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Belgium is a dream city for travelers and if you are looking for any reason to visit this place you will get plenty. The town of Bruges is the main attraction of all and you might have heard of its picturesque beauty. However, you must not visit Belgium just to see Bruges, but you should always go for the cottages in Belgium which offers the best view and atmosphere for you. The Countryside holiday cottages in Belgium hold some aesthetic value of its own, so whenever you want to taste the great coffee and boutiques of local designers, you must visit this side of Belgium as well.

10 Top Cottages In Belgium

Here’s a list of 10 best Belgium cottages where you can stay and relax for a paradisiacal holiday in Europe. Take a look and pick the best one for your trip.

1. Apartment Katelijne in Bruges

Apartment Katelijne in Bruges

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Get the best of Bruges. Avail family rooms and relish the cozy atmosphere of the cottage. The place is led by women, so if you are a woman and doing a solitary visit to the city, you must check out this place at least once. It’s also not very far from the city and you can have all the delights of the place which is just minutes away. After a tiresome sightseeing throughout the day, you can find peace and tranquility in the holiday cottages in Belgium.

Location: Katelijnestraat 136, 8000 Brugge, Belgium
Price per night: 226 Pounds

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2. Authentic Cottage in the Belgian Ardennes

Authentic Cottage

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Check out the farm to stay in Ardennes. The holiday cottages in Ardennes Belgium are the best ones, and this place is filled with natural beauty. Get to satiate your eyes with a vegetable garden and the fruit trees and the serene beauty of the pasture. The cottage has a laptop-friendly workplace and all the comfort amenities that you were looking for. You will be able to spend a fine family holiday here as you will get everything that suits a family with children. Thus, enjoy a summer in Ardennes, Belgium with your family here and bask in the best experience of it.

Location: Boeur 20, 6662 Houffalize, Belgium.
Price per night: 80 Pounds

3. Cottages From Renuamont

Cottages From Renuamont

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Enjoy the beautiful pastures of and consider this place as one of the perfect cottages in Belgium. If you were looking for self-catering cottages in Belgium and have a homely atmosphere then Renuamonth cottages are the one you were looking for. Enjoy this very Christmas with your family here and you will realize how much of peaceful life you were craving for. Get into your holiday mode and have a Christmas tree as well!

Location: 6680 Sainte-Ode, Belgium

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4. Holiday Cottages Knokke-Heist

Holiday Cottage

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Get the best sunny and homely atmosphere in Knokke-Heist. You will have the best, cozy environment for yourself. It’s a great place if you are traveling solitary, you must check out this place and you might find the solace you were running after all these days. Try out the infamous waffles and fritters to give your taste buds a treat.

Location: 13 Onze-Lieve-Vrouwstraat, 8301 Knokke-Heist, Belgium.
Price per night: 85 pounds

5. Cottage du Lac Studio

Swimming pool view

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Looking for an ultimate getaway with your better half or for the entire family? You must visit Cottage du Lac Studio for sure. Polish your swimming skills in the backyard swimming pool; enjoy the weather while taking the sun ray at the side of the pool. Avail the best mini bar in the evening and enjoy your holiday in all the best way possible. Get self-service catering as well, so that you can cook all by yourself and you can have the healthy food option for all time. Get an extra relaxation option and that is a spa, with this, you will be able to free from any stress and can enjoy the getaway fully.

Location: Route du Lac de Warfa (n°23), 4845 Niveze, Belgium.
Price per night: 84 Pounds

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6. Holiday Home Ancient Alley Cottage

Beautiful place

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Enjoy a retro and rustic atmosphere in Vakantiewoning cottages. It will get you the best cozy environment and the wooden panels will get you the best feeling of home and the fireplace will warm you for the winter. You will certainly like the old-time vibe from the amazing cottages. Get free parking and enjoy the local beer with your family or alone both will make your holiday stay all worth it.

Location: Lange Sint-Annastraat 8, 2000 Antwerpen, Belgium

7. Goed van den Bogaerde

cozy getaway

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Visiting this place doesn’t require a time, as in winter, you will be enjoying the white sheet of snow all over and can have a very cozy getaway. Also in summer bask in the warmth the sun and have the option of grilling too! The cottage is situated in the midst of natural beauty and the pastures. It’s also just 15 minutes drive from Bruges. Thus, you can have a holiday that is far from the crowd and you will be able to breathe the fresh air.

Location: Noendreef 3, 8730 Beernem, Belgium.

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8. Vakantiehuis Tofinum

Beautiful park

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Get the best of nature as you can breathe the fresh air in this place. If you have been confined to the city atmosphere for a long time, this cottage will give you a relief from the pollution. This very place is at the outskirts of a small village, and thus the beauty of it is serene and unpolluted at the same time. Enjoy the best taste of local beer and a quiet walk to the nearby village will uplift your holiday spirit in the best way. Get a cycling experience from the peaceful alleys of the place and get back your health by just a few days of stay in here.

Location: Plankerweg 3, 3793 Voeren, Belgium.

9. Center Parcs Erperheide

peaceful place

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Looking for a pet-friendly place where your beloved family member can have their holiday as well? Then this is the ideal cottage you will get on your Belgium tour. This spectacular cottage is all over surrounded by the forest and just 5 kilometers away from the Renaissance paintings of Bruegel Museum and just 16 kilometers away from all the historic buildings of De Grote Hof. Avail a very cozy cottage with a kitchen where you can cook for yourself and your family. Also, you will be spending your time with the flat screen TV and the unlimited WiFi as well.

Location: Erperheidestraat 2, 3990 Peer, Belgium.
Price per night: 65 Pounds

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10. Holiday Home Ipericus

place to stay

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This very place is located at the center of Ypres, which is next to the ancient city walls of the middle ages. You will get all the amenities in here as you are very close to the market and large parking space as well. The best time to visit here in summer and autumn, so you can have a coffee and enjoy the breakfast at the courtyard and take a walk in the woods afterward as well. Enjoy the countryside beauty of Belgium in the best way in the cottages of Ipericus. A family getaway will never sound boring but it will the best holiday in the vault of your memory.

Location: Sint-Jacobsstraat 99, 8900 Ieper, Belgium

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These 10 amazing holiday cottages in Belgium are impeccable places to stay during your next Europe trip with TravelTriangle. Make sure pick the best one that suits your needs and head out for a special staycation.

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