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If you thought hiking is a recreational activity, it’s time to level up. This—our list of most dangerous hiking trails in India—is for passionate hikers, who are always looking for adventure tales to add to their story bag.

Different from most adventure sports in terms of being well-guarded and supervised, in hiking you are on your own. That’s slightly different from trekking where you get guides, most of the the times. Hiking has its own thrill, but is quite risky at the same time. Be ready to face a mountain lion, get bitten by strange insects, or slip into a fissure!

These 10 of the most dangerous hiking trails in India are nightmarish, but would be a great feat among your best travel experiences.

1. Chadar Lake Track

The dangerous trail of Chadar Lake where the hiker needs to traverse the frozen river

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The hike takes you through the valley over the frozen Zanskar River – the one and only link between the outside world and the Zanskar village. What’s so dangerous, huh? Thin ice, a slipped foot, sudden break, dump in the ice-cold water, and bye-bye to the world! Got it?

Maximum Elevation: 3390 meter above sea level

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2. Hike through the Hemis National Park

Hemis National Park is the place where you might run into snow-leopards through your hike

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One of the highest National park in the world, Hemis National Park is surely a shiner. Breath-taking landscape and below zero temperature defines the park. Just one little problem, besides the temperature – the number of snow-leopards is quite high. Not to worry, you won’t feel a thing if a frozen body part of yours is suddenly bitten by the leopard.

Maximum Elevation: Varies from 3500 meter to 6000 meter above sea level

3. Rupin Pass Trail

Rupin Pass with eerie trails and suspended bridges

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Stunning nature and extraordinary sceneries. Now, nothing much is wrong with this hike. Except the swaying dilapidated wooden bridges suspended in thin-air, spiky mountains, chilly glaciers, and strange rock formations. Not sold yet? Okay, the eerie trails dug out of rocks and stones; no one knows who dug them and for what purpose. Could be snow-people who are cannibals too? Reminds of ‘The Wrong Turn’ but in the snowy backdrop, right?

Maximum Elevation: 4650 meter above sea level

4. Nanda Devi Base Camp

The dangerous hike of Nanda Devi Base Camp

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A beautiful trail with marvelous views and amazing flora and fauna. But will that be enough for you? The camp is synonymous for its extremely arduous trails in order to test the hiker. Not a child’s play, I tell you.

Maximum Elevation: 4700 meter above sea level

5. Kinner Kailash Circuit Hike

Too silent Kinner Kailash Circuit Hike

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A pristine and calm, high-altitude hike. One second, too calm? Like almost dead-silent calm? Dude, this is what you will experience on this trek. Even though the stunning beauty of the Himalayas will accompany you at every step, there would be no-one to rescue you if you fall down or turn into an icicle.

Maximum Elevation: 5242 meter above sea level

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6. Lamkhaga Pass

Lamkhaga Pass hike which is nightmarish even to the best of hikers

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Okay, you need a special permission from Indian Government to undertake this hike. And it’s not for the safety of nature, let me tell you. Then what is the purpose of imposing such restriction? Your safety of course!

Just think about what must have happened at this dangerous hike, for officials to take such step?

Maximum Elevation: 5284 meter above sea level

PS: Foreigners are not allowed to take this hike. Maybe to forgo the hassles of explaining sudden disappearance to the embassy personnel.

7. Kailash Manasarovar

Kailash Manasarovar is a hike for a tranquil experience but with unavoidable altitude sickness

Image Source
Only a part of the trek is in India, and still it finds place in our list. Majorly a China trek, the hike to the dizzying altitude of 5487 meter isn’t overrated. Tranquility and serenity is what yogis look for when they decide to hike to this pilgrimage braving bone-chilling temperatures. That too, some of them bare-footed and dressed in bare-essentials. A sighting of a mountain lion or two is a common practice. I am sure that nausea, blurred vision, altitude sickness and non-sufficient oxygen don’t bother you. Yeah, yeah, you are the hero. Or not. :-P

Maximum Elevation: 5487 meter above sea level

8. Green Lake Trail on Everest

The unexplored trail of Green Lake Hike

Image Source
One of the most unexplored region in India, Green Lake Trail can be a hike with oodles of challenge. Like, the factor of the unknown can be a tad bit overwhelming (read, alarming). Snow-beasts, difficult pathways, slippery ice, and yetis. Hmm, you know what I mean.

Maximum Elevation: 5500 meter above sea level

9. Auden’s Col Pass

Too dangerous hike of Auden’s Col Pass full of sudden fissures

Image Source
Now, Auden’s Col Pass is said to be of the most dangerous hikes in India, full of challenges and surprises, or shocks you can say. Want to know why is it so challenging and shocking? Well, the pass is known for its abrupt fissures, where you could fall and stay frozen forever! Scared? Hehawhehawhehaw

Maximum Elevation: 5940 meter above sea level

10. Stok Kangri Hike

Steep hike of Stok Kangri

Image Source
For the trail offers India’s highest hiking and trekking summit, Stok Kangri is undoubtedly an unpredictable hike. Mighty high altitude, super steep inclination, never-behaving rivers, almost violent half frozen glaciers, arid dry terrains, mixed with oxygen deficiency can be tough even for the fittest of the fittest. Surely, another marker of being India’s toughest hike should be added to the tag too.

Maximum Elevation: 6100 meter above sea level

So, which one of you is up for this challenge?

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