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Brazil is the largest country in South America and Latin America. Although the place has a pleasant weather throughout the year, it is important for the people to stay hydrated and energised while they explore the place. The place attracts millions of tourists every year through its natural beauty along with its modern marvels. The place offers a wide variety of local cuisines and famous Brazillian drinks that are loved by people who visit the place. The cuisines here reflect the culture and tradition of Brazil. The place also offers a range of local drinks like Mate, Cachaca, Cauim and many more.

8 Famous Brazillian Drinks

Quench your thirst in Brazil with one of the most amazing drinks listed below while you explore the place. This list of famous Brazillian drinks will surely provide you with the needed energy to stay amazed on your trip!

1. Cachaça


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Cachaça is one of the traditional and famous Brazillian drinks around the world. The drink is basically produced from fermented sugarcane juice. The drink is known by many other names like pinga, caninha and Marvada. LIke rum, this drink also has two flavours; unaged and aged. The unaged drink is white in colour and is cheaper and easily available throughout the country. The aged drink is yellow in colour and is the premium quality of this drink. Both the drinks are kept in wooden barrels for long time to ensure best quality taste and product.

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2. Caipirinha


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Caipirinha is Brazil’s national cocktail and if you don’t try this while visiting Brazil then your trip was not worth it. The recipe of one of the famous Brazillian drinks is very easy. The drink is made with another famous Brazillian drink, cachaça, sugar and lime. It acts as an amazing refresher especially during the summer season. With time, the Brazillians have added their own twists to this drink and today this drink is available in a wide range of fruit and nuts flavours. Caipifruta is the version of the drink that provides these delicious mix of caipirinha along with fruit flavours.

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3. Cajuína


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One of the best drinks in Brazil. Cajuína is a famous Brazillian non alcoholic, non carbonated drink that gives a completely different refreshing feeling to whomsoever having this drink. It is a traditional drink in the northeastern part of the country and was developed by a pharmacist as an alternative to alcoholic drinks.

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4. Cauim


Cauim is a traditional beer of Brazil. It is still prepared in many parts of Brazil with fermented maize and flavoured with fruit juices. Traditionally, this drink is made and served by women only. Even today this drink is made in the same way as before by many native tribes in the country. Usually large barrels filled with this drink are used in parties where hundreds of people together to enjoy the drink.

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5. Mate


Mate is another of the traditional drinks in Brazil that is caffeine rich. This drink forms an important part of the culture of many South American countries like Argentina, Chile etc. The drink is prepared by freshly plucked mate leave which are grinded and pounded to make them smaller in size then added to hot or cold water. A metal straw called, bombilla is used to then drink from the mate. The drink is one of the favourite Brazillian christmas drinks.

6. Mulled Wine


Mulled wine is an interesting drink in Brazil. This form of wine is very rare in the rest of the world. This drink is a combination of wine with fruits and spices. THe drink is generally served hot and is a special and favourite of people during the winter season.

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7. Quentão


Quentão, means very hot is a major drink in Brazil which is made of cachaca and spices. The drink is majorly consumed during the celebration known as Festas Juninas. The drink is an ideal one during the winter season. In many places this drink is made with red wine and ginger is also added to give it a bit of a twist

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8. Batida


Batida is another interesting drink in Brazil made with its national cocktail, fruity flavours and milk. THe drink is generally sweet and is blended with ice. This drink is available in many other countries but is generally made with vodka. The main fruit flavours added in this drink are that of passion fruit, lemon and coconut.

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Brazil offers lip-smacking oriental drinks. These famous Brazillian drinks in Brazil offer the tourists an experience of a lifetime. But that’s not all that! Brazil offers a bunch of beverages, each alcoholic and non-alcoholic, that will leave you longing for more. Plan a trip to Brazil and enjoy a fine dining gourmet experience. This trip will be worth it!

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