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    Canning Park cover

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    Situated inside the Central Area forming the central business district of Singapore, Fort Canning Park is a small hill in Singapore. It is 48 meters high and has become one of the popular tourist places in Singapore. There are many wonderful bridges near Fort Canning Park Singapore that you must visit.

    3 Bridges Near Fort Canning Park Singapore

    Here are the best bridges near Fort Canning Park Singapore that can be the best venue for your Instagram pictures:

    1. Coleman Bridge

    Coleman Bridge

    Image Source

    Coleman Bridge is a popular vehicular bridge situated near Clarke Quay. Built across the Singapore River, this bridge is the link between Hill Street and New Bridge Road. Elgin Bridge, being the first bridge built on the Singapore River, Coleman Bridge is the 2nd one built across it. But it is the first one to be built in masonry. Coleman Bridge is also called ‘Yi Ma Lo Khiu’ in Cantonese which translated to ‘the bridge at the second road’. Coleman Bridge is located in Singapore’s Central Area and a part of it demarcates the boundary between the Downtown Core and the Planning Area of Singapore River. Coleman Bridge was constructed in 1840. An Irish architect, George Drumgoole Coleman was the designer of the bridge. The bridge was named after this architect, Coleman. Coleman Bridge was a connection between the Old Bridge Road and Hill Street. Often addressed as the New Bridge, the Coleman Bridge has 9 arches. The popularity of this bridge lead to the naming of the nearby road as the New Bridge Road.

    2. Elgin Bridge

    Elgin Bridge

    Image Source

    Built across the Singapore River, Elgin Bridge is a bridge in Singapore used for vehicular purposes. It links Singapore’s Downtown Core to the Planning Area of Singapore River which lies in the Central Area of Singapore. An old wooden bridge was replaced to build Elgin Bridge in 1862. Elgin Bridge is an iron bridge and has been named after Lord Elgin, the Governor-General between 21 March 1862 and 20 November 1863. The current bridge is a rebuilt version of Elgin Bridge which was built in 1929. Elgin Bridge is the first bridge built on the Singapore River. This popularity of the bridge lead to the naming of the 2 roads connected to it – North Bridge Road and South Bridge Road.

    In 1819, Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles set his foot on the soil of Singapore to turn it into a colony under British rule. During his time in the country, Raffles made many developments in Singapore. This included building of bridges and development of roads among which was the construction of the Elgin Bridge. Raffles instructed to build a bridge on the Singapore River as soon as possible on 25 June 1819. This was done to connect the two major planning area located on both the sides of the Singapore River – the southern side belonged to the Chinese community and the northern side belonged to the Malays. Elgin Bridge has seen its several versions built over the years that include a wooden form, an iron bridge and finally a concrete bridge. At last, 30 May 1929 Sir Hugh Clifford, Governor of the Straits Settlements opened the bridge to the public.

    3. The Helix Bridge


    Image Source


    Singapore’s true beauty comes out at night amongst all the lights and one of the best places to witness this is the helix bridge. When all the lights are on, then it is nothing less than a spectacle to watch. It is a great place to go for a walk and to take some amazing panoramic shots. The footbridge was originally called the Double Helix Bridge. It connects the South Marine Bay and the Marine center over the Singapore River. The Helix bridge is also the first curved bridge of the world and was opened in 2010 for the public. Currently, a landmark of Singapore, the bridge was designed like a human DNA string to represent growth and rebirth. The bridge stretches to 280 meters and is made using stainless steel over the intricate mesh and fabulous tubular designs that weigh a whopping 650 tonnes.

    Location: Marina Bay.
    Entry: Free
    Hours: Best seen during evening and night times.

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    Aren’t these bridges near Fort Canning Park Singapore simply gorgeous? Plan a trip to Singapore right away and come down to the island nation for witnessing the most stunning nightlife scene, of which these illuminated bridges are also a part. You can plan a Singapore tour any time of the year as this destination has stable weather conditions. But if you really want to know the seasons, November to January and June to July are the peak seasons. And August to October is the off-season months in Singapore.

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