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Orlando is a city in Florida that is famous for being the home of Magic Kingdom, Orlando is filled with excited people, especially families visiting all round the year. There is a lot more to Orlando other than just Disney. The place has stunning natural beauty surrounding it with several historical sights and refreshing Florida beaches. It attained “the City Beautiful” for nothing.

12 Places To Go From A Day Trip From Orlando

And to ensure you are also one of the visitors we have compiled a list of the famous day trips from Orlando, Florida.

1. Clearwater Beach

Clearwater Beach

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The clearwater beach dazzles with stunning beaches and inviting waters. The place is aesthetically pleasing with with sands and turquoise water. The place has some of the The Clearwater beach has many fine restaurants that are family friendly and the place also offers a host of beach activities. It is about a 106 miles by car, which is approximately a two hour drive. It is one of the great day trips from Orlando to beach.

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2. Florida Everglades

Florida Everglades

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One of the most popular natural attractions in Florida is its everglades. With beautiful flora and fauna to observe there is also a famous resident, the American Alligator. One should keep an eye out for the creatures that are swimming around in the water with their heads submerged. The place can be explored by an air boat and if you are lucky you might get a chance to watch the animal handling show as well, the real experts are at work there. The place is a good 4 to 5 hours drive from Orlando.

3. Kennedy Space Center

Kennedy Space Center

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The Kennedy Space Center is among the best space centers in the United States. This Space Center is packed with a lot of fun activities ranging from interactive exhibits to IMAX cinema screenings. The place has more than enough entertainment to keep the kids engaged for the day. Here, one can also learn a lot about the history of space shuttles and space travel. The Space Center is about 51 miles from Orlando which will take you about an hour to reach there.

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4. Disney World

Disney World

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Head to the Magic Kingdom and meet all your favourite characters of Disney be it Snow White, Cinderella, Mickey Mouse, you name it and they have it. Roller coasters rides are always in demand and you can join in the parades down the street as well. The Disney World has over six different theme lands and all of them are a delight to be in. The Disney World can be reached from Orlando in about 25 minutes as it is just a 16 mile drive.

5. Miami


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Miami is the home of millionaires, and also great option for a change of scene from Orlando. The skyscrapers, the beaches, there is a lot to entertain one here. Miami is the commercial, cultural and the financial center. Miami has a lot to offer from various fine dine options to gorgeously pristine beaches. The third tallest skyline of the US is in Miami and this provides a good photo opportunity. A day trip from Orlando to Miami is about 236 miles.

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6. Homosassa State Park

Homosassa State Park

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The Homosassa State Park is a 210 acre area home to abundant natural wonders and this place has a underwater surprise hidden in its water; manatees. On an good day you can spot them while cruising along the river, they are mostly seen in the winters. The place has a lot of crocodiles, alligators, herons and flamingos as well. One can also spot panthers, bobcats and black bear while taking a stroll along the trails of the park. The park is 85 miles from Orlando, this makes it a one and a half hour drive.

7. New Smyrna Beach

New Smyrna Beach

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With soft white sand the Smyrna beach is a common escape spot for the locals. The is famous for activities like fishing, surfing and swimming. You can rent a bike or a cycle easily and trail along the hard packed sand. You can view baby turtles hatch in the summers and if bored which you are not going to be, you can head out to a nearby beach. The beach is an hour long drive from Orlando, about 55 miles.

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8. Blue Springs State park

Blue Springs State park

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The main attraction of the Blue Springs State Park is the kayaking tour where you can paddle through and rough the biggest spring on St Johns river then explore Snake river and then go for a quick look round on Hontoon Island.
The rich wildlife has hogs to bald eagles and ospreys. The island also has walking trails as well, and a native American shell mound can be found at the end of the main one. The place is about 33 miles, which is a 45 minute drive.

9. St Augustine

St Augustine

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St Augustine is one of the oldest cities in the US, famous for its cobblestone streets. You can come here and unleash the inner pirate in you. A day trip here is usually spent in the local pirate and treasure museum. This is one of the largest and the best collections of pirate treasures. The place is said to have one of the best museums in the world by the New York Post. The place is 111 miles from Orlando.

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10. Lake Toho

Lake Toho

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Known as one of the best fishing spots in Florida, one can certainly come here to try a hand at fishing. You can learn from the experts here and take a guided trip. The professionals here offer an excellent service. They teach you all the tricks on improving your fishing skills. One can expect a pretty good haul at the end of the day. The place is about 33 miles from Orlando and takes about 40 minutes.

11. Devil’s Den

Devil’s Den

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The Devil’s Den is a natural attraction that is immensely popular on the social media platform. This is a 33 million year old fossil bed with an underground cave that has a natural hot spring and a chimney. The rising steam from the chimneys on cold winter mornings gave the place its name. This tourist attraction provides an excellent snorkelling and diving opportunities. The place is about an hour and a half from Orlando.

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12. Bahamas


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Bahamas is a place full of gorgeous beaches and expensive golf courses. It is cool Caribbean vacation site that has many historical attractions as well. You can get on with the diving gear and go down the water to explore the serene coral reefs that the place has to offer. The Water park, Atlantis is a kid friendly attraction. A day trip from Orlando to Bahamas is about a whopping 345 miles but is certainly worth it.

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So are you all ready to take on a memorable trip to Orlando and go on an exciting spree to discover these places around? If you can’t keep calm then, plan and customize your much-awaited USA holiday and experience a vacation like never before!

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