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    A cafe in Brazil, South America

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    There is a solid jungle in the southeast of South America with a population of some 20 million. Picture Los Angeles on its most smoggy day, a New York density and San Francisco cityscape clumped up and tossed into Latin America. Embrace São Paolo, a city with strong ties in the coffee trade that has just awakened to an intriguing specialty coffee scene in the 21st century. There are many good cafes in Brazil that can prove to be a great hangout zone for you and your family or friends, during a vacation.

    13 Best Cafes In Brazil

    Spending some quality time with your family and friends, during a vacation is a great idea. And cafes are a good choice to do the same and also explore the food culture of that place. To enable you in fully exploring the Brazilian coffee culture, here are some of the cafes which will leave your taste buds tingling.

    1. Coffee Lab

    Coffee Lab cafe

    Image Source

    For a deep-rooted coffee drinker, it is a disconcerting experience to switch your reference to the drink inside out. Isabela Raposeiras is perhaps the most prominent roaster in today 's independent Brazilian coffee scene. In her shop, you can experience new coffee brewing techniques such as Aero Press and Hario V60 in Brazil and relish small pairings of coffee and food as “rituals” on the menu.

    Location: Rua Fradique Coutinho, 1340, Vila Madalena, São Paulo
    Contact: 011 33757400
    Signature: Creamy Latte and Pressed Cheese Sandwich
    Cuisine: Café, Brazilian
    Cost for two: 40 to 45 dollars
    Zomato rating: 4.6/5

    2. Sofá Café

    Sofá Café

    Image Source

    A comfortable and welcoming coffee shop with a lot of comfy sofas! This is the vibe that patrons want to offer here: a home away from home. After having to import some experts from Coffee Lab, Sofa started to roast and slowly expanded its own technique— they roast a trifle lighter in Sofá, taking a leaf out of the book of Scandinavian roasters.

    Location: Rua Bianchi Bertoldi, 130, Pinheiros, São Paulo 10000
    Contact: 011 30345830
    Signature: Coffee made from lightly roasted beans
    Cuisine: Café, Brazilian
    Cost for two: 70 to 75 dollars
    Zomato rating: 3.7/5

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    3. Beluga Café

    Coffee view in cup

    Image Source

    The aesthetically clean, vivid colors incorporate a contemporary air into an atmosphere that is otherwise grey and heavily urban. The duo developed peculiar roast contours with the producer-turned roaster, Hugo Wolff, with barista classes under their belts. Espresso is a lovely dark coffee from the farm of Wolff, Portal da Serra, in Minas Gerais.

    Location: Rua Doutor Cesário Mota Junior, 379, Vila Buarque, República, São Paulo, SP
    Contact: 011 32145322
    Signature: lightly roasted coffee with big fruity overtones
    Cuisine: Café
    Cost for two: 30 to 35 dollars
    Zomato rating: 3.6/5

    4. The Little Coffee Shop

    The Little Coffee Shop

    Image Source

    In the São Paulo coffee scene, Flavia Pogliani creates great ripples in perhaps the smallest café in the nation. After four years in Australia as a barista, Flavia returned to Brazil to set up the São Paulo Coffee Week event. She decided to open her own small café after two years of developing the scene. At only two square meters in total, this minuscule café has a much larger presence than its small size.

    Location: Rua Lisboa, 357A, Pinheiros, São Paulo
    Contact: 011 23855430
    Cuisine: Cafe
    Signature drink: Chocolate Quente
    Cost for two: 30 to 35 dollars
    Zomato rating: 3.6/5

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    5. Urbe Café Bar

    Urbe Café Bar

    Image Source

    The best part of the Urbe Café Bar is the atmosphere. It's modern, young and very enjoyable. It's a lovely place especially for those who like a good cup of coffee without having to go to a chic spot. On the contrary, it is a rather informal and contemporary café that also serves good food and some fair drink options.

    Location: Rua Antonio Carlos, 404, Consolação, São Paulo
    Contact: 011 32623943
    Cuisine: Café, contemporary
    Signature dish: focaccia vegan, fresh out of the oven
    Cost for two: 40 to 45 dollars
    Zomato rating: 4.⅗

    6. Cafe Girondins

    Coffee cup

    Image Source

    The conventional Café Girondino is a neat coffee, lunch, snack or early dinner stop in the city centre, with a graceful atmosphere and excellent service. prices are greater than the region's average but reasonable enough to meet the Sao Paulo standards. This is one of the several restaurants in the region open on Sundays. Ultimately: worth the visit!

    Location: Rua Boa Vista, 365, Sé, São Paulo
    Contact: 011 32294574
    Cuisine: Café, contemporary
    Signature dish: Try the pão-de-queijo that comes with a parmesan topping
    Cost for two: 120 dollars
    Zomato rating: 3.8/5

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    7. KOF - King of the Fork

    King of the Fork

    Image Source

    This is a nice place to visit on an almost regular basis. It's a bike-friendly place right next to one of São Paulo’s new “cliclovias.” They have a tiny and concentrated menu of finger food and drinks, particularly large coffees. Non - Meat options, such as the Vegan Brownie, must be emphasized as long as the same rare (in Sao Paulo) coffee options are available, such as cold Japanese coffee. Some appliances for making coffee at home or some equipment for cycling can also be bought.

    Location: Rua Artur Azevedo, 1317, Pinheiros, São Paulo
    Contact: 011 25339391
    Cuisine: Café, contemporary
    Must try: Cappuccino and chocolate brownie
    Cost for two: 30 dollars
    Zomato rating: 3.8/5

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    8. Oscar Café

    Oscar Café in brazil

    Image Source

    It is a calm venue to savor good coffee and good food in a pleasant atmosphere. Oscar Cafe comprises of trained baristas and the espresso machine of La Marzocco! This café is probably not as overcrowded as many other places in São Paulo thanks to its small entrance. If you don't like to wait and stand in lines, come here.

    Location: Rua Oscar Freire, 727 A, Jardim Paulista, São Paulo
    Contact: 011 30819298
    Cuisine: Café
    Must try: the risotto and fish
    Cost for two: 100 dollars
    Zomato rating: 3.6/5

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    9. Pao de Queijo Haddock Lobo

    Pao de Queijo Haddock Lobo

    Image Source

    Imagine crispy and soft cheese bread, delicious when served hot from the oven directly to the counter. Although it is also sold for takeaway, it is strongly advised to try the pao de queijo in the shop. This small shop is conveniently located in a lovely neighborhood. It doesn't look like a coffee shop or bakery, but it's easy to find the by smell of bread just baked.

    Location: Rua Haddock Lobo, 1408, Cerqueira César, JardimPaulista, São Paulo
    Contact: 011 30883087
    Cuisine: Brazilian, Fast Food
    Must try: pao de queijo
    Cost for two: 30 dollars
    Zomato rating: 3.6/5

    10. Santo Grao

    Santo Grao in brazil

    Image Source

    This is a gourmet café and restaurant. A good mix of global dishes, a wide range of drinks, gourmet coffee and a nice comfortable atmosphere (especially if you want to be romantic) makes this place a great choice for a nice lunch or dinner. if you see a Nutella crepe, go for it!

    Location: Rua Oscar Freire, 413, Cerqueira César, JardimPaulista, São Paulo
    Contact: 011 30629294
    Cuisine: Brazilian, Cafe
    Must try: Nutella crepe
    Cost for two: 80 dollars
    Zomato rating: 4.⅖

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    11. Isso e’Café

    Isso e’Café view

    Image Source

    This coffee shop serves delicious baked goods and great snacks of super high quality. It's in cultural space, built on a busy road, but kind of a break from the bustle. There are areas to hang out and special events take place on the weekend. This café also serves delicious coffee in a wonderful environment that is accessible, welcoming and calming with a view of the city centre.

    Location: Mirante 9 de Julho, Rua Carlos Comenale, s/n (baixo do Viaduto Bernardino Tranchesi), Bela Vista, Centro
    Contact: 011 35545077
    Cuisine: Cafe
    Must try: Coffee with cream and chocolate frothing
    Cost for two: 20 dollars
    Zomato rating: 4.0/5

    12. Cafe Sol

    Cafe Sol in brazil

    Image Source

    Cafe sol is ideally situated in the Liberdade district's main corner. A wide range of Brazilian snacks, cafes, fresh juices, a few meals and desserts are served in the cafe. Great place to rest and get back to business as usual in the most eastern suburb of São Paulo.

    Location: Rua GalvãoBueno, 5, Liberdade, São Paulo 10000
    Contact: 011 32088688
    Cuisine: Café, Brazillian
    Signature drink: Chocolaté Quente
    Cost for two: 80 dollars
    Zomato rating: 3.⅖

    13. Santo Pao

    Santo Pao in brazil

    Image Source

    In São Paulo, where food seems to be the star allure, it is difficult to find a place that offers nothing unusual, at least in one bracket. Santo Pão couldn't be otherwise, it has a comfortable urbanized impression and delicious food. What distinguishes it from other places for breakfast is that it gives more than just your banal food; it offers gluten-free, lactose-free and other food options.

    Location: Rua Padre João Manuel, 968, Jardim Paulista, São Paulo
    Contact: 011 23095594
    Cuisine: Café, Bakery
    Must try: Pupunha spaghetti with organic chicken
    Cost for two: 20 dollars
    Zomato rating: 3.⅘

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    Cafés, bistros and little bakery shops are those slices of heaven tucked away in the crooks and alleyways of the city. Finding them can be a challenge, so we hope this list comes in handy when next you hop off to a new adventure for those roasted, aromatic coffee beans and the delicious pao de queijo! So, plan a trip to Brazil and make sure that you visit these cafes too.

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