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Castles symbolized the power of a lord of a land during old times, slowly some evolved into administrative buildings while others dissolved into ruins. Castles are mostly associated with Britain and when thinking about them Boston isn’t exactly the place which comes to mind. But there are numerous noteworthy castles in Boston which are still standing and might interest you!

9 Best Castles In Boston

If you are on a vacation with family and want to discover castles in Boston then here’s a list of top 10 ones which are full of old world charm and grandeur while also surviving in the current century.

1. The Castle

The Castle

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If you are on the lookout for castles in Massachusetts, Boston for weddings then this is it. Located conveniently in Back Bay on Arlington Street, one of the city’s historic neighborhoods which are also where Boston’s largest hotels are situated. The ceiling height is expansive and there are various rigging points which will allow one to put up the necessary audio, lighting to décor. The place has a historic feel while also keeping a blank slate for its guests to dress it up as they like.

Location: 130 Columbus Avenue, Boston, MA 02116
Entry Fee: The rental fee per event is $11,500 for an empty and clean venue. The price is $5,500 each for any setup days outside of the actual event day.

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2. The Boston University Castle

The Boston University Castle

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Out of all the castles in Boston, this is a famous one. This mansion, which is styled as a Tudor Revival and owned by the Boston University. The school uses it for concerts and receptions, but they do rent it out for special occasions and events too. There is the BU pub in the basement of the BU Castle, which is a must visit. It serves amazing sandwiches and drinks. But one needs to be either a faculty member, a student or an invited guest to get in. So make sure you know someone there.

Location: 225 Bay State Rd, Boston, MA 02215, USA

3. Fort Independence


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This granite bastion mansion once provided defenses for Boston. Situated on Castle Island, the fort is listed as one amongst the oldest fortified sites belonging to English origin in the country. It was first constructed in 1634 but was replaced in 1692 with a much better fortification called ‘Castle William’. The existing structure which stands now was made between the years 1833-1851. There is a persistent myth which surrounds the fort- that it is the inspiration behind a popular Edgard Allan Poe work”The Cask of Amontillado”.

Location: 2010 William J Day Blvd, Boston, MA 02127
Timings: Hours vary by day.
Entry Fee: Varies

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4. Castle Hill


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It is a castle near Boston that sits on a hill which is 165 acres and is surrounded by salt marsh and sea. Both of it forms a part of the Crane Estate which is 2,100 acres large. The estate houses the Castle Hill, beautiful landscapes like ornate terraced gardens- Italian and Rose ones; a gorgeous grass mall. There are also 21 outbuildings which overlook the Ipswich Bay. The castle is built in a Tudor style by architect David Adler. The place was declared in 1998 as a National Historic Landmark.

Location: 290 Argilla Rd, Ipswich, MA 01938, USA
Timings: 8 am to 4 pm
Entry Fee: $15 per car, $5 per motorcycle, $2 per bicycle

5. Bancroft Tower Castle

Tower Castle

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This Castle near Boston was constructed in 1900 in honor of George Bancroft, who went on to become the Secretary of the US Navy and the founded the US Naval Academy in 1845. It was made by Stephen Salisbury III. The tower is a towering 56 feet tall and has a place in the National Register of Historic Places. It was listed in 1980

Location: Bancroft Tower road in Salisbury Park, Worcester, Massachusetts.
Timings: 7 am to 7 pm

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6. Hammond Castle

inside view of castle

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Hammond castle was built in the years 1926-1929 by an inventor called John Hays Hammond Jr who was mentored by two geniuses of the times- Alexander Graham Bell and Thomas Edison. Hammond’s father was a wealthy man and had amassed his wealth from the African mines of Cecil Rhodes. Once it served as Hammond Jr’s laboratory and house, but now it is open for public visitation and goes by the name of Hammond Castle Museum. It houses collections of his Renaissance, Medieval and Roman Artifacts.

Location: 80 Hesperus Avenue, Gloucester, Massachusetts.

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7. Herreshoff Castle

 view of castle

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It was known as Castle Brattahlid originally since artist Waldo Ballard and his wife was the one who built the castle during the 1920s. Their idea was to recreate the Eric the Red’s castle, belonging to the Viking settlement of Brattahlid in Greenland. The name change came when the Ballard’s sold it off to L. Francis Herreshoff in the year 1945. Today, it serves as a bed and breakfast hotel in the area of Marblehead.

Location: 2 Crocker Park, Marblehead, Massachusetts.
Timings: Not sure
Entry Fee: $200 per night with a minimum stay of two nights.

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8. Searles Castle

Searles Castle

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Built by a widow of railroad millionaire tycoon Mark Hopkins, Mary Hopkins. She married the interior designer of the castle Edward Francis Searles in the early 1890s. He was 20 years younger than her. From that time, Searles Castle served as a private girls school, conference center as well as the John Dewey Academy for troubled teens. It will probably be open for public use during special occasions till it gets sold.

Location: 21 Searles Rd, Windham, NH 03087, USA

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9. Winnekenni Castle


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Built-in 1875 by Dr. James R. Nichols, the Winnekenni Castle was a summer home for the enjoyment of his family. It was then sold off in 1895 to the city of Haverhill. Currently, it is a public park where the castle houses play, concerts, workshops, fundraisers, Halloween parties and many more special occasions.
Also, the Ice castles in Boston are a regular feature in winters. With walls that reach from 20 to 30 feet, these ice castles feature new sculptures like frozen Thrones, slides, tunnels, archways and such every year and draw a lot of crowds.

Location: 347 Kenoza Avenue in Haverhill, Massachusetts

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The castles in Boston have maintained their stately aura while also catering to the public for their needs and uses. The castles stand tall and will continue to do so for many more years to come no matter how many hands it changes. So, plan a Boston holiday right now and be mesmerized by the grandeur of these castles!

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