Masquerade Balls: The Essence Of The Carnival


    Image Source

    The masquerade parties and balls are an essence of the Venice Carnival. Organized in different venues across the city, each get-together has something special to look forward to. There are some with themes where people can flaunt their Venice carnival costumes, while some work without it. Live performances, DJ, sumptuous food are just few of the many highlights of the extravaganza.

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    4. Classical Concert: A Musical Treat 

    Classical Concert

    Image Source

    If you are a fan of classical music, you are in for a treat at the Venice Carnival, Europe. These concerts will let you live the Venetian world of music of the erstwhile era, through the performances of talented musicians. The group of artists performing are among the best ones in the world and will leave you in awe with their heart throbbing music and soul-soothing words.

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    5. Masquerade Pub Crawl: A Bar Hopping Experience

    Masquerade Pub Crawl

    Image Source

    A bar hopping experience like none other, the Masquerade pub crawl is a fun way to enjoy the Venice nightlife.  You can opt for a guided tour, which generally starts from Ca’ Rezzonico Museum at 5:30 pm. However, you must book in advance and wear an ornate costume with a mask. Since the pub crawl is for those above 18 years of age, you must carry your ID along.

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    6. Street Performances: The Most Happening Spot

    Street Performances And Events

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    For someone who’d rather sit back and watch, there are many street performances arranged during the Carnival of Venice. There are parades, confetti, and so much more to look forward to during the whole Venice Carnival festival. The most happening spot surely is the St Mark’s Square (which also is among the top tourist attractions of Venice, so don’t miss out on that at any cost. Make sure to carry your camera along if you wish to take back the fun and memorable moments back home with you.

    7. Private Event: Spend Some Time Together

    Private Event

    If you are a group of friends wanting to spend some time together, or if you are someone who wished upon an unconventional wedding, this might be an ideal option for you. The organizers of the Venice Carnival, Venice Events have earned their name in hospitality, decor, catering, and everything that makes an event remarkable. So, this is a perfect Venice Carnival party to have with your close ones.

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    What To Wear At Venice Carnival

    What To Wear At Venice Carnival

    Image Source

    Another good thing about the Venice Carnival is that you can wear what you want, regardless of how simple or extravagant it is. The Venetian masks are always lovely add on to your attire if you please, but if you’d rather be an onlooker, simply pack some formal or casuals. If you change your mind, however, and wish to switch to something grand, there will always be shops around for Tabarro (voluminous cloak) and masks.

    Venice Carnival Fees

    Venice Carnival Fees

    Image Source

    You do not need to pay any specific entry fee for the Venice Carnival 2020, or any year. However, there would be some events that will require a fee, but you are always free to choose whether you want to attend it or not. There will be many events and shows which will have free entry. You can also choose to buy packages that let you explore the best of the festival during your stay.

    Please note, we are not considering the traveling, accommodation, food or any such cost here.

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    So, there is no guessing when would be the best time for planning a trip to Venice! If you are interested in attending Venice Carnival 2020, plan your Venice trip with TravelTriangle and head out for a fancy extravaganza with your loved ones. We can vouch that you’d have the most spectacular holiday of your life.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Venice Carnival


    Q. Why are masks so popular in Venice?

    A. The Venetian masks that are worn in the carnival or the other events in the city hold traditional significance. They were worn to hide the identity and social status of the person wearing it in the past, and the tradition therefore continues.

    Q. Why is there so much water in Venice?

    A. Venice was built on a lagoon by the refugees for better protection and security from the nearby inland towns. Hence, most houses in the city are stitch and it has a lot of water under and around.

    Q. What do masquerade masks symbolize?

    A. The masquerade masks symbolized the freedom to speech and hide one’s identity at public celebrations. There have been always a variety in the colors and design or patterns that speak volumes about this tradition.

    Q. Why does Venice have canals?

    A. Built along the Adriatic Sea, the canals in Venice were and are used for protection, transportation, and to shelter the city from the mainland.

    Q. Is the entire city of Venice on water?

    A. The whole city of Venice was built on water to shelter it from the inland towns. At major places, the water underneath runs as deep as 5 meters.

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