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Garautha is the largest administrative centre in Jhansi District, more than 80 km from it. Whether you are travelling from Garautha or nearby places, you can visit a wide range of places from here that will stay in your mind long after you leave. While many of these places to visit are in the Jhansi district, others are located close to the city, so travelling to and from them will not be a hassle. UP is often an overlooked travel destination, but it offers numerous fascinating things if one dares to explore. From historical destinations to serene ones to relax, you can find it all at UP.

Places To Visit In And Around Garautha

Garautha is a city filled with historical landmarks such as Tondifatehpur Fort, Erach Fort and other forts. It is also home to many temples and archaeological sites.
Here is the curated list of places to visit in and around the Garautha:

1. Sankata Mata Mandir

The deity of Sankata Mata mandir In Garautha

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The mandir is dedicated to Sankata Mata who is an avatar of Goddess Chandi. Goddess Chandi is Goddess Vaishno Devi’s sister. Sankata Devi is popularly worshipped in Uttar Pradesh and this temple in Amraukh is a great divine place to ask for any wish that you want fulfilled by the goddess. The goddess will protect you and your family from any type of danger. If you are currently in danger due to your enemies, the goddess is said to block these problems from playing out in your life if you pray to her with faith. Some believe that the Pandavas prayed to Sankata Devi when they were in exile.

Address: Amraukh 284303, Uttar Pradesh
Distance From Garautha: 48 km

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2. Jhansi Fort

The famous Jhansi Fort is a must-visit destination In Garautha on your trip to UP

Image Credit: Wikijib for Wikimedia Commons

The Jhansi Fort in Jhansi is a symbol of retaliation and resistance during the British colonial rule. The fort was built on a hill by Orchha’s Raja Bir Singh Ju Deo. At the time, Jhansi district was called Balwantnagar. The hill on which this fort is perched is called Bangra. Jhansi Fort has ten different gates, with a name given to each of these big gates. Some of these gates are as follows: Sagar Gate, Chand Gate, Khandero Gate, Laxmi Gate, Sainyar Gate, and Unnao Gate. Today, the fort has become a crowd puller as people from all over the globe come to visit this historical monument with rich cultural heritage.

Address: Jhokan Bagh, Jhansi 284002, Uttar Pradesh
Distance From Garautha: 83 km

3. Garhmau Lake

The beautiful Garhmau Lake, with its pristine waters, is perfect for families while visiting Garautha

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The Garhmau Lake is spread over 14 km and lies close to Jhansi. It is the epitome of silence and serenity. If you want to enjoy peace and tranquillity away from the bustling cities, this is the perfect place to visit. It is an excellent sightseeing place as birds fly close to the lake’s clear water. Whether you want an enchanting spot for a picnic with your loved ones or you want just to sit and relax, this lake is an excellent option. It is best to come here at sunrise or sunset when the views are spectacular.

Address: Garhmau, Jhansi 284121, Uttar Pradesh
Distance From Garautha: 80 km

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4. Samthar Fort

The Samthar Fort is close to the Jhansi Fort in UP and falls within a 60 km radius of Garautha

Image Credit: Pinakpani for Wikimedia Commons

The Samthar Fort is a great place to visit as it is close to Jhansi Fort. Samthar Fort is a popular fort that showcases the expert blend of French and Bundelkhandi architecture. The intriguing part is that the interior of the fort, where the residential section is located, is constructed in European-style architecture. The fort was built in the 16th century by Samsher Khan who was the Governor of Mughal Emperor Babur. The purpose of constructing a fort was to have a check post. Eventually, the fort became part of the Bundela kingdom. If you go to visit the fort, it is best to also visit the many temples in the area.

Address: Samthar 284304, Uttar Pradesh
Distance From Garautha: 57 km

5. Atal Ekta Park

There is a statue of Sri Atal Bihari Vajpayee at the Atal Ekta Park, among other amazing attractions in Garautha

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The Atal Ekta Park is close to the civil line area of Jhansi city. You will find it has a big library at the centre with a park that surrounds it from all sides. The library has thousands of books in it, making it a great place for bookworms! There is also a cultural stage at this park which is made for hosting a variety of functions and activities. There is a big statue of former Indian president Sri Atal Bihari Vajpayee to whom this park is dedicated. The park became an instant hit as thousands of people came soon after its inauguration.

Address: Gwal Toli, Jhansi 284002, Uttar Pradesh
Distance From Garautha: 83 km

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6. Narayan Bagh

Vibrant Bougainvillea flowers in Narayan Bagh

Image Source:Pexels

Do you want to spend some time amidst some lush greenery, colourful flowers, and open sky? Then visit the Narayan Bagh close to Garautha. It has a garden area and a park that is the best getaway for a day outing, especially if you have small kids accompanying you. Whether it is the ancient trees or the soft-hued flowers, you will find such variety here that time will pass so quickly. You can stroll along the park or play with kids in the open area, it makes for a great spot to bond with your loved ones. Do not miss the annual exhibition of flowers, vegetables, and fruits which takes place every February.

Address: Master Colony, Jhansi 284002, Uttar Pradesh
Distance From Garautha: 80 km

7. Jarai Ka Math

The revered temple is dedicated to Goddess Amba

Image Source: Shutterstock

The temple was built by Mihir Bhoja and it is renowned for showcasing the exquisite Pratihara architecture. It is an ASI heritage site. The temple is built with stone and the intricate detailing on it is a sight to behold. It has numerous sculptures housed inside it that are created with impressive artistry. On the east side of the temple’s shikhara, you will find a big sculpture that is decorated beautifully. The temple is dedicated to Goddess Amba and her various forms and manifestations are showcased within the temple’s walls. You can find a miniature idol and a state of the right foot of the goddess on a lotus stalk.

Address: Barua Sagar 284201, Uttar Pradesh
Distance From Garautha: 88 km

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Now that you know about all the attractions near Garautha, plan your trip to Uttar Pradesh! Whether you are travelling with your friends or family or exploring the city on a solo trip, these amazing places will surely bring excitement to your travel diaries. From forts to temples, from lakes to parks, there is so much to see near Garautha that not even a second will be boring!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Garautha

What is the distance between Garautha and Jhansi?

The distance between the two is 82 km if you travel by road. The total time taken to reach Garautha is around 2 hours.

What are the accommodation options available?

There are no staying options in Garautha. However, you can stay in Mauranipur, Orccha, and Orai. These have plenty of accommodations available.

When is the best time to visit?

Regardless of where you are visiting; it is always recommended that you come to UP after the monsoons for a cooler climate. It will make your travel more enjoyable.

Which language is spoken in this city?

Hindi is spoken in Garautha so you can communicate with the locals easily if you visit the place. Some people also understand English.

How to travel from Garautha?

You can travel by road which is the most convenient option. Alternatively, you can hire a taxi, book an autorickshaw, or explore areas on your vehicle.

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