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    Day Of The Dead

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    It’s not a Mexican version of Halloween. Dia de los Muertos or as it’s popularly known as the Day Of The Dead is all about heartwarming joy, vibrant colours and celebration. Sure, the theme of both the events is the same and pretty dark; death but the spirit of Halloween and Day Of The Dead are very different. The Day of the Dead is a festival celebrated to honour the dead. It actually is a festival of the dead. Mexicans show love and respect for their deceased loved ones through various means and rituals and traditions.

    Throughout Mexico people put on a very quirky kinda makeup and outlandish costumes and hold parades and visit cemeteries and make offerings to the deceased loved ones. Not just that, people also make very fancy and beautiful altars to welcome the spirits. UNESCO recognised the Day of the Dead festival as a part of the intangible cultural heritage of humanity in 2008 and since then it has gained extreme popularity and tourists visit the country especially to attend the festival.

    About Day Of The Dead In Mexico

    About Day Of The Dead

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    Day of the Dead festival is a coming together of many cultures and all the rituals and processions for the festival are filled with symbolism and the more you know about it, the better it is. Originated in the Pre Hispanic times the festival was earlier known as All Souls’ Day or All Saints’ Day and the practices that were followed were as per Pre Hispanic beliefs and the Day of the Dead activities and traditions are in accordance with that . The cultural belief behind Day of the Dead Mexico goes something like that the spirits are believed to come back to the world of the living for a day every year to be with their parted family. Its believed that the spirits of children and babies come on October 31st and spend a day with their families and then leave. Adults follow the next day and likewise.

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    Details: About The Day Of The Dead

    Details For Day Of The Dead

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    Here are the answers to all your queries about the Day Of The Dead festival. Dates, venue and everything else that comes to mind when you think about the Day Of The Dead are right here. Check out!

    Event’s Name: Day Of The Dead
    Venue For The Event: Celebrated all over Mexico
    Start Date: 31st October 2020
    End Date: 2nd November 2020

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    Accommodation: Where To Stay

    Where To Stay For Day Of The Dead

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    As the festival is celebrated all over the country you can opt to stay in any part of the place and you will get all the festive vibes. The most happening festival in Mexico where people are celebrating death and one where you will see vibrant coloured skulls and skeletons everywhere. Visiting Mexico for the Day of the Dead festival 2020 is great. Not just that you will get to see the traditions and rituals but also because you will experience Mexico in fall. Adding to that your stay at a great resort or hotel will make your trip a memorable experience. Four Seasons Hotel Mexico City, Le Blanc Spa Resort and Hotel Xcaret Mexico are some of the options you can explore.

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    Food: Customary Delights To Try

    What To Eat In Day Of The Dead

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    Tacos and Mexico go hand in hand but it’s not just about that. Festivals like Day Of The Dead in Mexico have their own customary delights for every occasion. A spiritual time for families and celebrated for three days the Day of the Dead brings together families and there is lots of eating and drinking and there is plenty of items for the tourists to try out too. Here are the dishes you shouldn’t miss out on:

    • Pan de Muertos– Pan de Muertos or Day of the Dead Bread is one of the special items you can try out around this time.
    • Calaveras de Azúcar– Calaveras de Azúcar or Sugar Skulls which are skull shaped hard sugary substances is another delicacy you can try.
    • Mole Negro– Mole Negro is a rich sauce made with chocolate and peppers and other ingredients and is definitely worth trying.
    • Sopa Azteca– Sopa Azteca or Tortilla Soup is a very important item during Day Of The Dead all over Mexico. It’s a tortilla soup which is very spicy and delicious.
    • Caramel Flan– A dessert that is relished all throughout the year but especially during the Day of the Dead festival, Caramel Flan is something you should definitely try.
    • Tamales– A traditional Mexican food item which is popular all around the year but is even more during the Day of the Dead is made by banana leaves or cornhusks and is very scrumptious.
    • Red Pozole– A kind of stew that consists of meat, corn and other ingredients which is most in demand around festival of the Dead is something you simply can’t resist.

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    Beverages: Traditional Drinks To Savour

    What To Drink In Day Of The Dead

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    Mexicans also know how to drink and it’s not just margaritas, tequila and cervezas that you will find here but much more. During Day Of The Dead Festival there are many traditional drinks that you must try.

    • Atole– A traditional thick beverage made with corn, cinnamon and vanilla this is considered to be a comfort drink and is served hot.
    • Agua de Jamaica– Don’t let the name trick you. Jamaica stands for the Hibiscus flower in Spanish and is nothing but Hibiscus flower infused water and is definitely worth a try and is very popular during Day of the Dead celebrations.
    • Pulque– Also called ‘The Nectar of the Gods’ this traditional Mexican alcoholic drink is made from the sap of the maguey plant and is considered a part of Tequila family and has a particular kind of taste. It is very popular in Day of the Dead rituals.
    • Horchata– A drink made with rice, nuts, and cinnamon, Horchata is a drink served in pretty colorful bowls and is very famous and widely served as Day of the Dead traditions.

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    With so much to experience at the Day Of The Dead you are gonna have one hell of an experience. Brace yourselves for the most exciting event that you have ever attended as Day of the Dead festival will both intrigue and mesmerise you. Celebrate and have a once in a lifetime kind of experience. Plan your mystical vacation to Mexico.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Day Of The Dead

    Q. Where can I go for Day of the Dead?

    A.The best places to see the Day of the dead celebrations are Mexico City, Michoacan, San Luis Potosi, Oaxaca and Yucatan.

    Q. Why do they paint their face on Dia de Los Muertos?

    A. On Dia De Los Muertos people celebrate the dead loved ones, but now in the modern times it has become a ritual to paint faces and look like skulls to represent their loved ones or show as an expression of them.

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