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    Classic Colombo In January

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    Colombo, the commercial capital is also the largest city in Sri Lanka. The population of the city of Colombo is around 5.6 million. The city has its roots back to the ancient history and the modern day Colombia represents a perfect amalgamation of past and present. The colonial buildings, museums, historical significance, all together make this city a perfect place to spend a holiday. A city of national heritage has a lot to offer to its tourists that will keep them entertained throughout the entire holiday.

    Weather Of Colombo In January

    Weather Of Colombo In January

    Image Source

    If you are planning your trip to Colombo in January, it is important that you are aware of Colombo weather January. All the other places in the world are generally very cold during the month of January, but Colombo is the only place where the temperature is humid in nature.

    There are times even in the month of January when the heat becomes uncomfortable, but the rainfall always compensates the weather. During the month of January, the average temperature of Colombo is around 27 degrees Centigrade. The temperature generally reaches at a maximum of 31 degrees centigrade and the lowest of 22 degrees centigrade. There is about 8 hours of sunshine every day in the month of January with a total of 62 MM rainfall in the entire month

    Places To Visit In Colombo

    There are a lot of places in and around the city of Colombo, which all tourists should definitely visit if they wish to explore the beauty and the essence of the city. Here we have listed down places to visit in January.

    1. Beira Lake

    Beira Lake

    Image Source

    Yes, the first place in the list is the lake and it is stunning in every aspect. Beira Lake serves as the major source of attraction for tourists all time a year. It also has a picnic spot that often stays crowded during weekends. The lake served as a mode of transportation for the goods from the city to the suburban cities in the earlier times, and the name it holds is Portuguese as well. The place is an ideal spot for the couples to roam around, especially in the evening when cool breeze take over the heat. One can also partake in different water activities like boating. The rich flora and fauna are also one of the reasons that keep tourists intrigued and you can spot many aquatic animals as well. Migratory birds add an additional charm to the lake. The most striking part of the lake is that it is located amongst the sky-touching building and serves as a sight of amusement.

    Location: 02 Colombo, Near Seea Malaka, Colombo
    Time: 24 hours, 7 days of the week

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    2. Viharamahadevi Park

    Viharamahadevi Park

    Image Source

    Constructed during the British rule, the park was earlier named as the Victoria Park and was later changed to the Viharamahadevi Park. It is the heart of the Colombi city and also the oldest park and the largest park in the entire country. The park has a lot of things to explore rather being just a park with a sitting area. There are gardens that are beautifully designed, picnic spots under the trees, children playing area, Columbo Public Library that consists the war memorial that can strike your interest area. There is also a suspension bridge made over a small water body and it adds an extra charm to the overall ambiance and decoration. On the main road, you can also shop from the vendors like the souvenirs or some gift items. This park has all that a tourist would perhaps want to like to explore on their trip to anywhere. It brings the best of the world at one single place.

    Location: Colombo, Sri Lanka
    Time: Monday to Sunday from 7 am to 6 pm

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    3. Gangaramaya Buddhist Temple

    Gangaramaya Buddhist Temple

    Image Source

    If you are visiting Sri Lanka and not visiting the Gangaramaya Buddhist Temple then your trip will be incomplete. This is a site of great significance for the followers of Buddha and this place is also the epitome of architectural brilliance. The design is the perfect blend of the Indian, Thai and the Chinese culture. The place is not only a temple but also a Museum and a library. It is one of the top attractions for tourists all across the world visiting Colombo.

    Location: 61 Sri Jinarathana Road, Colombo
    Time: Monday to Sunday- 8 am to 8 pm

    When it comes to doing the things in Colombo in January, then it is a must to know things in advance. January brings the festive mood along and there are a few more things that can be experienced best in this particular month.

    Things To Do In Colombo

    When it comes to doing the things in Colombo in January, then it is a must to know things in advance. January brings the festive mood along and there are a few more things that can be experienced best in this particular month.

    1. Be A Part Of Duruthu Perahera Festival

    Duruthu Perahera Festival

    Image Source

    A lot of festivals are celebrated in Colombo all year round, but during the month of January, Duruthu Perahera Festival is celebrated with grandeur. This festival takes place every year in the Kelaniya Temple to celebrate the first visit of Buddha to this island.

    For the first time, the festival was celebrated in the year 1927 and the tradition is still going on strong. It involves three processions that march around the whole capital city of Sri Lanka. This procession includes a lot of dancers and actors in it. There are carnival acts and elephant acts in the procession every year. Most of the people of Colombo dress up in white for this festival. Being a part of this celebration will add a great experience to your trip.

    Location: Kelaniya Raja Maha Vihara, Colombo

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    2. Explore The Historic Treasure At Colombo Museum

    Explore The Historic Treasure

    Image Source

    The Colombo Museum is a place which tourists should definitely visit for a lot of reasons. The Museum was built in the year 1877 and it has a lot of historic treasure in it. If someone is looking to know more about the countrys historic treasure, then this is the place where a lot of information could be figured out. The architecture of the museums imitates Italian architecture. One thing that tourists should keep in mind is that the Museum is closed every Friday, so they should plan acordingly to visit here.

    Location: Sir Marcus Fernando Mawatha, Colombo 00700, Sri Lanka

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    3. Taste Adventure At Dehiwala Zoo

    Taste Adventure At Dehiwala Zoo

    Image Source

    Dehiwala Zoo is another place that tourists should head to for experiencing adventure and wildlife of Sri Lanka. In the 1920s, it was started as a private business, but later on, the government purchased it and converted it into a zoological garden. It is the oldest zoo in Sri Lanka and is now a home for a lot of endangered species. At present, there are 65 species of birds, 72 species of mammals, 89 species of fish, 31 species of reptiles, 30 species of butterflies, and 3 species of amphibians. The elephant show is the main attraction of this place and it generally starts at 5 in the evening.

    Location: 120 Quarry Rd, Dehiwala-Mount Lavinia, Sri Lanka

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    What To Pack

    • Light clothes as the temperature of Colombo is mostly humid
    • Do carry sunscreen as you will have to explore places in the heat most of the times
    • Carry your essential documents like passports, Visas, identity verification
    • Do not carry enough cash all the time and try to be aware of the pickpockets
    • Carry your essential gadgets like mobile phones, power bank, earphones, cameras, chargers, and others
    • Pair of sunglasses to ditch the heat

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    Colombo is a place of beauty, history, modernity, all at the same time. Visitors can get a glimpse of the entire country in Colombo. With beautiful parks, great museums, and lakes to explore, the food and culture of the country will further fascinate you. So, plan a trip to colombo right away!

    Frequently Asked Questions About Colombo In January

    Q. Is Sri Lanka hot in January?

    A. glorious sunshine and low risk of rain, Sri Lanka has hot temperatures all day long, so make sure you pack plenty of sunscreen. … The higher central regions may have small amounts of rain, and cooler temperatures due to the altitude. Averages. In Colombo, the average daily temperature in January is 27ºC.

    Q. What is Sri Lanka like in January?

    A. Sri Lanka weather in January offers the ideal temperature conditions. January to March is the best time to visit as tourists can expect dry and sunny days with very little rain.

    Q. What can I do in Colombo?

    A. Here’s a list of top 8 things to do in Colombo:

    1. National Museum.
    2. Beautiful Colonial Buildings In The Fort Area.
    3. Gangaramaya Temple.
    4. Beira Lake.
    5. Independence Memorial Hall.
    6. Old Dutch Hospital.
    7. Wandering The Streets Of Pettah.
    8. Temple of Sri Kailawasanathan Swami Devasthanam Kovil.

    Q. Is Colombo worth visiting?

    A. Sri Lanka might be full of fascinating places to visit, but Colombo isn’t often listed as one of them. Even if you’re flying into the country for a short stopover, it’s faster and easier to stay in the beach town of Negombo rather than Colombo itself.

    Q. What is Colombo famous for?

    A. Historically, Colombo referred to the area around the Fort and Pettah Market which is famous for the variety of products available as well as the Khan Clock Tower, a local landmark.

    Q. Which is the best area to stay in Colombo?

    A. One of the best areas to stay in Colombo is the Kollupitiya neighbourhood.

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