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The melting pot of cultures and great architecture and capital of liberal artistic minds, Kolkata is a must visit for those who want to cross cultural boundaries. The city, previously called Calcutta, gets most of its beauty from its colonial days still preserved. The city has stood the test of time and continues to spearhead arts in the country even today. From art galleries to churches in Kolkata, there’s no dearth of interesting sites in the city. Kolkata was once the capital city of the British-ruled India and the English essence can still be felt in the bustling town. The railway station, street-tram, and marketplaces depict the vast culture of the city.

10 Churches In Kolkata

All the churches in the city are a seamless blend of art and spirituality. The people of the city and devotees of the church have always taken a special interest to preserve the beauty of these wonderful structures. Here are some of the top recommendations.

  • St John’s Church
  • St. Paul’s Cathedral
  • Church Of Christ The King
  • St. Mary’s Church
  • Armenian Church Of Kolkata
  • Carey Baptist Church
  • St. Andrew’s Church
  • Lord Jesus Church
  • St. James’ Church
  • Wesleyan Church

1. St John’s Church

St John’s Church

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If you are looking to church hop in Kolkata, this is one of the oldest ones and a famous church in Kolkata. The church of St. John’s is a marvelous wonder both physically and spiritually. Set up in the year 1787, the church has a beautiful exterior and bold interiors. Even for those who are not looking for a spiritual look, the beautiful pillars, and spirals are sure to grab your attention.

The church has bright yellow walls and a tall brick tower in the center. The might hall inside is awe-inspiring with its high ceiling and wall paintings. The church still has a regular mass week after week, which has been described as a peaceful experience. If you are in Kolkata around the time of Christmas then here is where you should be. The celebrations here are sure to uplift your spirit and fill your mind with joy.

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2. St. Paul’s Cathedral

St. Paul’s Cathedral

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One of the most visited churches in Kolkata, this Anglican church has been a landmark in the landscape of Kolkata for many generations. The complex breathtaking architecture of the church seems like an out of fantasy movie. Apart from the royal looking pillars, there is a stunning clock tower, the outside of the church has manicured gardens and well-kept hedges that accentuate the beauty of the structure.

On the inside, the church feels like a warm and holy place with much calm and quiet. The church was set up as easy as 1839 and started to function in 1847. This is one of the biggest cathedrals in the city and thus making it a must-see sight when in town.

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3. Church Of Christ The King


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Places in the Park Street Area of Kolkata, this church is very accessible both by road and use of the public transport system of Kolkata. The peaceful interior of the church makes it hard to stay away from. This cozy church has a statue of Mother Mary in the first of the church, decorated around a great stone art. This is also one of the largest churches in Kolkata.

During the times of festivals or auspicious gatherings, the church is lit in bright lights making it look more beautiful than it already is. The inside hall is long and can hold a gathering of more than five-hundred people. If you have the time, you must attend a mass here that happens in all languages at different times of the week. Make sure to check the time of the mass, that usually happens in the evening, one other time of the days there is no entry allowed inside.

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4. St. Mary’s Church


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One of the simple and cozy churches in Kolkata has its own simple and subtle beauty. As you walk into this church, peace of mind will follow you in. They have a very pleasant exterior and the inside hall has low floor seating. The design of the church has a colonial influence with a hint of Indian architecture.

The inside of the church has been described by the youth as the ideal place to go to when you need to sit down and gather your thoughts or let the spiritually deep in. There is a tall tower in the front of the church with stunning design along its side. There is a clock atop this tower that seamlessly blends with the structure.

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5. Armenian Church Of Kolkata


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This is one of the churches in Kolkata that has been highly admired by the local population. The church is located near the Howrah Bridge, which also draws the attention of many travelers. The church was built in the 18th century and is considered as one of the iconic buildings of the old Kolkata cityscape. There is a stunning marble decoration on the inside of the church.

The altar of the church has three paintings that enhance the decor of the church. One the courtyard of the church one can also witness an ancient Persian bath called a `Hamam”. The church can be easily reached using public transport, which allows you to see the rustic side of the city too.

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6. Carey Baptist Church


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For the Christian community of Kolaka, this church is very close to home. The church has mighty-high walls that stand tall behind its enclosure gate. The simple design does not take away from the fact that the church looks stunning when the lights come on. The inside of the church is warm and simple too.

There are traditional wooden benches with very little pomp and show involved. The church was set up in the year 1880 and has been a hub for preaching in the city ever since. Some say that William Carey, the revenant who set up the church, himself spent the time to translate the Bible into Bengali to help spread the message.

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7. St. Andrew’s Church

St. Andrew's Church

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One of the other churches in Kolkata has this superior colonial architecture. Situated in the Barabazar area of Kolkata, it is easy to access and making it a must-see church for those visiting the city. During the time of Christmas, the church looks stunning standing tall in the middle of the city. The church is very well kept and maintained impeccably by the followers and the management alike.

It has tall pillars in the front of the church porch, giving it a royal look. This is one of those structures that has been part of every cityscape photo taken of the city for many generations to come. The church can also be added to your itinerary if you are planning to see the city by foot.

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8. Lord Jesus Church

Lord Jesus Church

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A centrally located church that serves as a Parish Church and embraces the catholic faith. The church has masses in both English and the regional language of Bengali. The Sunday mass is a great attraction to all people in the city. A surreal mass followed by a flawless choice is a great way to end the week and kickstart your day off.

The church has been through a round of renovations and most of the old beauty is conserved. Back when the church was established it was a Church of the Scotland Presbyterian, but over time it has been moved to the hands of the Jesuits. There is also a mighty hall that can seat many guests making the mass a comfortable and memorable experience.

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9. St. James’ Church

St. James' Church

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This is another one of the stunning churches in Kolkata, the inside of the church will make you want to sit there for hours. During the mass, the inside of the hall is only lit by the light glow of many candles and space is filled with endless spiritual energy. The tall pillars and balconies that look into the hall set the church apart from any other in the city.

On the outside, the building cannot go unnoticed. The combination of clean colonial design and the well-maintained gardens is a wonderful sight. The use of the red-tile roof and the cream colors of the walls is a seamless blend to create a stunning look.

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10. Wesleyan Church

Wesleyan Church

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The bright red walls of the church make it one that draws you towards it. Been there for more than 75 years now, this church has brought peace to the minds of many of its followers. The round window on the upper arch makes the church look very different from the rest in the city.

The church has distinct glass-painting windows that shimmer when the sunlight flows through it. Although not a popular church in the city, it has been well-kept and closes the hearts of the people who come here. They are a simple and humble church with an exploding sense of community.

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The above-listed churches in Kolkata will give you a vivid glimpse into the cultural, religious, and spiritual essence of the city. Every church reflects the vast historical and mythological significance and their architectural brilliance is worth witnessing. Add most of them to your itinerary for a fulfilling Kolkata trip.

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