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    The interiors of the Bamboo House in Bali

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    From Germany to the United States, and from Greece to Chile, Airbnb is taking the world by a storm. The San Francisco-based operation allows people to list rooms or apartments for rental. Yes, there are hostels across the world, but the coolness of these amazing Airbnb places are beyond anything anyone could imagine.

    Be it gondola cars in the Alps or beer barrels in Germany, bamboo house of Bali or island villa near Greece, the list goes on and on. Beginning with the unique structures and moving on to the most beautiful stays, here are a few of the coolest Airbnb places that you must stay at, at least once!

    1. Beer Barrel in Ostbevern, Germany

    The unique beer barrel stay at Ostbevern in Germany

    Image Source

    Perhaps the owners of Airbnb’s most popular Beer Barrel wanted to offer more to the beer capital of the world. They probably thought that the Oktoberfest in Germany wasn’t enough and handed the nation these cylindrical wooden boxes that smell like beer.

    Tariff: INR 6,500 per night onwards

    2. Mushroom Dome Cabin at Aptos in California, United States

    The exteriors of the Mushroom Dome Cabin in California

    Image Source

    The Mushroom Dome Cabin is one of the unique Airbnb places located in the middle of a forest. The guests can enjoy the nature, hang out on the deck, take a hike in the woods, watch the hummingbirds, pet the goats, go to the nearby beach, or gaze at the stars. And if the outsides don’t tempt you much, wait till you see the interiors. Scroll down.

    Tariff: INR 8,000 per night onwards

    The interiors of the Mushroom Dome Cabin in California

    Image Source

    3. Cube house in Rotterdam, Netherlands

    A view of the Cube house at Rotterdam in Netherlands from outside

    Image Source

    Before you ask, let me clarify that this is no space colony. It is very much a house on Earth, however bizarre and intriguing. The 3-storeyed architectural wonder has huge windows, including the ones on the top floor that offer 360° views of the Dutch city.

    Tariff: INR 10,300 per night onwards

    The interiors of the Cubehouse in Netherlands

    Image Source

    4. Ski Lift at Courchevel in Rhône-Alpes, France

    A Ski Lift in France that has been converted into one of the coolest Airbnb places

    Image Source

    Don’t know where Airbnb gets these ideas that are bizarre and scary, but totally cool! One of the newest additions in the coolest Airbnb places is this Courchevel ski resort in France that gives four guests a chance to spend the night in one of their cable cars at a height 2,738 metres above the sea level.

    The Gondola cable car that has been converted to a night stay option is perfect for the amazing views of the Alps until you look down or have the urge to go to the loo. Because this beauty comes without a washroom. Sadly!

    The interiors of the Ski Lift that was turned into an Airbnb stay

    Image Source

    5. Tile House in California, United States

    The famous Tile House in USA

    Image Source

    Alright, the structure is not as unique (or scary) as the ones mentioned above. But what puts this place on our list of the amazing Airbnb places is the mosaic made of Mexican tile, smalti, handmade Perry Hoffman ceramics, tile & fused glass, found desert tiles, found objects, stained glass, and ceramic bric-brac.

    The Tile House lies in the middle of a vast and open desert. Just relax in the outdoor hot tub under the starry skies and enjoy a perfect holiday with your family or special one in seclusion.

    Tip: Book a stay here in August or November to witness the meteor showers at night.

    Tariff: INR 12,000 per night onwards

    The lavish interiors of the Tile House in USA

    Image Source

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    6. ElquiDomos Astronomic hotel at Paiguano in Coquimbo, Chile

    The swimming pool and a tent room at the Astronomic Hotel in Chile

    Image Source

    There are only 7 astronomic hotels in the world. And this lone astronomic hotel from the Southern Hemisphere makes it way right onto our list of the most amazing Airbnb places. The unique combination of the geodesic domes and the luxury of stargazing from the bed sets it a class apart from the rest.

    Tariff: INR 13,100 per night onwards

    Many views of the interiors of the ElquiDomos Astronomic hotel in Chile

    7. Seashell House at Isla Mujeres, Mexico

    A beautiful snap of the swimming pool and the main building of the Seashell House at Isla Mujeres in Mexico

    Image Source

    The eccentric Disney-style home on Isla Mujeres – one of the most beautiful Caribbean islands – calls out to all the aspiring mermaids for a night stay. If you are looking for a 5-star property, minus the crowded pools and lobby area, then this dreamy house is perfect. Its private pool, BBQ, and myriad other amenities make it a perfect hideout and one of the most amazing Airbnb places.

    Tariff: INR 20,500 per night onwards

    The interiors of a room at the Seashell House in Mexico

    Image Source

    8. Sunrise ‘All-Bamboo’ House at Abiansemal in Bali, Indonesia

    The interiors of the Bamboo House in Bali

    Image Source

    One of the coolest Airbnb places, the Sunrise ‘All-Bamboo’ house in Bali offers a tranquil setting that allows the guests to sit back, relax, and enjoy the beauty of this marvel. The luxurious bamboo villas with distinctive blonde roofs are located on the edge of the sacred Ayung River gorge.

    Tariff: INR 22,400 per night onwards

    9. Aegean Island villa near Athens in Styra, Greece

    An evening shot of the swimming pool at the Aegean Island Villa near Athens in Greece

    Image Source

    This is not just a hotel room. It is your own private village. It is spacious, luxurious, and chic. Grand swimming pool, large terrace with uninterrupted views of the Aegean island, 2 al fresco dining areas, BBQ, tennis & basketball courts – the villa has everything. Not to mention the plush interiors.

    Also, the villa offers the dual advantage of being secluded and being located not very far from the International Airport. For those who can afford it, it is a perfect place for a destination wedding or a romantic honeymoon. So, why not plan a honeymoon in Greece?

    Tariff: INR 38,400 per night onwards

    A collage showing the various amenities at the Aegean Island Villa

    10. Central London Designer Canal Oasis in London, United Kingdom

    The designer Lila Houseboat in Central London

    Image Source

    The narrow canal boathouse is the next inclusion in our list of the best Airbnb places. This unique canal-cultured water-garden oasis lies in the heart of the cosmopolitan London. The stay also includes a private designer garden attached to the dock where the boat is permanently docked.

    Tariff: INR 45,600 per night onwards

    The sprawling private garden attached to the luxurious Lila houseboat in London

    Image Source

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