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Nestled along the ethereal shores of the Bosphorus, the Ciragan Palace Kempinski stands as a regal testament to Istanbul’s rich history and cultural heritage. This former Ottoman palace, meticulously restored to its former glory, is now a hotel equipped with modern amenities. From the intricate architectural marvels to the flawless service, every facet whispers elegance, creating an indelible experience for you. Prepare to be enchanted by the grandeur of this iconic landmark, a true masterpiece in the heart of Istanbul.

About Ciragan Palace Kempinski

Majestic view of Ciragan Palace Kempinski Istanbul

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Cıragan Palace Kempinski is a remarkable five-star luxury hotel and a historical landmark in Istanbul. Nestled on the European shore of the Bosphorus, it offers a resort-like atmosphere within the city. It features 317 rooms, event spaces for all occasions, and a selection of fine-dining restaurants and bars. The hotel’s amenities, including a spa and an infinity pool, ensure a stay of unparalleled luxury infused with the charm of Ottoman sophistication.

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Ciragan Palace Kempinski History

Experience the hospitality at the Ciragan Palace Kempinski Istanbul

Image Credit: Ernmuhl for Wikimedia Commons

The Çırağan Palace Kempinski in Istanbul boasts a rich history and captivating architecture. Commissioned by Sultan Abdulaziz in the mid-19th century, it replaced the old Çırağan Palace. The construction was designed by the Armenian architect Nigoğayos Balyan between 1863 and 1867. Unlike previous sultans who inherited palaces, Sultan Abdulaziz chose to build his own, making Cıragan Palace the last example of this tradition. The palace featured wooden inner walls, colourful marble outer walls, and a bridge connecting it to Yıldız Palace.

Tragedy struck when Sultan Abdulaziz was found dead inside in 1876, and his successor, Sultan Murad V, reigned briefly before being deposed. The palace served as a venue for the Ottoman Parliament during the Second Constitutional Monarchy. Unfortunately, a fire in 1910 destroyed much of the palace, leaving only the outer walls intact. In 1987, a Japanese corporation restored the palace, which now houses luxury suites for the five-star Kempinski Hotel. Adjacent to the palace, a modern hotel complex was built in the garden. The recent renovation has restored the palace to its authentic baroque style, offering guests a unique blend of history and comfort.

Top Rooms And Suits Available At Ciragan Palace Kempinski

Ciragan Palace Kempinski Istanbul, the only Ottoman imperial palace hotel on the Bosphorus, offers a luxurious array of rooms and suites. Some of them are:

1. Rooms

A Luxurious stay at one of the lavish rooms of Ciragan Palace Kempinski.

Image Credit: Gryffindor for Wikimedia Commons

The palace boasts types of rooms. This includes the Grand Deluxe Cıragan Bosphorus view room, Deluxe Cıragan Bosphorus view room, Cıragan Bosphorus view room, Lilium garden. Yildiz room. These rooms differ in size and the view. It is as follows:

Room Name Room Size Room View
Grand Deluxe Cıragan Bosphorus View Room 50 m² (538 ft²) Bosphorus View
Deluxe Cıragan Bosphorus View Room 66 m² (710 ft²) 90-degree Bosphorus View
Cıragan Bosphorus View Room 34 m² (365 ft²) 45-degree Bosphorus View.
Lilium Garden 55 m² (592 ft²) Yıldız Park (Garden View)
Yildiz Room 32 m² (344 ft²) Lilium Garden (Garden View)

Guests can select from a king-sized bed or two twin beds, making the rooms ideal for romantic getaways and solo voyages. A suite of modern amenities awaits guests, including a bathroom with Hamman, a smart TV, a balcony for breathtaking views, and facilities for coffee and tea to start the morning right. Security and convenience are paramount, including a safe and a minibar. The rooms can also be fitted with a baby bed upon request, ensuring comfort for families with a little one in tow.

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2. Hotel Suites

Relax and unwind in yourself at the luxurious suite at the Cıragan Palace Kempinski

Image Credit: Pexels

The Cıragan Palace Kempinski in Istanbul offers 8 types of suites, which differ in size, view bed type and the number of guests that can stay. The table depicting the same is as follows:

Suite Name Room Size No. of Guests Bed Type Room View
Royal Ottoman Suite 156 m² (1679 ft²) 5 1 King or 2 Twin Bosphorus View
Pasha Suite 156 m² (1679 ft²) 5 1 King or 2 Twin Bosphorus View
Vali Suite 72 m² (775 ft²) 3 1 King Bosphorus View
Vezir Suite 72 m² (775 ft²) 3 1 King Bosphorus View
Haseki Sultan Suite 100 m² (1076 ft²) 3 1 King Bosphorus View
Bosphorus Executive Suite 66 m² (710 ft²) 3 1 king Bosphorus View
Executive Suite 54 m² (581 ft²) 3 1 King Bosphorus View
Deluxe Garden Suite 111 m² (1194 ft²) 4 1 King Garden View

The Royal Ottman and Pasha suite has two bedrooms, an onyx marble bathroom with a hammam, a steam room, three balconies, 24-hour butler service, and a living and dining room. The Vali and Vezir suites comprise one bedroom, two balconies, a royal living room, a library, a writing desk, a canopy bed, and an additional 24-hour butler service for the first one. The Hzeki Sultan suite, the Bosphorus Executive suite, and the Executive suite have 1 balcony, lavish furniture, comfortable beds, and a Turkish bathroom with a hammam. The Deluxe Garden suite has an indoor sitting area and luxurious furniture. All the suites offer privacy and comfort with a wide range of modern amenities like a lounge area, air conditioner, smart TV, and more.

3. Palace Suites

A modern comfort and historical feel in these palace suites.

Image Credit: Manikanta1973 for Wikimedia Commons

The Cıragan Palace Kempinski Istanbul offers a regal experience with opulent rooms and suites that evoke the grandeur of the Ottoman era. Guests can enjoy the splendour of the palace suites, which provide a mix of historical elegance and modern comfort. Below It is as follows:

Suite Name Room Size No. of Guests Bed Type Room View
Sultan Suite 458 m² (4929 ft²) 4 2 King Bed Bosphorus View
Valide Sultan Suite 138 m² (1485 ft²) 5 2 King Beds Bosphorus View
Sehzade Suite 196 m² (2109 ft²) 7 1 King Bed, 2 Twin Beds Bosphorus View
Harem Suite 150 m² (1614 ft²) 5 1 King Bed, 1 Twin Bed Garden view
Palace Bosphorus Suite 86 m² (925 ft²) 3 1 King Bosphorus View
Palace Yildiz Suite 52 m² (559 ft²) 3 1 King Garden view

The Sultan Suite is one of the best suites in the world. It has a dining area for 12 people and luxurious chauffeur-driven service in the hotel’s 1974 model classy Rolls Royce Silver Shadow. The Valide Sultan Suite comprises 2 floors: 1 guest bathroom and kitchen on the entrance floor and 2 bedrooms on the upper floor with bathrooms.

The Sehzade Suite has a living room and guest bathroom on the entrance floor and 3 bedrooms on the upper floor. The Harem Suite and Palace Bosphorus Suite are duplex mansions for smaller families of 4 people. They comprise a guest room, kitchen, living room, and seating area on the entrance floor. The Palace Yildiz Suite is a duplex mansion comprising a guest bathroom on the entrance floor, a separate living room, and a private bathroom on the upper floor.

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Places To Dine And Drink At Ciragan Palace Kempinski

The Çırağan Palace Kempinski Istanbul offers a regal dining experience with various restaurants and bars catering to diverse palates and occasions. From the elegance of fine dining to the comfort of casual meals, each venue provides a unique atmosphere and exquisite culinary delights.

1. Tuğra Restaurant

Eat the tasty Turkish food at the Tugra Restaurant

Image Credit: Pexels

Recognised globally and recommended by the Michelin Guide, the restaurant is a celebrated fine dining establishment situated on the first floor of the historic Cıragan Palace. Led by the esteemed head chef Emre Inanır, the restaurant enchants diners with its ambience and a weekly Chef’s Tasting Menu that includes nine meticulously prepared Turkish and Ottoman courses, promising a comprehensive gastronomic exploration.

2. Le Fumoir

taste the preferred glass of cocktail on your next stay.

Image Credit: Ciragan Palace Kempinski Istanbul for Facebook

Le Fumoir is a stylish bar set amidst the palace. It is an idyllic retreat for enjoying sophisticated cocktails and a select range of top-shelf liquors and spirits. The bar also features an assortment of flavoured tobaccos presented in artisanal humidors, complemented by delectable snacks.

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3. Bellini

Savour delicious Italian food at Bellini

Image Credit: Sean Biehle (seamusiv) for Wikimedia Commons

Bellini specialises in Italian gastronomy and provides a regal view of the Bosphorus. Under the guidance of Sicilian chef Giovanni Vaccaro, Bellini excels in crafting authentic Italian fare, with a focus on homemade pasta and risottos made in a dedicated pasta room. The restaurant is also noted for its artisanal cocktails, including its signature homemade limoncello and classic Bellini and Negroni variations.

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Ciragan Palace Kempinski is a true marvel of Ottoman architecture and hospitality. With its magnificent furnishings and spectacular views of the Bosphorus Strait, this luxury hotel offers an unparalleled experience. Whether you’re seeking a romantic getaway or a lavish retreat, Ciragan Palace Kempinski promises to leave you with unforgettable memories. Don’t just dream about it – book your trip to Turkey today and immerse yourself in this vibrant city’s rich cultural heritage and natural beauty. Discover hidden gems, savour mouthwatering cuisine, and make wonderful memories that will stay with you forever.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Ciragan Palace Kempinski

What is Kempinski known for?

Kempinski Hotels is renowned for its status as the oldest luxury hotel group in Europe, established in 1897 in Berlin. With its headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland, Kempinski is synonymous with distinctive luxury, managing 77 five-star hotels and residences across 35 countries.

How many rooms are there in Ciragen Palace Kempinski?

The Ciragen Palace Kempinski boasts a total of 317 luxurious rooms and suites that echo the grandeur of its Ottoman heritage.

When was Ciragen Palace built?

The illustrious Ciragen Palace saw its foundations laid in 1863 and completion four years later, in 1867, under the architectural vision of Nigoğayos Balyan, carried out by his progeny, Sarkis and Hagop Balyan.

What is Kempinski's full name?

The company's full name is Kempinski Hotels S.A., which has become emblematic of opulent hospitality.

Who is the CEO of Kempinski Hotel?

Bernold Schroeder is currently leading Kempinski Hotel's operations as the Chairman of the Management Board and interim CEO.

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