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Badrinath is part of the Char Dhams and is among the country’s holiest places. Known for its picturesque and breathtaking beauty, Badrinath is a favourite tourist destination of many. Apart from visiting the temple and touring the entire town for its attractions, shopping is one of the best things to do here. You can find a wide range of famous things to buy in Badrinath. Whether you want hand-made items as souvenirs or want to buy something for your dearest mother, you can find it all in Badrinath. A memorable trip with a memorable gift, what more could one ask for?

Famous Things To Buy In Badrinath

Badrinath is a sacred place located in the Chamoli Dirstrict of Uttrakhand. Devotees visit this temple yearly to seek blessings from God Vishnu. Here is the curated list of famous things to buy in Badrinath:

1. Saligram Sila

The Saligram Sila is among the most famous things to buy in Badrinath

Image Credit: Govtul for Wikimedia Commons

Because of its significance, the Saligram Sila is among the most famous things to buy in Badrinath. A Saligram Sila is a black sacred stone associated with the revered Lord Vishnu. The black stone is polished and sold in markets in a variety of shapes, and sometimes, carving is also done on it. It makes for the perfect gift and souvenir, as you can keep it anywhere you wish and know that Lord Vishnu’s blessings are always with you.

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2. Religious Books

You can find a range of religious books, such as pocket Bhagavad Gita at Badrinath

Image Credit: Aavindraa for Wikimedia Commons

Badrinath is among the top pilgrimages in the country, so it is no surprise that you will find a plethora of religious books here. From aarti books to religious texts, you will find all the books you need to embark on a spiritual path. You can find pocketbooks that you can carry everywhere with you and hardcover books to store in your library. If you have always wanted to get religious texts reasonably priced, shop at Badrinath!

3. Hand-Woven Shawls And Woolen Items

Pashmina shawls are one of the famous things to buy in Badrinath

Image Source: Shutterstock

You can give your loved ones hand-woven shawls, woollen items, and clothing exclusively found in Badrinath. These are some of the most famous things to buy in Badrinath, and they will love them because the material is so soft. You can find simple shawls and those with intricate designs and colour patterns. There is something for every woman in your family here because there is so much variety across stores.

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4. Ayurvedic Items

You can find reliable ayurvedic items such as essential oils at Badrinath

Image Source: Shutterstock

Badrinath is also known for the Ayurvedic products it offers, such as essential oils that ease symptoms for various problems. These can help you feel calm or ease skin issues you may have been facing for a long time. It is best to buy Ayurvedic items after consulting with an Ayurvedic practitioner to ensure you buy the right type and understand how to use them for their full benefits. If you have the time, consider buying some Ayurvedic products.

5. Yantra coins

Yantra coins are famous things to buy in Badrinath

Image Source: Shutterstock

Yantra coins have the carving of a god, goddess, or multiple gods and goddesses on one side, while a yantra is carved on the other side. They are some of the finest famous things to buy in Badrinath as they hold immense meaning. You can keep these yantra coins in your purse where it is believed your finances will improve. Different Gods and Goddesses have distinct purposes and help you achieve a particular goal. They are also some of the best gift options as they can be carried everywhere.

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6. Colourful Malas And Bracelets

Colourful malas are popular in Badrinath market and can be found anywhere

Image Source: Shutterstock

You can find ample colourful malas and bracelets in Badrinath markets. Some of them are simple ones with vibrant coloured beads, while others have a uniform colour based on their purpose. You can also find glass and crystal bead malas that are comparatively more expensive. These are great souvenir options! Also, you can find pendants with paintings or carvings of gods and goddesses on them. You can find a range of beautiful malas to take back home with you.

7. Metal Idols

Metal idols of Gods and Goddesses are famous things to buy in Badrinath

Image Source: Shutterstock

From Lord Vishnu idols to Lord Shiva statues, you can find idols in different metals, such as brass. They come in unique shapes and sizes, making them perfect for your car, your pocket, your ghar ka mandir, and so on. These idols range from simple to exquisitely detailed, and they are great for giving away as gifts to the people who matter to you the most. This makes them one of the most famous things to buy in Badrinath.

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8. Photo Frames And Paintings

Photo frames of Hindu Gods and Goddesses are popular in Badrinath

Image Source: Shutterstock

You can give photo frames of Gods and Goddesses as presents to your near and dear ones. When you shop at Badrinath markets, you can find different-sized photo frames of Gods. They range from mini-sizes that are perfect for your car to large sizes that are great for your drawing room walls. You can also find stunning paintings made by local artists whose craft shines through their every stroke. It makes for an excellent gifting idea!

9. Rudraksha Beads

Rudraksha beads are some of the most famous things to buy in Badrinath

Image Source: Shutterstock

Rudraksha beads have been an important part of the ghar ka mandir for a long time as they are considered very auspicious for you and your entire family. When you visit Badrinath, you can find many shops selling authentic Rudraksha beads and necklaces at an economical price. These are some of the most famous things to buy in Badrinath for your house or to give to others as presents. You can find beads of different types and sizes.

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10. Trinkets

Keychains and small trinkets are fun things to buy in Badrinath

Image Source: Shutterstock

If you want something small as a souvenir, you can get some trinkets at the shops near Badrinath Temple. Keychains with small idols of Gods, specific tools used by Gods, or those with paintings of famous Gods are quite popular in the region. These are rather cheap, and you can buy them for yourself or gifting purposes. You can even find rings of brass that are sold for a low price here. These rings are considered good for health.

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When you plan your trip to Uttarakhand, make sure you spend some time shopping in Badrinath to take home souvenirs and gifts for your friends and family. They will appreciate your gesture for sure! From Saligram Silas to small trinkets, you can find them all in Badrinath’s malls, stalls, stores, and shops.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Famous Things To Buy In Badrinath

Where to buy souvenirs in Badrinath?

You can find small shops near the temple where you can buy souvenirs. Stores, malls, and shops are also places you can find amazing gift items and souvenirs to take back from the trip.

Is bargaining allowed in Badrinath?

It depends on the shop. If you are buying in stalls and open markets with no fixed price, you can bargain to lower the price. However, you cannot bargain in large stores and malls.

Are famous items expensive in Badrinath?

It depends on where you buy them and if you have a good idea about the general price range. Big shopping areas such as malls will quote a much higher price generally compared to street stalls.

Is it cheaper to buy Badrinath items online?

You will notice the prices are much higher online compared to buying them directly from Badrinath stores.

When is the best time to visit Badrinath Temple?

The best time to visit is from May to mid-October. The temple is closed from the end of October and reopens in April.

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