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Digara Fort in Jhansi is a historically important gem that is one of the best places for exploration for history lovers and adventure seekers. This fort’s history goes back to the 17th century when the Bundela rulers built it. It acted as a strategic factor and played a significant role in that time’s historical and political events. Digara Fort is particularly intriguing because of its picturesque location. Situated on top of a hill, it offers beautiful panoramic views of the landscape around. Though in a state of half-ruins, the fort still stands in its vintage charm. The architectural remains, the fort walls, temples and gateways offer the opportunity to explore the living history. Visiting Digara Fort is not just a meet-up with the past but also a peek into a town’s natural beauty. It’s a place that blends history and scenic landscapes.

Digara Fort History

 Witnessing The Historical traces in The Digara Fort is one of the best activity to do

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The history of Digara Fort goes back to the 17th century, during the rule of the Bundelas. Bundela rulers constructed the fort, which served as a strategic location and played a vital role in the region’s historical and political events, such as battles and other important decisions. It was also an important factor in the security of the border for the Maharaja during that time.

Digara Fort provides a wealth of knowledge about history. Its artefacts and structures, whether sculptures, visuals, or exhibits, bring the royal past to life, making learning both encouraging and interactive. It serves as a meeting place between different eras, traditions, and cultures that provides deep insights into various areas.

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Digara Fort Activities

Religious Activities In Uttar Pradesh

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Upon reaching Digara Fort, you’ll be welcomed by a series of enriching experiences. Tourists have the facility to go on a tour with a guide and let them transport you through the interesting history of Digara Fort and Jhansi. It will vividly give you a glimpse of past life and give deep insights into the city’s cultural and historical graph. But the adventure and fun doesn’t stop there. Digara Fort features several amenities that will surely enhance your visit.

Whether you’re a history lover or simply going about an enjoyable day sightseeing through Jhansi, Digara Fort provides a memorable experience that will leave you have you coming back for more. A visit to Digara Fort is not just another tourist spot but more like a portal to Jhansi’s past and a testament to its profound legacy. Plan your trip soon to unearth what makes Digara Fort so extraordinary.

Places To Visit Near Digara Fort

Digara Fort contains traces of the ancient history of India and reflects the Sacrifices of many warriors. There Are various places to visit near Digara Fort, here is the curated list:

1. Orchha Fort

 The Stunning view of Orchha Fort of Madhya Pradesh which is just 24 Km away from the Digara Fort

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The Orchha Fort complex comprises many ancient monuments, a fort, a temple, a palace and other buildings. It is situated in Orchha, a town in the state of Madhya Pradesh, India. The fort and other structures inside the premises were made by the Bundela Rajputs during the 16th century by King Rudra Pratap Singh and then continued by other rulers who followed.

The fort complex can be accessed from an archway that leads to a big gateway. This is followed by a quadrangular open yard surrounded by palaces: the Raja Mandir, Jahangir Mahal, gardens, Sheesh Mahal, and pavilions.

Location: Orchha fort complex, Orchha
Tariff: INR 10 for Indian citizens and INR 250 for foreign citizens.

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2. Barua Sagar Fort

The Barua Sagar Fort with the lake is one of the most visited place near Digara Fort

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Standing high on tall ground, Barua Sagar Fort is a majestic landmark, located about 20 km from Orchha and Jhansi, on the route to Khajuraho. The fort marks the place where the war in 1744 was fought between the Marathas and the Bundelas. The fort is situated adjacent to the beautiful Barua Sagar Tal Lake. It was formed naturally more than 200 years ago after an embankment was built by King Udit Singh of Orchha.

The embankment structure is the epitome of the architecture of that period. The lake’s northeast side features the remnants of two ancient granite Chandela temples. Tourists can enjoy sitting by the lake and clicking photos amid the scenic setting.

Location: 9PGR+5G6, Talarmanna, Uttar Pradesh
Tariff: NA

3. Parichha Dam

Water flowing from the Parichha Dam in Uttar Pradesh

Image Source:Deepankar21 for wikimedia commons

Parichha Dam on the Betwa River near Parichha is located 25 km from the city of Jhansi on National Highway 25. Its reservoir on the Notghat Bridge is considered an ideal spot for various adventure and water sports. Since it is the primary source of water for domestic and agricultural purposes in Jhansi, it also features a thermal plant which is responsible for generating 1149 MW of power.

It was built by the British rulers between 1881 to 1886. The dam is still in function and serves many people in Jhansi. Boating and fishing are the two major activities here. Boating in the Betwa River offers a scenic view of the breathtaking beauty of the place and a serene experience of being amid nature. Fishing is also one of the popular activities here. You can always spot many people settled on the side of the river with a fishing rod in their hands.

Location: Jhansi, Uttar Pradesh
Tariff: NA

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4. Shri Ram Raja Mandir

An ariel view of the holy Ram Raja Temple In Jhansi

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The Ram Raja Temple is a beautiful religious shrine in Orchha. It is a holy pilgrimage for Hindus and welcomes devotees in large numbers. It is also known as the Orchha Temple. The temple sees around 650,000 Indian tourists and 25,000 foreign tourists every year. Crowds come in hundreds and thousands during important Hindu festivals like the Makar Sankranti, Ram Navami, Vasant Panchami, Shivratri, and Vivaha Panchami.
This is the only temple in the country where Lord Ram is worshipped as a king in a palace. The temple is guarded by security professionals. The food and other facilities offered to the deity is a royal tradition.

Location: Tikamgarh-Jhansi Rd, Marg, Orchha
Tariff: NA

Digara Fort Location and Timings

 Inside the fort of Jhansi fort which is very near to the Digara Fort

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Digara is a quaint village in the Badagaon Block, the Jhansi District in the state of Uttar Pradesh. It is located in the Jhansi Division, about 11 km East of the city’s headquarters and about 321 km from the city of Lucknow. Digara Fort offers a timeless, tranquil getaway from a daily hectic life, surprising you with a reflective environment.

The fort has no time restrictions; it is open all the time for visitors.

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Digara Fort Travel Route

Jhansi Railway Station is the nearest railway station to reach Digara Fort

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By Air: The nearest airport to Digara, Jhansi, is Gwalior Airport, which is about two hours away from Digara village.

By Train: Virangana Lakshmibai Railway Station is the nearest railway station to Jhansi and only half an hour from Digara village.

By Road: Digara bus stop is well-connected to other bus stops in different towns in the state.

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Now that you have all the information you need about Digara Fort, it is time to finally plan your visit to Jhansi. Book your tickets now for a fabulous trip to Uttar Pradesh. Don’t waste any more time and leap!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Digara Fort

What is the usual weather in Jhansi?

The usual weather in Jhansi is warm and temperate. The city of Jhansi sees a substantial amount of rainfall during the monsoons.

Is there any entry fee to visit Digara Fort?

There is no entry fee to visit Digara Fort and is open to anyone who’d like to visit.

What is the best time to visit the city of Jhansi?

The winter proves to be the best time to visit the historic city of Jhansi. The weather is usually cold and pleasant. It is the best season to explore the place and sightsee the nearby attractions of the Fort of Jhansi, Jhansi Museum, Ganesh Mandir, Barua Sagar and Rani Mahal.

What is the local food of Jhansi?

Rabri, Papri Chaat and Kadhi are some popular dishes of Jhansi in Uttar Pradesh.

How much time does it take to cover the fort?

It takes about 1 hour to explore the fort of Digara in Jhansi, Uttar Pradesh. Tourists can read about the history of the fort inside the premises.

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