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If you are looking for a place in South America for an adventurous vacation then Brazil is the perfect place for you. This country is the largest one in South America and holds about half of the continent. The southern hemisphere is covered with Brazil and you can see the tropical regions that are filled with exotic plants and animals. This country is gifted with a vast coastline that runs about 7400 kilometers and is covered with shimmering gold sand. They also have many minerals hidden beneath this wonderful surface. You can also see that there is a part in Brazil that showcases the past and has colonial architecture displayed through the streets. This place is filled with many museums that showcase the culture and the tradition of this place.

9 Best Museums In Brazil

Since the colonization decade, this country in Latin America has been home to a very complex social history. There are many museums and art galleries around this country that display the important incidents of history that make this country what it is today.

1. Museum of Art Of Sao Paulo

Museum of Art Of Sao Paulo

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Sao Paulo is a very popular place in Brazil and is known as a popular business hub. This large museum is not missed by anyone and you can easily locate this even from a distance. This whole structure is surrounded by red pillars that form a box-like structure. This place was designed in the year 1968 and was built by the great Lina Bo Bardi. It is amongst the most noticeable architecture structures in Sao Paulo. This museum is filled with amazing collections of western art that display the culture of Latin America.

Location: Av. Paulista, 1578-bella vista

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2. Museum Of Tomorrow

Museum Of Tomorrow

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This museum is located at the infamous Rio de Janeiro and happens to be the most visited place in here. This place is built by a really popular Spanish architect and is known for its unique and majestic structures. This museum is based on science and focuses on topics such as climate change or predicts some theories based on the current situation of the environment. This museum has really fun tours and you can join them and take a look and the wonderful job they have done.

Location: Praca Maua 1-centro, Rio de Janeiro

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3. Oscar Niemeyer Museum

Oscar Niemeyer Museum

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This majestic museum is built by the most famous and loved architect of Brazil i.e. Oscar Niemeyer. This architect mostly features his work in Brasilia but in this museum he has also included Curitiba and south Brazil. When you visit this museum you can see the various features and modern style of Oscar and this museum was personally built by him. This whole museum is a perfect blend of culture of Brazil and that of the modern. This museum is known to be one of the best works of Niemeyer and is a beautiful place that is worth visiting.

Location:, 999

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4. Museum Of Sacred Arts

Museum of Sacred Arts

This beautiful museum is located midst the convent of Santa Teresa of Avila. This place is a home to a lot of history of the city of Salvador. The main aim to building this magnificent museum is to preserve the great Luso-Brazilian sacred art. They have a vast collection of all the silver, gold and ivory pieces of the Salvador age and this is from the 18th century.

Location: Sodre, S/N

5. Art Museum Of Belem

Art Museum Of Belem

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This place is popularly known as blue palace among the locals and is quite popular and magnificent. This historic structure was built between the years 1868 to 1883. The whole architecture of this place is eye catching and you can see the detailing and effort that is put into making this place wonderful. The decorative interior of this museum displays the era in Brazil where the rubber industry started booming. This museum is filled with many artifacts, paintings, photographs and many more things that make this museum even more astonishing.

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6. Museum Of The Portuguese Language

Museum Of The Portuguese Language

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This museum was built as there are so many non-Portuguese speaking immigrants that travel to this place every year and still get acquainted to this language. This museum is located at Sao Paulo and is built in order to develop Portuguese as a language. This museum monument was built so that they can showcase the Portuguese language to the people. There are many Portuguese people that still don’t know much about their language and culture and are blindsided by many traditions and cultures. This museum is a perfect blend of art combined with technology and interactive sessions. They exhibit amazing paintings and art forms that are related to the theme and encourage more artists.

Location: Sao Paulo

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7. Instituto butantan

Instituto butantan

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This magnificent institute is linked with many great institutions and is known to be one of the major scientific centers. This museum has a collection of very unique animals such as venomous snakes and different insects like spiders and lizards. They use these animals so that they can research more about how they can use the venom of these creatures to treat various diseases like rabies, tetanus, and tuberculosis.

Location: Av. Vital Brasil, Sao Paulo

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8. The National Historical Museum

The National Historical Museum

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This monument was built in the year 1603 and was turned into a museum in 1922. It has around 28000 items stored and has many important artifacts of Latin America reserved here. The architecture complex is a very important place and is considered to be one of the cultural centers in the city.

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9. Inhotim


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This is a beautiful contemporary art museum in Brazil. It is also a botanical garden which was founded by Bernardo Paz. The museum houses exemplary works of art by various artists. The gardens which hold works of international artists were made open for public in 2006. The museum now attracts around 250000 visitors from across the globe annually.
Location: Rua B 20 | Inhotim, Brumadinho, State of Minas Gerais

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These are some of the most known museums in Brazil and are some of the most uniquely designed places in Brazil. So, book a trip to Brazil with TravelTriangle and if you are into architectural structures, then you can choose one of these majestic museums to visit.

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