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    A popular beach in South Goa

    Goa is not just about Baga, Calangute, Tito’s and Mambo. There is another side to the party capital of our country that you must explore and it’s down south. There are numerous places to visit in South Goa that are not just restricted to beaches but there are other areas full of vim and vigor that a true traveler must explore. While North Goa has a reputation for being a party place, South Goa is where people come to have a relaxing time and rejuvenate their senses.

    Take a look at these best places to see In South Goa for that punch!

    • Butterfly Beach
    • Palolem Beach
    • Polem Beach
    • Agonda Beach
    • Johnny Cool’s
    • Down The Road
    • Silent Noise
    • Palolem Beach
    • Colva Beach
    • Se Cathedral
    • Shantadurga Temple
    • Naval Aviation Museum
    • St Xavier’s Church
    • Benaulim
    • Loutolim
    • Mobor
    • Bogmalo
    • Arrosim
    • Chandor

    Best Beaches Of South Goa

    The leisurely pace of life, exotic beaches and historic villages beckon solitude seeking travelers from around the world to Goa. The second most important city, Margao begins the beach circuit of South Goa. If the laziest person was to choose one destination in the country then, South Goa beaches are their pick! With the smiling sun, clear water of the sea and the beautiful virgin sand, why would you go anywhere else?

    Choose your secluded beach from the list:

    1. Butterfly Beach

    beach in goa

    Image Source

    The unfrequented and concealed beach of Goa is a masterpiece on its own. The name itself justifies the beauty of the place. If you have never been to this beach, then that gives you all the more reasons to go and explore the beauty of it. It is indeed one of the best places to visit in South Goa. You can also spot dolphins, crabs, and butterflies on this beach.

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    2. Palolem Beach

    boats on palolem

    Image Source

    The palm grooves, shacks and the long stretch of the pristine beach carrying white sand is just fantabulous! It is also famous for the popular Silent Disco which is located on this beach. Apart from that, you can enjoy watersports, swimming, and yoga.

    3. Polem Beach

    ocean views from polem

    Image Source

    The clear waters of the beach is ideal for sunbathing and swimming. Enjoy the dolphins playing in the water and some rare migratory birds at the beach. It is the last beach in Goa and even in Cancona region. From this point onwards, Karnataka region begins.

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    4. Agonda Beach

    beach in Agonda

    Image Source

    If you seriously want to do nothing and chill with your friends, then it’s an ideal beach for you all to get pampered.

    One of the only four beaches in Goa designated as turtle nesting site, Agonda Beach offers you peace and tranquility. In case you ever need to get away from all thr tourist bustle, you should escape to this beach.

    We Recommend Staying At: Agonda Beach huts, Rose Bud Beach shacks and Sam’s Beach Shack
    We Recommend Eating At: Jolinn, Dun Hill and Nature Organic

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    Visit Goa – the beach capital of India. Explore golden sandy beaches, casinos, and night markets. Book your Goa holiday on TravelTriangle for the best expereince of water sports, sea food, and luxury resorts. Inclusions: Hotels, cab, water activities, & sightseeing.

    Places To Visit In South Goa At Night

    Nightlife in Goa is taking a twist now-a-days. The pubs, bars and the parties in South Goa will make you groove. Have a blast in the flashy neon lights and the vibrant music on the dance floor. The silent South Goa is actually not silent anymore, but it organizes the freaky silent parties! This part of Goa has something different to offer as nightlife for all you night crawlers out there.

    Let’s start the dilemma:

    5. Johnny Cool’s

    Artists performing at the Binh Minh Jazz Club in Hanoi

    Love jazz blues? Then there is not better place in SOuth Goa than Johny Cool’s to enjoy some good jazz music. The place is also quite popular for its beers, snacks, feni. The crowd is usually young and the place gets pretty crowded. Good for chilling out over a couple of drinks, listening to local music and people watching.

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    6. Down The Road

    bar in south goa

    Image Source

    The bistro-bar of Goa and the smell of Italian dressing is all in the air. It is now becoming the most exciting to place with live party music. Set in a beautiful location, the restaurant is set in an old Portuguese style villa. Down The Road is where you can enjoy a range of exciting cocktails in a perfect, lively ambiance. If you are in no mood to go to a pub with loud music, prefer to enjoy your drinks here.

    Important Information: There is no entry fee and restaurant is attached to the bistro for a perfect meal.

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    7. Silent Noise

    Silent disco on Palolem

    Image Source

    This one is a must on your list of places to visit in South Goa! Highly recommended. A one of a kind party, teens, youngsters and foreigners gather around, plug into the headphones and listen to the different forms of music like hard rock, pop, jazz & trance and grooving on the dance floor.

    Important Information: Every Saturday on Palolem Beach, for further details click here

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    Shopping In South Goa

    Goa isn’t typically a shopaholic’s paradise but you definitely shouldn’t miss out on its colourful flea markets. Most of the roads near the beaches sell extremely cheap clothes and souvenirs of Goa. Buy jhola bags, trendy accessories, flip flops and more at dirt cheap prices. P.S: Add this to your list of places to see in South Goa, to return with exquisite Goan specialties—cashews and fenny.

    *Caution: You might not be able to resist and go out of the budget.

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    8. Palolem Beach

    Cheap markets of South Goa

    Image Source

    Buy the best of the things from the hippie culture market. It is on organized every Saturday. Don’t miss this day shopaholics. It is also one of the best places to enjoy nightlife apart from shopping. You will find a lot of international tourists shopping and wanderinghere. If you get tired of all the shopping, you can go for an Ayurvedic massage.

    9. Colva Beach

    The world famous flea market at Anjuna beach in Goa

    Image Source

    Use your bargaining skills here and buy the best gifts for your loved ones. Let’s shop in the flamboyant lights, dancing around the market to add a whim to the ambience. Tourists and hippies are drawn to the market because of all the cool stuff available here. You too ough to check out this quirky market on your trip to South Goa.

    We Recommend Shopping At: Chim on Palolem beach and Fat Cat en Route to Patnem

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    Best Places To Visit In South Goa

    Vasco De Gama, the famous city with 400-years old monuments and home to many English bands, is a major tourist attraction in South Goa. Old Goa is known for its finely constructed churches and the culture that it follows. A visit to the heritage monuments and the gothic architecture of the Lord’s house is a must.

    Time to hop from one building to the other:

    10. Se Cathedral

    Se Cathedral building

    Image Source

    The largest cathedral in Asia has five bells, out of which the golden bell—is the famous and the largest in the world. The cathedral was built by the Portuguese to celebrate the victory of their war with the Muslim army in the year 1950. The architecture of the church is in Portuguese-manueline style where the Tuscan exterior compliments the Corinthian insteriors very well.

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    11. Shantadurga Temple

    exterior of Shantadurga

    Image Source

    It is located at Kavlem and is dedicated to Shantadurga goddess. It is known as one of the richest temples in Goa and was built during 1713 to 1738 AD. It is believed that Goddess Shantidurga is Goddess Parvati’s form who mediated between Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu when a fierce battle took place.

    12. Naval Aviation Museum

    aircraft at naval museum

    Image Source

    The museum showcases the Indian Naval Aviation, weapons, sensors safety equipment & air crafts depicting Goa’s liberation. The military museum is just 6 km awy from Vasco da Gama and was founded in 1947. Feel proud at the rich histroy of Indian naval army and aircraft along with its evolution with time.You will also find a photo gallery of all the aircrafts and a ‘Hall of Silence’ for meditation. This place in South Goa is one of its kind.

    Important Information: Opening- 9:30 pm to 5:00 pm; entry fee is INR 20 for Indians, INR 50 for foreigners and INR 50 for camera

    13. St Xavier’s Church

    St Xaviers Church goa

    Image Source

    The most famous church of South Goa, has beautiful interiors and gothic architecture. This is a must visit in you’re in the southern half of the city.

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    Other Top Places To Visit In South Goa

    If you think this was it, here are some attractions that you can visit in South Goa if you have got more time on your hand.

    14. Benaulim

    sunset in benaulim

    Image Source
    If you are looking for places to visit in south goa in one day, then Benaulim is one of them. For those who love seafood can absolutely not afford to miss this place on their Goa trip. Benaulim is a beautiful beach located to the south of Margaon where you can relax in peace and tranquility. You can also spot some dolphins here. It even has a vibrant culture which makes it one of the best places to visit in South Goa at night.

    15. Loutolim

    church in loutolim

    Image Source

    A beautiful large village in South Goa, Loutolim is filled with historical surprises for you. It is the ancestral village of famous cartoonist Mario de Miranda. Find the remnant of Portuguese era in its churches, castles, and buildings. Visiting this old charming town is like opening a history book. The whole village seems right out of a fairy tale. You have got to visit next time you are in South Goa. You can visit the Big Foot Museum and Salvador de Mundo church.

    16. Mobor

    Mobor Beach in Goa

    Image Source
    If you are on your honeymoon in South Goa and looking for romantic escapades, then Mobor is your heaven. The picturesque scenery and serene environs of this place make it a perfect place for lovebirds to take a romantic stroll with hands clenched like lobsters and spend some quality time together. There are also myriad watersports that you may like to enjoy in your free time.

    17. Bogmalo


    Image Source
    A tiny beach in South Goa, Bogmalo is where you can spend your afternoons and evenings at leisure. The best part is that it is just 4 km away from Dabolim Airport so you can come directly to this place as soon as you land in Goa. There is even a resort called Bogmallo Beach Resort where you can wish to stay if you want a beachside and quiet accommodation in Goa.

    18. Arrosim


    Image Source
    One of the cleanest beaches in Goa, Arrosim deserves a visit on your trip to the wonderland. The white sandy beach is fringed with palm trees and the clean blue water looks tempting enough to take a swim. It is a hawker-free beach however you will find a few beachside shacks and delis that serve lip-smacking street food. It is one of the best places to visit in South Goa where you can have a relaxing evening.

    19. Chandor

    old villa in chandor

    Image Source
    Visiting Chandor is South Goa is like opening a history book as you find an amazing collection of old and archaic buildings with an influence of Portuguese architecture. Some of these buildings date back to 6th century B.C. Witness the headless Nandi Bull that was built in the 11th century and is placed inside the Portuguese Mansion.

    Leisure Resorts Of South Goa

    Resorts in South Goa are very beautiful

    Image Source
    The best thing about Goa is—it understands everyone’s pocket size! There’s something for everyone. There are numerous options for an opulent stay as well as beach shacks for the ones low on budget. The best part, all these are near the most famous tourist attractions in South Goa. You can book resorts, beach bungalows or hotels by the beach. If you are interested in an evening walk on the tranquil white sand, then pick a private beach bungalow, offering a secluded sojourn, for yourself. Budget lovers can rent a guest house near the beach for a serene view.

    We Recommend Staying At These Resorts: The Lella Goa, Ramada Cravela Beach Resort and Taj Exotica
    We Recommend Staying At These Bungalows: GVR104: Pool Villa, GVR: 107 Mini Villa and GVR 108 Saipen Villa, for further information click here
    We Recommend Staying At These Guesthouses: Village guesthouse and Goa Guest House, for further queries click here.
    P.S: You could also look for stay options at Airbnb.com

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    Ready to ruin yourselves at these lazy beaches, luxurious resorts, and parties? South Goa is an ultimate destination for some soul searching and having a peaceful time. It has quite a lot of options for party too. Share with your friends and head to these crazy places in South Goa. But before that, plan an exotic vacation to Goa now!

    Frequently Asked Questions About Places To Visit In South Goa

    Q. What is famous in South Goa?

    A. South Goa is famous for its beaches like Colva Beach, Agonda Beach, and Palolem Beach. Another must-visit place in South Goa is Varca that is one of the most serene places to explore with your friends. Imagine yourself on a golden beach lined with palm trees, blue waters striking the sand, and the wind blowing your hair. This is an exact image of Varca which has bewitched the tourists to go to South Goa and explore this place themselves.

    Q. Where should I stay in South Goa?

    A. As South Goa is now a famous tourist destination, there is no dearth of places to stay in this area. From homestays and cottages to hotels, you will find a wide array of options to stay in South Goa. Some of the well-known abodes are Patnem Garden Cottages, The Majorda Pristine, The Charming Night, and Samyama Retreat. Depending on your budget, you can choose one of these places and have a comfortable stay with your friends.

    Q. How can I go to South Goa?

    A. There are several ways to reach Goa as there is no issue in commuting to the place. Let’s take a look at the different ways of commuting:

    By Air: The nearest airport in South Goa is Dabolim Airport that is situated just 23 kilometers away from Margao. So, if you are coming from a far place you can opt for airways to reach South Goa.

    By Rail: The best way to reach South Goa is via a train as Margaon Railway Station is the biggest as well as the busiest railway junction in the area. As it is one of the cheapest ways to travel, people coming from a far-off destination book their tickets in advance to reach South Goa.

    By Road: Margao is a well-connected city in South Goa and can be easily reached from Udupi, Ratnagiri, Mumbai, Mangalore, Ponda, and Bhatkal.

    Q. Is South Goa safe?

    A. Whether you are alone or with a group of people, it is always safe to travel in South Goa. Anyone can enjoy the nightlife of Goa as the state does not sleep at night. However, it is not advised to travel from one beach to another at night.

    Q. Is South Goa better or North Goa?

    A. There is no comparison between these two destinations because they both have their own beauty. Beaches in North Goa are more lively and crowded with people. However, if you are looking for a quaint place to resort to then you can head to the beaches in South Goa that are more quiet and serene to explore.

    Q. What are the popular places to visit in South Goa in one day?

    A. For avery short trip, following are the places you can visit in South Goa:
    1. Visit famous beaches – Palolem, Colva
    2. Vibrant nightclubs – Down the road, Silent noise
    3. Famous churches – St Xavier’s Church, Se Cathedral
    4. Other attractions – Vasco Da Gama, Chandor, Cabo de Rama Fort

    Q. When is the best time to visit Goa?

    A. Mid November to mid February is the best time to visit Goa as the weather during this time is pleasantly cool and favorable. It’s the best time to relax on the beach.

    Q. Which are the popular places for shopping in South Goa?

    A. Palolem Beach Market, Gandhi Market, Colva Beach Market, Covered Margao Market are the best shopping places in South Goa.



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