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    Best Offbeat Trekking Spots In The Himalayas

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    It always feels great to be on the top of the world and gaze down the gorgeous views of the valley. The height and beauty of the magnificent mountains provide adventurous trekking spots in Himalayas.

    If you’re an adventure freak, here’s a list of 10 offbeat trekking spots in the Himalayas – an absolute paradise for trekkers:

    1. Kedarkantha Trek, Uttarakhand

    Kedarkantha Trek, Uttarakhand

    Image Source

    Height: 12,500ft
    Duration: 7 Days
    Difficulty Level: Easy
    Best Season: Round the Year

    ​This trekking spot in Himalayas is one of the ​prettiest​ campsites. Surrounded by giant pine trees, the Kedarkantha Base campsite is on an open meadow with snow peaks all around.

    2. Prashar Lake trek, Himachal Pradesh

    Prashar Lake trek, Himachal Pradesh

    Image Source

    Height: 8957ft
    Duration: 2 Days
    Difficulty Level: Easy
    Best Season: Round the Year (except Monsoons)

    Surrounded by the imposing Dhauladhar ranges in Kullu Valley is a pristine blue-water lake called Prashar. The trekking spot in Himalayas, offers breathtaking 180 degree view of the Dhauladhar, Pir Pinjal and Kinnaur mountain ranges. Its a perfect winter snow trek from Delhi.

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    3. Har ki doon Trek, Sankhari Range, Uttarakhand

    The Panoramic view of the beautiful trekking spot in himalayas

    Image Source

    Height: 11,675ft
    Duration: 7-8 Days
    Difficulty Level: Easy to Moderate
    Best Season: March to June, September to November

    Har Ki Dun peak, it is one of the most beautiful valleys in the Western Himalayas. The trail through alpine meadows, moraine ridges, glacier basins, pine forests and ancient villages, gives you spectacular valley views and a chance to experience the wonderful slow-paced local lifestyle.

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    4. Sandakphu Trek, West Bengal

    Snow mountains

    Image Source

    Height: 11,929ft
    Duration: 7 Days
    Difficulty Level: Easy to Moderate
    Best Season: April to June & September to November

    It is the gorgeous and highest trekking spot in West Bengal. You will get the best panoramic views of the Mt Everest, Kanchanjungha, Makalu and Lhotse peaks. One of the most beautiful places to freeze.

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    5. Nagtibba Trek

    Nagtibba Trek

    Image Source

    Height: 10,006ft
    Duration: 3Days
    Difficulty Level: Moderate
    Best Season: February (mid) to June, September to December

    For those who want to walk in the forests, climb up to 10,000 feet, see snow clad mountains and camp under starry night skies the Nag Tibba trek is just perfect for you. It can easily be considered one of the best yet less explored weekend trekking spots in Himalayas.

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    6. Hampta Pass Trek, Himachal Pradesh

    Hampta-Pass-Trek_24th oct

    Image Source

    Height: 14100 ft
    Duration: 5 Days
    Difficulty Level: Moderate
    Best Season: September – May

    Trek through barren lands, lush valleys, lofty peaks and evergreen patches of oak, pine and walnut forests. The Hampta Pass trek in Himachal Pradesh is tailor made for those looking to experience the high Himalayan adventure.

    7. Roopkund Trek, Uttarakhand

    Roopkund Trek in Uttarakhand

    Image Source

    Height: 16,500ft
    Duration: 7-9 Days
    Difficulty Level: Moderate
    Best Season: May to October

    Roopkund Lake, better known as “Skeleton Lake,” is one of those dreadful secluded places, located in the most inhospitable regions of the Himalayan Mountains. This extremely frightening area of Himalayan Mountains is known for the hundreds of skeletons which date back to the 15th century AD.

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    8. Kashmir Great Lakes, Kashmir

    Camping site at Kashmir Great Lakes

    Image Source

    Height: 13,750ft
    Duration: 8 Days
    Difficulty Level: Moderate
    Best Season: July to August

    Located in the valleys of heaven on earth, this trekking spot in Himalayas is undoubtedly the most overwhelmingly one. Seven beautiful lakes and lush green meadows make this trek way more awesome.

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    9. Rupin Pass Trek, Uttarakhand

    Snow capped mountains on Rupin Pass Trek

    Image Source

    Height: 15,256ft
    Duration: 7-10 Days
    Difficulty Level: Moderate to Strenuous
    Best Season: May (last week) to June (end), September (mid) to October (end)

    A trek, where every turn and twist can brings in a set of new surprises, the Rupin Pass trek originates in the Garhwal Himalayas of Uttarakhand. The Rupin Pass trek is like an edge-of-the-seat Hollywood thriller. So sudden are the changes in scenery that it makes you always walk a little further just to see if there is another surprise round the corner. Not many trekkers challenge themselves with this trail. Yet, it is one of the best treks you will ever do in your life.

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    10. Chadar Trek, Zanskar, Kashmir

    Chadar-Trek_23rd oct

    Image Source

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    Frequently Asked Questions About Offbeat Trekking Spots In The Himalayas

    Q. What are some of the offbeat trekking trails in the Himalayas?

    A. The Himalayas is one of the most famous trekking destinations for several trekkers all around the globe, though there are some trails that have not been adorned by that many tourists including Kedarkantha Trek, Prashar Lake trek, Har ki doon trek, Sandakphu trek, Nag Tibba trek, Hampta pass trek, Roopkund Trek, Kashmir great lakes trek, Rupin pass trek and many more.These are some of the offbeat trekking spots in the Himalayas.

    Q. How long does one take to complete the Kedarkantha trek?

    A. It takes around five days to complete the entire Kedarkantha trekking trails. You will be able to live in basecamps that are located in a mesmerizingly beautiful open meadow.

    Q. Can a beginner complete the Prashar lake trail?

    A. Yes anyone fit can complete the whole Prashar lake trail within two days. The trail is beautiful since it is surrounded by the Dhauladhar ranges of the Kullu valley.

    Q. When should one go for trekking in Sandakphu?

    A. Sandhakphu is the place where you will get to witness all the critical mountainous ranges of the world, including Mount Everest, Kanchenjunga, Makalu and other peaks. You should visit the Sandakphu from April to June or from September to November.

    Q. What is the height of the Nag Tibba peak?

    A. The height of Nag Tibba trail is 10,000 feet, and the journey is quite tricky.

    Q. Can one complete the entire Hampta Pass trek in a day?

    A. You can complete Hampta pass in a day, but it would be quite tricky. Since the entire trail takes about nineteen hours, so you can easily cover the path by dividing the journey into two halves.

    Q. How can one reach Sandakphu?

    A. You can reach Sandakphu by travelling to Bagdogra on a plane and then by renting a car that would take you to your destination. Or else, you can avail a train and reach NJP and then do the same above process to reach Sandakphu.

    Q. How long is the Kedarkantha Trek?

    A. The entire distance of the Kedarkantha trek is around 24 km.

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