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Brazil is a South American nation famous for the Amazon basin and Iguazu Falls along with the vibrant and colorful carnival celebrations paired samba music and dance. The scenic beaches extending along Copacabana drift you into a peaceful state of mind. The nation attracts a lot of tourists every year and there is definitely a lot to love about Brazil.
What else you can find intriguing in Brazil is the enthusiasm Brazilian people show for gambling. Horse race betting and casinos in Brazil are the most common form of gambling in the region. The gambling industry in Brazil is quite alluring but unfortunately unregulated.

7 Popular Casinos In Brazil

Are casinos legal in Brazil? No, they aren’t but that doesn’t mean you cannot indulge in the games of luck if you wish to. So we put together a list of the best casinos in Brazil that you can try your luck in. Let us take a look at these casinos in Brazil worth a visit.

1.Gavea Hippodrome


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Horse race betting is a very age-old form of betting running in the country of Brazil, so it is not a surprise that the article begins with a race course betting location.Hippodrome da Gavea is an old race course where you can place your bets on racing horses. It is about a kilometer away from the Ipanema beach. If you are a horse racing enthusiast or a former jockey you will definitely love the place and what’s better is you can try your luck by placing bets. To top it all, the entry is absolutely free with some really good cocktails to freshen your mood at the trendy bar space inside the plaza.

Location: Rio de Janeiro

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2.Amambay Hotel and Casino


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Amambay is a hotel chain that provides luxury casino services and of those resort chains that offer unparalleled hospitality and services to the guests including casino services. Get the most unique casino experience while in Brazil with a combination of a cozy atmosphere, comfort and elegance at Amambay Hotel and Casino. A perfect place for fun and leisure, you can try your luck at the casino here and enjoy a pleasurable time that you deserve.

Location: Ponta Pora

3.Hippodrome de Cidade Jardim


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Let us take a look at another race course in Brazil that you can go to bet for your favorite racing team. Hipódromo de Cidade Jordan is a racing plaza in Brazil and probably one of the largest. It has four closed back lanes with two available for official races and two for training the horses. The racing takes place on Saturdays and Mondays. If you happen to visit Sao Paulo you can visit this Jockey Club and try your luck at horse race betting and earn some quick cash.

Location: Sao Paulo

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4.Hipodromo de Cristal

Hipodromo de Cristal

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This can definitely be considered as one of the most important racing centers in entire Brazil. The remarkable architecture of this place will take you by surprise. The race course is very well maintained with multiple back lanes for racing. You can find horses of many different breeds of horses. The racing takes place on Thursdays when you can place your bets on your favorite racing horse. Hipodromo de Cristal is an ideal place for betting and winning big money. Visit this place and you will definitely enjoy an exciting time.

Location: Rio de Janeiro

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5.Hipodromo de Taruma


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Brazilians are definitely big on horse race betting and the many race track gambling are examples of it. Hippodrome de Taruma is yet another racing plaza with two dirt race tracks with one meant for official races and the other for galloping. The racing generally takes place on Fridays and you can hop in on a weekend to try your luck at some betting experience.
Hipodromo de Taruma offers a flutter of challenging betting experience as the horses gallop along the track and you become witness to this exciting experience.

Location: Curitiba

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6.The Grand Casino Iguazu & Resort Spa

The Grand Casino Iguazu & Resort Spa

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The Grand Casino Iguazu & Resort Spa is a beautiful resort full of various activities including the casino that the people can take part in. the resort is furnished with cozy rooms and suites along with restaurant, lounges and swimming pools.
The establishment offers 40 casino tables with various exciting game options like Black Jack, Roulette, Poker, Texas Hold’em, Dice and Baccarat in a stylish and sophisticated ambiance. Also if you are a lover of slot machine games 220 slot machines are available for your entertainment.

Location: Near Sao Paulo, Brazil

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Based in Sao Paulo, Cassinera is a Brazilian company that has generated the idea of a casino party where they set up real casinos at any event to entertain the guests. The tables are operated by their personal dealers who are professional experts in the games they offer with an assortment of customized chips for you along with many other accessories.Cassinera can definitely turn your event into a fun and entertaining one with their house full of casino services and entertainment that they have to offer.

Location: Sao Paulo

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So do you have the guts to try your luck in the gambling game in Brazil? If, your heart says yes then don’t wait and get ready to be indulged into this game of luck while you customize your Brazil vacation TravelTriangle !

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