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Dickwella Beach is located in the town of Dickwella, a larger market focused small town in Sri Lanka. While it is not a very famous beach in the country, its beauty is something that’ll definitely allure you to visit it. There’s also a Sunday market of Dickwella that gets quite a lot of tourist visitors for the awesome deals, who end up visiting the beach.

While Dickwella Beach in Sri Lanka is popular among only those who know of its existence, the beach provides the perfect experience for families and large groups. The reason for this is the very speciality of it: the beach is protected by sandbars, reefs, and other natural formations that prevent swimmers from accidentally ranging out into the sea. This particular attribute also makes the beach optimised for children learning to swim, as the natural formations mean that parents can relax, and can let the children swim and play to their heart’s content.

Best Time To Visit Dickwella Beach, Sri Lanka

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There is no absolute best time to visit the Dickwella Beach, as it features quite good weather throughout the year. The months of April, all the way up to June, have the least rain (if that is what one is after), and thus attract the most crowds. These months usually have the beach jam packed, with people playing in the Dickwella Beach surf, sunbathing on the warm sand and even playing beach volleyball, a game that is almost singularly popular near the beach, as the sand and awesome waves make it perfect for a game of volleyball.

Dickwella Beach in Sri Lanka, as its name suggests, stays a dream destination all year around. The months of July to October can often be considered as unpleasant by the standards of most tourists, as they can feature quite depressing rains and storms that make ranging out to the beach really dangerous. The summer months are absolutely jam-packed, as almost all the foreign customers of the Dickwella Market make some time to visit the beach. The best time to visit, however, are the months of January to April, as there is no cold or rain to speak of, yet the heat is quite low, meaning tourists who can’t tolerate extreme heat will be comfortable too!

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Things To Do Near Dickwella Beach

Here is everything you can experience at this beach during your trip to this paradise. Make sure you add them all to your itinerary.

1. Adventure Sports

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The Dickwella Beach is not suitable for surfing. The reason for this is that the various natural formations in and around the beach become barriers while surfing. Surfing enthusiasts are encouraged to take a break from tiring surfing, and snack on one of the eclectic snacks sold around the beach. There are a lot of other things to do on the beach other than surfing. So one can try some adventure sports as well in that location.

2. Massage

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The massages will surely capture your attention. There are several native masseurs on the beach who offer their services to just about anybody. Complete with deck chairs and umbrellas, having a relaxing and soothing massage while being warmed by the sun is an awesome experience. Such a wonderful way of relaxing is the best option to enjoy a sunny day. This would be the best way to pamper and relax yourself.

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3. Sunbathing

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Like all beaches, Dickwella Beach is an awesome place to find a deck chair and just lie down on it, and have a relaxing nap that will refresh one’s body and soul. You can spend some great time while lying down at the beach while soaking up the gorgeous views around and the people enjoying their day like there’s no tomorrow.

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4. Walk Along The Beach

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If one wishes to spend the night nearby this awesome beach, and walk along the warm sands late at night, one is encouraged to make a booking at one of the various Dickwella beach resort nearby. A long walk along the side of the beach during the evening can soothe your mind.

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5. Beach Games

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One should visit the beach with friends, and have a game of volleyball on the beach. Playing volleyball with one’s friends on the beach is considered to be one of the most fun things that one can do on the beach. There are a lot of other things to do on the beach other than just playing volleyball.

6. Sri Lankan Cuisine

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The small stalls near the beach offer the most eccentric and eclectic Sri Lankan cuisines and are definitely something to be visited when one visits the beach, as the rare nooks and crannies of are not to be missed. The flavors, colors, and the whole appearance of the food will really appeal to your taste buds and surely take you on a gastronomical joyride.

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Tips For Visiting The Dickwella Beach

Dickwella Beach Resort in Sri Lanka, being one of the more lesser known resorts in the entirety of Sri Lanka, is never absolutely jam-packed. The beach may be considered barren by some visiting it for the first time, but there is a lot of hidden beauty in the beach, that waits just beyond the thinnest layers of camouflage. When visiting it for the first time, one may want some tips, thus for the convenience of the reader we have compiled a short list of tips:

  • Exploring is something that is quite recommended. Instead of just relaxing at the beach, one is encouraged to explore the beach, as lots of beautiful sights can be found in the area.
  • One is encouraged to try out the masseurs that one can find on the beach. They offer quite cheap services, and the massage itself is quite nice.
  • Parasols and deck chairs can be rented for a good time on the beach, and day trippers, along with surfers and casual tourists, can relax as much as they want.
  • An ideal activity is to relax on the beach, while having some of the best in local cuisine, with perhaps a cold drink on the side.
  • The nearby restaurants and small diners are often some of the best places to visit in the town, as they offer completely unique dishes that one will delight when trying out.
  • One is also encouraged to book a day at the awesome Dickwella Beach Resort and Spa. This spa is very famous in the general vicinity, as it is one of the only places where one can get a full body herbal massage, something that has gained the area of the beach quite a bit of fame.
  • Make sure you read every Dickwella Beach review on the internet so that you know of every great activity and restaurant that you can add to our itinerary

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Dickwella Beach is very famous in the town of Dickwella. The town is mainly a merchant town that gets most of its tourists because of their market, one of the largest in Sri Lanka, and certainly one where one can buy just about anything they want to, from penny clothes to surfboards and even pottery statues. So, don’t think much and plan your trip to Sri Lanka with TravelTriangle right away and explore not just this beach but also the famous market around.

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