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Kolkata has some charming and blissful places nearby that are beautiful and perfect for a short & sweet honeymoon. From shimmering seas and river deltas to exhilarating forests and wildlife, the list of the best honeymoon places near Kolkata has it all.

Have a quick glance at some of the spectacular honeymoon places near Kolkata.

Top 13 Honeymoon Places Near Kolkata

Take a look at the best places near Kolkata where you can head to with your loved one and spend your honeymoon in the natural setting. 

  • Mandarmani: Romantic Fishing Village
  • Bakkhali: Amidst Scenic Surroundings
  • Digha: Idyllic Destination For Revitalising & Rejoicing
  • Raichak: Riverside Romance
  • Sundarbans: Wildlife, Nature, & Romance
  • Shantiniketan: The Colorful Heritage
  • Ajodhya Hills: The Most Scenic Place
  • Mukutmanipur: Ideal Place For A Getaway
  • Bishnupur: Picture-Perfect Place
  • Bardhaman: An Ideal Place To Unwind
  • Chandipur: A Serene Escape
  • Shankarpur: Perfect Sunsets
  • Nabadwip: The Varanasi Of Bengal

1. Mandarmani: Romantic Fishing Village

A shot of a fishing boat in Mandarmani Sea Beach

Image Source

A long beach, situated in the Midnapore district, is one of the most popular honeymoon places near Kolkata. This is the longest motorable beach in West Bengal and is known for fantastic sunset views, fishermen boats, and red crabs.

Distance from Kolkata: 171 km

For that ultimate romantic experience: Enjoy a photogenic sunset, take a romantic walk along the long sandy shore, or savor the sumptuous seafood in local shacks. You can also go for fishing trips with your beloved.

Best time to visit: October to February

How to reach: A drive from Kolkata via Kolaghat takes about 4 hours. 

Places to stay: Sana Beach Resort, Hotel Sonar Bangla, and Candlewood Park Beach Resort & Spa are the best places to stay in Mandarmani.

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2. Bakkhali: Amidst Scenic Surroundings

The many views of the Bakkhali beach near Kolkata

Located on the south western tip of Sundarbans, Bakkhali is one of the pristine and tranquil romantic places near Kolkata. The serene surroundings and the astounding deltaic landscape delight the newly married couples. Bakkhali – the abode of red beaked seagull – is known for its sparkling white sand beach and shimmering water nearing the delta region.

Distance from Kolkata: 125 km

For that ultimate romantic experience: Spend some cozy private time at Henry Island & Jammu Dwip and take long beach walks while holding each other’s hand.

Best time to visit: October to March

How to reach: This destination can be reached easily by road and as well as by train. The road journey takes about 4 hours 15 minutes. The nearest railhead is at Namkhana, 25 km from Bakkhali.

Places to stay: Hotel Amarabati and Icon Heritage are the best stay options in Bakkhali.

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3. Digha: Idyllic Destination For Revitalising & Rejoicing


Digha is the most popular places near Kolkata for honeymoon. This beach town is easily accessible from the metro and offers ample joy and excitement to all. Newly married couples residing in Kolkata and nearby places have made it immensely popular.

Distance from Kolkata: 195 km

For that ultimate romantic experience: Go beach hopping with your beloved, especially in Mandarmani & Talsaro, walk up to Mohona hand-in-hand, and sun bathe on the beaches.

Best time to visit: September to March

How to reach: Digha has its own railway station. It takes 4 hours by both bus and train from Kolkata.

Places to stay: Hotel Dolphin, Sea Hawk, and Hotel Coral are some of the stay options in Digha.

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4. Raichak: Riverside Romance

Romantic Place

Image Source

Located by the banks of Bhagirathi Hooghly, Raichak is a small and quaint riverfront town. The glamorous and stunning resort, built in the vintage fort has made it one of the ideal honeymoon places near Kolkata. The surrounding serenity created by the river and adjacent mangrove forests enhance the romance element manifold.

Distance from Kolkata: 52 km

For that ultimate romantic experience: Take a cozy ferry ride, watch sunset together, or enjoy a refreshing drink at the pub of Fort Raichak.

Best time to visit: October to March

How to reach: A drive for 2 hours and 15 minutes takes you from Kolkata to Raichak. Thereafter, couples can take a 15-minute ferry ride from the Raichak Ferry Ghat to the majestic Ffort Resort.

Places to stay: Ffort Raichak and Ganga Kutir are the best places to stay in Raichak.

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5. Sundarbans: Wildlife, Nature, & Romance


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Sundarban, one of the most exhilarating places for honeymoon near Kolkata, is known for the largest delta and the largest mangrove forests. The place offers spine-chilling experience of spotting varied wildlife including the Royal Bengal Tigers, thereby making the romantic trip thrilling and exciting.

Distance from Kolkata: 109 km

For that ultimate romantic experience: Enjoy the wildlife from Sajnekhali watch tower

Best time to visit: October to March

How to reach: Canning, 57 km from Sundarban, is the nearest rail connect. From Kolkata one can drive up to Canning, Sonakhali, & Namkhana, and then avail waterways to reach Sundarban.

Places to stay: On their Sundarban trip, people stay in steamers and boats overnight. Trust us! It’s too electrifying!

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6. Shantiniketan: The Colorful Heritage


Image Source

Shantiniketan is one of the beautiful honeymoon destinations around Kolkata, popular for its peaceful surroundings, heritage rich buildings, and cultural sites. From fascinating art galleries to awesome retail therapies, the place has it all to delight couples who have tied the knot recently.

Distance from Kolkata: 165 km

For that ultimate romantic experience: Visit the museums and art galleries together. Visit the place during Poush Mela (end of December) or Basanta Utsav (Holi) to feel the vibrancy of the place with your beloved. Do not miss to pick some dokra showpieces & ornaments and some Kantha work sarees & dresses for your better half.

Best time to visit: August to April

How to reach: Bolpur is the nearest station which is 3 km from Shantiniketan. From Kolkata it takes about 4 hours by road.

Places to stay: Camellia Hotel & Resort, Country Roads, and Hotel Royal Bengal are the best hotels in Shantiniketan. There are plenty of homestays as well that offer perfect romantic ambience for the newly married.

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7. Ajodhya Hills: The Most Scenic Place

visit Ajodhya Hills near kolkata

Although less famous among travelers, Ajodhya Hills has proved to be one of the best honeymoon places near Kolkata that one can head to. Situated in the Purulia District, this place is a hidden paradise where you can see streams flowing in all directions and merging into a big one. If you are the kind of couple who likes to explore the adventurous side of a place then you must head to the Ajodhya Hills and try rock climbing and mountaineering, apart from visiting the nearby attractions.

Distance from Kolkata: 325 km

For that ultimate romantic experience: Explore the hills either early in the morning or in the evening to get some beautiful pictures.

Best time to visit: September to March

How to reach: Take a train from Howrah station to Adra and from there board a bus to Ragunathpur which will ultimately take you to Ajodhya Hills.

Places to stay: Akash Hilltop Resort and Kushal Palli By Peartree are the two amazing abodes that you must try here.

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8. Mukutmanipur: Perfect Place For A Getaway


Mukutmanipur is the place where nature unfolds its true beauty and you get to see some amazing views that you might not be able to behold anywhere else near Kolkata. There is no dearth of places to visit, nature parks, temples, and things to do here so one can never get bored of this quaint place. Due to this, Mukutmanipur is counted among the best honeymoon places near Kolkata. This place gives a chance to unwind amidst nature and spend some quality time with each other.

Distance from Kolkata: 263 km

For that ultimate romantic experience: Take the ferry ride and spend some romatic time with your loved one.

Best time to visit: October to March

How to reach: Take a train from Howrah to Bankura from where you will have to hire a taxi as Mukutmanipur is 52 kilometers away from Bankura station.

Places to stay: Rimil Lodge and Peerless Resort are the two best options for stay.

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9. Bishnupur: Picture-Perfect Place


Another top honeymoon place near that you will find near Kolkata is Bishnupur where you can spend some private time with your spouse and whisper sweet nothings to each other. Make sure that you explore the top tourist places with your partner and capture some Insta-worthy pictures. The tourist spots here are the reminiscence of the Malla Dynasty. Besides this, make sure that you buy the traditional Baluchari sarees as it is counted among the famous things to buy here.

Distance from Kolkata: 138 km

For that ultimate romantic experience: Explore the terracotta temples and click pictures to capture the moment forever.

Best time to visit: October to December

How to reach: You can either hire a taxi and reach the destination in 3 hours or you can book a seat on the Howrah Express.

Places to stay: Bishnupur Tourist Lodge, Hotel Annapurna, and Monalisa Lodge are some of the most preferred places to stay here.

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10. Bardhaman: An Ideal Place To Unwind


Image Source

A few hours drive from Kolkata, Bardhaman is a small Bengali town that is famous for its old-world charm and rich culture. After a busy week, Bardhaman is exactly the place where you would want to be to unwind and relax in the lap of nature. This place gives a chance to talk with your partner in solitude as it is away from the hustle-bustle of city life. So, if you have been looking for a quaint retreat near Kolkata for honeymoon then you know where to go.

Distance from Kolkata: 102 km

For that ultimate romantic experience: Relish local dishes and enjoy the beautiful sunset together.

Best time to visit: October to March

How to reach: You can take a local train from Howrah to Bardhaman which only takes 2 hours to cover the distance.

Places to stay: Monohar Inn, Sinclairs Tourist Resort, and Bless Inn Hotel are some of the ideal stays here.

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11. Chandipur: A Serene Escape


Image Credits: Surjapolleywiki for Wikimedia Commons

While Chandipur might not be in Kolkata per se, but it is one of the honeymoon destinations that is covered as a part of the entire West Bengal tour. This destination has tranquility and serenity spread all over and is hence, a popular choice for those in search of a quick getaway. There is plenty to do in this destination like bird-watching, swimming, etc., and that is exactly why it is visited by many. The sounds of birds chirping, the nodding trees, and the pristine waters combine to offer the experience hidden in this destination.

Distance from Kolkata: 255 Kms

For that ultimate romantic experience: Stroll by the beach, meet the wildlife in various sanctuaries, capture beautiful memories, swim in the beaches, spectate various birds

Best time to visit: October to March

How to reach: Chandipur is a sea resort and is well-connected to Kolkata by railways and roadways.

Places to stay: Arpita Beach Resort, International Tourism Resort, Nocci Residency, Pantha Nivas

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12. Shankarpur: Perfect Sunsets


Image Credits: piqsels

Shankarpur is another one of the beach towns that is a popular destination in that region of the country. The peace that one can find here is something truly unmatchable. Kolkata is considered as one of the packed and hottest destinations in the country and Shankarpur is just the perfect escape after your wedding. The perfect sunsets, exciting sounds, the scenic views of the landscape, and the brilliant surroundings make this town most idyllic.

Distance from Kolkata: 174 Kms

For that ultimate romantic experience: Stroll by the beach, capture beautiful memories, relax on the sand, witness the sunset

Best time to visit: All year long

How to reach: The nearest railway station to Shankarpur is Digha.

Places to stay: Hotel Seagull, A1 Resort, Hotel Nest Shankarpur, Krishti Resort, Taj Villa Resort

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13. Nabadwip: The Varanasi Of Bengal


Image Credits: Joydeep for Wikimedia Commons

Considered as one of the religious nine islands of the West Bengal, Nabadwip is a destination located at the confluence of rivers Bhagirathi and Jalangi. This destination has tonnes and tonnes of temples covering its floors. Also named as the Varanasi of Bengal, this destination is a popular holiday escape for couples seeking God’s blessings before starting their journey together. A perfect blend of nature and God, this destination is truly paradisiacal.

Distance from Kolkata: 121 Kms

For that ultimate romantic experience: Visit the temples, pray for your life journey together, click several photos, marvel at the beauty of temple architectures

Best time to visit: October to March

How to reach: There are trains leaving Howrah and which pass through Nabadwip Dham, every hour and a half.

Places to stay: Shri Hari Guest House, Hotel Haveli, Chupi Kasthashali Pakhiralay

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Worry not newly-weds from Kolkata. This list will help you to pick from some amazing honeymoon destination In India for your long-awaited holiday. All of these honeymoon places in Kolkata surely have some of the best experiences hidden in their lap. Do mark your favorites!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Honeymoon Places Near Kolkata

Which is the most beautiful place in Kolkata?

Howrah Bridge, Indian Museum, Victoria Memorial, Jaldapara Wildlife Sanctuary and Birla temple are a few of the most beautiful places to visit in Kolkata.

What should I not miss in Kolkata?

There is a long list of places that should not miss in Kolkata. However, the top five places on the list are the Newmarket, The Kalighat Temple, College Street, Chinatown, and Nizams.

Where can I go at night in Kolkata?

Some of the most exciting things that you can do in Kolkata in the night are taking a late-night heritage tour, enjoy the beautiful view from the Howrah Bridge, Go on a long drive to Vidyasagar Setu, go pub hopping or explore the local street food of Kolkata.

What is Kolkata’s famous food?

Luchi and Alu Dom are one of the most famous foods of Kolkata. Luchi is quite similar to what we commonly known as puris and Alu Dom is the Bengali version of Aloo Dum.

Is Kolkata safe for couples?

Yes. Kolkata is absolutely safe for couples. However, it would be advisable not to visit secluded places very late at night.

Is food allowed in Victoria Memorial?

You may not be allowed to take food items inside the museum. You can only carry food items till the park, before you enter the museum.

What is Kolkata famous for?

Kolkata is majorly famous for its grand celebration of Durga Puja. Apart from that, Kolkata has the famous Howrah Bridge and several other monuments, that gets this place a lot of tourist attention.

Is Kolkata expensive?

Kolkata is considered to be quite expensive for night outs. For daily living, it is considered as quite inexpensive.

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