Elephant Nature Park is a place where elephants are rescued, and their rehabilitation takes place. In the rehabilitation centre in Northern Thailand, a person could volunteer to work and contribute to this noble cause of saving Elephants The team at Elephant Nature Park has been involved in many rescue missions, and now they have a herd of elephants at this park. The Elephant Nature Park in Thailand provides the elephants with a natural environment to live in. In Elephant Nature Park, dogs, buffaloes, cats, and many other animals are also taken care of and rescued for rehabilitation.

Elephant Nature Park: Reasons For Visit

Reasons For Visit

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Elephant Nature Park was built in the year 2013 in Ching Mai Province of Northern Thailand. This place is 60 km away from the Ching Mai City.

The Elephant Nature Park accommodation is fantastic. A person gets a chance to stay very close to the elephants in the park. It is a tremendous feeling to wake up with the trumpets of the elephants in the morning. The morning walk in this place is spectacular as one gets to greet the herd of elephants and stay close to nature. If a person wishes to see the elephants from a distance, then he could stay in the cool fan hut and enjoy the view of the nature park.

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About Elephant Nature Park

About Elephant Nature Park

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The park is spread in an area of 250 acres. The volunteers and the visitors get a chance to interact and spend time with more than 70 elephants in the Elephant Nature Park when they are out for a walk. Anyone who visits should experience feeding and bathing the elephants instead of trying different rides. Elephant Nature Park needs volunteers, and due to this reason, they even offer volunteer experiences for seven-days. Just like Elephant Nature Park, there is an Elephant Jungle Sanctuary. Read more to understand them better.

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Elephant Nature Park: Tours


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The tour types at Elephant Nature Park have different packages like Single Day tour, Short Park tour and also Overnight Tours The most preferred package by the tourists is the Single Day tour. This tour includes a lot of things like viewing the elephants when they are in their natural habitats, feeding them, going to a river and bathing the elephants, walking around the park with them and in the end enjoying a healthy buffet lunch. The tour begins from 8-8:30 am and the ends between 5-6 pm.

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Things To Carry For The Tour

Things To Carry For The Tour

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As this nature park puts in so many efforts for protecting elephants, there is an Elephant Nature Park ticket price which one needs to pay to enter this park that is used for the Maintenance of this place. The price for the Single Day Tour package is 2500 THB which is equal to approximately INR 5300 for adults and 1250 THB which is equal to around INR 2650 for children.

  • Camera
  • Sunscreen
  • Insect repellent tube
  • Sandals
  • Hat
  • Sunglasses
  • Towel
  • Extra Clothes if there is any plan of getting wet in water with the elephants while bathing them.

There are many other places also available at some distance from the Elephant Nature Park in Thailand for accommodation. Here is a list of a few famous places along with its location and tariff amount.

Elephant Nature Park: 5 Places to Stay

To have a reviving holiday experience, it is better to know about the top places to stay to avoid all the hassle later on! Take a look to know what awaits you here!

1. Royal Ping Garden & Resort

Royal Ping Garden & Resort

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It is located in the northern part of Thailand. There are many activities arranged by the resort staff for children as well as adults and family member The suites of the resort are very luxurious. The view from the resort is spectacular as it is surrounded by a broad bend of River Ping. The rooms in this resort have been adorned with Northern Thai fabrics that are really appealing to the eye.

Location:110/2-14, 52, Chingmai Fang Road
Distance from Elephant Nature Park:12.1 km
Tariff:INR 3200

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2. 32 Coffee Hill & Resort

32 Coffee Hill & Resort

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It is surrounded by natural abundances and this coffee shop has the best Arabic coffee beans. There are refrigerators in every room and one can opt for luxurious suites for the stay. It is a great resort for nature lovers and all your Thai cravings will surely be satiated at the in-house restaurant. So, if you’re looking for a decent place to stay at, this is surely the one to be!

Location:195 Moo 4, Papae, Mae Taeng
Distance from Elephant Nature Park:18.6 km
Tariff:INR 6100

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3. Rim Doi Resort

Rim Doi Resort

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There are facilities of free parking and free Wi-Fi in the resort. There are air conditioners and refrigerators in each and every room. The rooms of the resort are very spacious. There is a garden outside the resort as well as a restaurant and a bar also in the resort. While you’re out and about in this scenic land, make sure you check out this site to stay as it has an affordable tariff.

Location:46 Moo 4, Muang Ghay, Chiang Dao
Distance from Elephant Nature Park:27.4 km
Tariff:INR 1100

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4. Sukantara Cascade Resort & Spa

Sukantara Cascade Resort & Spa

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It is a luxurious boutique resort and a perfect place for the newlywed couples to enjoy their honeymoon. It is a very romantic place. The water from the mountain flows near the resort and keeps one connected to nature. There is an outdoor pool also for the people to relax and swim. Looking for a place to stay with mesmerizing views? This is where you should head to!

Location:12/2 Moo 8 Mae Rim, T. Maeram, Mae Rim
Distance from Elephant Nature Park:28.7 km
Tariff:INR 12,400

5. Onsen at Moncham

Onsen at Moncham

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It is like a cultural retreat where the people stay connected to nature. There is a harmonious blend of Northern Thai Culture as well as Japanese Onsen Rituals. Fitness gym and workout space with tools are provided for the people who are interested in working out on trips. The cultural experience of Japanese is an unforgettable memory for the people.

Location:293 Moo 2, Pongyaeng, Mae Rim
Distance from Elephant Nature Park:32.3 km
Tariff:INR 45,000

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This was a list of a few places for accommodation near Elephant Nature Park. A person who plans to visit Elephant Nature Park could check out these places for accommodation too. With this, we hope that you now have all the details about the Elephant Nature Park and you will soon plan a visit to this place.Till then, we request you to do your bit and protect the animals around you. Plan your trip to Thailand for a reviving holiday experience amid the gorgeous views of the land with your friends and family!

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