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    A splendid shot of a beautiful sunset at the Butterfly beach in Goa

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    A hidden land of adventure, peppered with some stunning views & aquatic life; that’s Butterfly Beach for you! The beauty of the hidden gem has an aura of calmness and bliss attached to it. Semi-circle shaped landscape, millions of butterflies flying over the hilltop blossoms, and acrobatics of the dolphins around ensure a wonderful experience at the Butterfly Beach in Goa.

    To quickly take you through the beauty of the Butterfly beach in Goa, we have a short video for you.

    Wanna know more about the Butterfly beach? Or is it Butterfly island? One can hardly tell.

    Butterfly Beach or Butterfly Island: What is it?

    A traveler enjoying a sunset at the Butterfly beach in Goa

    Image Source

    Seldom do we meet people who have heard about the Butterfly beach in Goa. And out of those few who have, many know it by the name of Butterfly island. The semi-circular shape and the fact that is accessed by a boat ride give the tourists an impression of an island.

    Just to confirm, it is NOT an island. It is a beach, situated north of Palolem beach. In fact, it is one of the most beautiful beaches in South Goa. However, it is easier to reach the beach by a boat ride from the nearby beaches as the land journey involves a challenging forest hike.

    What makes Butterfly Beach in Goa a wonderful holiday destination?

    i. It is home to some of the most exotic species of butterflies, gold fishes, and crabs.

    Numerous butterflies flying over the hilltop grasses at Butterfly beach

    Image Source

    As the name suggests, Butterfly beach is the abode of numerous beautiful butterflies. But what the name doesn’t tell us is that during low tides, when the seashore widens, the beach is littered with crabs and goldfishes. Sea urchins, sea cucumbers, and even redfish are common sights here.

    ii. Butterfly Beach is also reputed for dolphin sightings.

    Travelers spot a dolphin enjoying near the Butterfly beach in Goa

    Image Source

    Talking of the aquatic life of the Butterfly Beach, it would be criminal not to mention dolphins that can be seen playing near the shores of the beach. And though there are more places in Goa to spot the dolphins, what sets this beach leagues apart from the rest is the fact that it is more-or-less secluded. So, one can expect the beautiful creatures to be enjoying themselves in a carefree manner.

    iii. One can witness some breathtaking sunsets.

    A splendid shot of a beautiful sunset at the Butterfly beach in Goa

    Image Source

    And if you’re done enjoying the marine life, there are some amazing sunset views that one can enjoy from the hidden Butterfly beach.

    Other things to do on Butterfly Beach: Canoe riding along tiny streams, boat riding to nearby beaches, sunbathing, walking on the beaches, rock climbing, and trekking through the forest cover

    iv. The beach is almost a secret due to limited accessibility.

    A shot of the hidden Butterfly beach in Goa

    Image Source

    We have repeatedly mentioned the beach to be a secret. Wondering why? Well, the tiny beach cove of white sands & translucent waters is heavily forested. Vehicles, not even the two-wheelers or ATVs can make the trip that goes through water bodies, steep climbs, fields, and forested areas.

    For the very same reason, you might find some private rave parties happening on the beach. And yes, its privacy is a boon for the romantic couples as well.

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    Where is Butterfly Beach Goa located?


    Butterfly Beach is located 37 km south of Mormugao and a little to the north of Palolem beach.

    Nearest beaches

    Agonda and Palolem are the nearest beaches from where one can rent a boat to reach the Butterfly Beach.

    Other places to visit near Butterfly Beach: Conco island, Leopard Valley, Yoga Land, and other tourist places on Agonda & Palolem beaches

    Best restaurants near Butterfly Beach: Ourem 88 & Zest in Palolem and H2O & Agonda White Sand Restaurant in Agonda

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    Places to stay near Butterfly Beach: The LaLiT Golf & Spa Resort is only 5.7 km away from the beach. Some closer & budget options include Dunhill Beach Resort in Agonda and Dreamcatcher Resort in Palolem.

    How to reach Butterfly Beach Goa?

    i. One can take a 2 hour trek from Palolem.

    A boat near the Butterfly Beach with the forest cover in the background

    Image Source

    The short trek from Palolem is adventurous and tough. Travelers will have to go through brooks, steep climbs, fields, and forested areas.

    ii. The other option is to rent a boat from Agonda and Palolem Beaches.

    Travelers arriving in a boat at the Butterfly beach in Goa

    Image Source

    The return journey will cost you around INR 1,000 to INR 1,200. Though we suggest to try and bargain with the ferryman. Some more expensive and luxurious yachts are also available.

    Best time to visit Butterfly Beach Goa

    The best time to visit Butterfly Beach in Goa is between November and March. During these months, the temperatures are pleasant and there isn’t much of rainfall. This allows the travelers to enjoy both the sun and the water alike. Even the months of April and May are not too bad for a trip to Butterfly Beach.

    Operating days: Monday to Sunday

    Operating hours: 9 am to 5 pm

    Don’t you want to visit the Butterfly Beach? Well, wait no more! Plan your trip to Goa now! And this is not the only hidden gem to explore here.

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