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Set amidst the scenic beauty of the blazing crystalline sand and the majestic Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco is definitely one of the most popular places to visit in the United States. Not only known for its vivid history, art, architecture, and culture, but San Francisco is also known for its admiring hospitality from the people around. It has a wide range of options when it comes to planning a family trip to San Francisco. Whatever the time of the year be, if you are planning on visiting anytime with your family, it is quite necessary to ensure that you plan ahead because the itinerary does make quite an impact on your experience.

If you all ready with your packed bags, then we are going to share a detailed guide of everything one needs to know about a San Francisco family vacation.

Best Time To Visit San Francisco

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Owing to the mesmerizing beauty of the place, there are several people who will actually end up telling you to visit any time during the year. But, if you want to experience the whole thing to the fullest, it is necessary that you know the best time of the year to visit San Francisco.

If weather and ambiance are to be kept into consideration, it is believed that months between September and November is possibly the best time to visit San Francisco. Majority of the tourists often have this notion that the fall seasons will either garner an overwhelming crowd or end up being a complete waste of time. Irrespective of those beliefs, it is actually true that the months between September and November offer the best season and the best crowd as well.

The winter time and the start of the fall might often be a little cold for some people’s liking but the overall experience is impeccable. Every single place and activity is beautified by a degree which is what helps you enjoy the trip even further. Not just that, even the overall demand and tourists during that time of the year is lesser in comparison.

Ideal Duration To Visit San Francisco

It is believed that the overall trip should be around 10-12 days for you to be able to experience every aspect of the city. From the sand filled beaches to the amazing and informative museums, the possibilities of activities and places are endless. The only thing to ensure is to have a proper itinerary to not miss out on the important places around.

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Places To Visit In San Francisco

While you step in at San Francisco, make sure to mark these places to visit in your bucket list and enjoy a exotic sightseeing experience.

1. Golden Gate Bridge

Golden Gate Bridge

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One of the most iconic places around San Francisco that attract the majority of the tourists is the Golden gate bridge which is located in the San Francisco Bay. You can either drive through the bridge, but if you wish to gain the complete experience, it is best suggested to take the pedestrian walking spaces. Commonly, the walk starts from the entrance of the bridge and leads you to another one of the sightseeing point, Marin County. If you wish to delve in some photography around, the best way to do so is by visiting some of the popular vantage points around.

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2. Alcatraz Island

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Irrespective of if you are travelling solo or even with your family, visiting Alcatraz Island is definitely something you just can’t miss out on. It is one of the sites of the most infamous prisons, which was functional until 1963. The place was again reopened for tourist purposes 10 years later in 1973. Majority of the travellers suggest taking a ferry ride to the place to view the entire area around and listen to an audio recording sharing the rich history about the place. Apart from that, this place is also an ideal place for nesting seabirds.

3. California Academy of Sciences

Academy of Science

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If you have a kid who is mesmerized with science and new findings, taking them to the California Academy of Sciences is a definite must. It is not just known for its wide range of intricate architectural marvel but also for the museum it has inside. It has a sustainable design with plants and shrubs covering the entire roof. The roof is also installed with solar panels to make the establishment even more sustainable.

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Things To Do In San Francisco With Family

Now that we have more or less walked ourselves through the best time to visit and how long your trip should be, it is time we delve into the common grounds of things to do in San Francisco with family and what places they can visit while in San Francisco.

1. Walt Disney Family Museum

Disney Family Museum

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Nobody is unaware of Walt Disney, the most popular animator. If you are looking for things to do with family, visiting the Walt Disney Family Museum in San Francisco is a must. You walk through the various aspects that went into making the popular animations that Walt Disney is known around the world for. While the elder family members can browse through the museum, the little ones can easily engage in the open reading forum.

2. Fisherman’s Wharf, Pier 39

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Located in the Fisherman’s Wharf, Pier 39 is definitely one of those places in San Francisco that attracts a lot of tourist attention. It is often referred to as the Disneyland of San Francisco and all for the right reasons. The entire place is jam-packed with amazing activities and tasks that both adults and children can engage with.

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3. Chinatown


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Next on the list of things one should do while in San Francisco is visiting China Town. The bright and vibrant hues around the place are more than enough to entice any person around. Explore the emerald roofs and the golden dragon and you are definitely not going to regret one single thing about the same.

Places To Stay In San Francisco

Hotel bookings in San Francisco should always be done beforehand. Last minute bookings are not just expensive, but not optimal too.

1. Hotel Spero

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Located in 405 Taylor St in San Francisco, Hotel Spero is often one of the best options for accommodation when in the area. The hotel deals are often fluctuating depending on the time of booking.

2. Omni San Francisco Hotel


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This is one of the most popular hotels near the San Francisco area. If you are on the lookout for a retro-styled hotel, this might be the one. Book priorly because the hotel is quite in demand.

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3. InterContinental

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Last but not the least on the list of popular hotels to stay in San Francisco is the Intercontinental hotel. It is located on Howard Street and is actually quite a budget-friendly place to stay in.

Things To Remember

Concluding with a list of dos and don’ts is a definite must, so here you go.

  • Always dress warm and in layers because the place does tend to get cold quite often
  • Know the hashtags around to find the hidden gems in the city
  • Visit and shop in the Ferry Building Marketplace
  • Lombard Street is an overhyped place, don’t visit
  • Drive through the Muir wood
  • Visit the twin peaks for a panoramic view of the city

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Visiting San Francisco with family is actually an amazing experience. Owing to the fact that this place has a little to offer to everyone, it is not surprising that you can indulge in so many places and activities. So, what are waiting for then? Pack your bags and don’t forget to customize your long-awaited vacation with TravelTriangle!

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