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Montenegro is a South European country which is glorified with awe-inspiring landscapes, sun glinting mountains, gushing rivers, primeval forest area, crystal clear glacial lakes, and a picturesque coastal town. No wonder it is considered as one of the most stunning tourist places in entire Europe. This small yet gorgeous country is a haven to a huge array of both natural and man-made wonders! The awe-inspiring view of the highlands, coastal area adding charm to the Adriatic Sea, the artistic villages and the walled cities certified by the UNESCO are all a work of art glorifying it as the land of paradise. This indeed is one of those places you should visit once in your lifetime. And if that time is during the festivals in Montenegro, then you can enjoy the festive vibes too!

Top 12 Festivals In Montenegro

Apart from its scenic beauty what makes this country even more artistically alive are the festivals that are celebrated here. The festivals are celebrated in a unique way which features dope background music, weirdly creative costumes, bewitching light shows, and even free wines. So, here is a list of all the festivals that you must see if you ever happen to be in Montenegro around the festival time!

1. Fascinada

Boats Summer Montenegro Herceg Novi Marina Meljine

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Become a part of the rich cultural history of this magnificent place by joining in this longest running festival which has now been going on for over 500 years!! This festival is organized in order to celebrate the founding of a manmade island church which is centuries old. Come to the festival to witness a bunch of local convoys marching together towards the island from the main town which are accompanied by some local cappella singers who glorify the whole town with their magical voice. The specialty of this festival is that the whole town gets to participate. The men from every family row their boat to the island while the women wave them from the shore. Join in the tradition of throwing a rock in the sea and become a part of this beautiful and unique festival.

Where: Our Lady of the Rocks island, just off Perast’s shore
When: 22nd July

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2. Mimosa Festival

Mimosa Festival

This festival marks the celebration of the vibrant spring after the long dark winter days are over. This is a cheerful festival celebrating the arrival of spring by welcoming it with the bright yellow mimosa blossom which is so blissful to look at. The festival starts with a traditional parade where girls march and a brass band. To add more quirk to it, there is a unique and eye-catching creative costume parade which is quite a fun thing to experience. This festival is a sign of hope for a new and better life full of life, laughter, and happiness.

Where: Baosici’s shores, Marina town
When: March

3. Lake Fest

Lake Fest

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For all the rock music lovers out there, this is one of those festivals which you should attend if you ever get a chance. It attracts over 20,000 people for a three-night rock fest featuring some jaw-dropping music which is sure to give you chills down the nerve. Their heart pounding upbeat music will make you groove even when you don’t feel like. The artists are local and international presenting both retro and modern rock bands. Along with that, to make your night more happening, you can also go for free camping with a bunch of people amidst the forest by the lakeside and enjoy a couple of drinks. You can visit the eco workshops and the ‘rubbish- collection even’ which are quite unique there.

Where: Lake Krupac in Niksic
When: 11th to 16th August

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4. Sea Dance Festival

Sea Dance Festival

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This is a three-day music festival which is very popular among the people here. It attracts over 80,000 people from all over Europe and other continents. This festival is all about celebrating their rich musical culture which is praised all over the world. Celebrated on a beach amidst the greenery, you should definitely come here and make the next three days of your life memorable by partying and dancing all day and all night!

Where: Jaz Beach
When: August

5. Southern Soul Festival

Southern Soul Festival

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It again is a three-day vibrant festival celebrated on a beach where you not only get to enjoy good music but also party and have fun on the beach. The festival brings to you a mix of hearth throbbing songs like the Jazz, House, and Funk played by some of the most renowned hip and underground artists of all time! Held on the longest beach of this country which is 12 km long, there are ample of choices for you to indulge in some fun beach sports activities like kite surfing, volleyball and more while enjoying good music. Come to spend your week here dancing and partying to some of the most upbeat music of all time here!

Where: Ulcinj’ Copacabana Beach
When: June | July

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6. Montenegro Film Festival

Montenegro Film Festival

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This festival has been celebrated for 30 years now and has still maintained its authenticity. It features some of the best films and documentaries from all over the world. It is one of the best ways to know different places through their films. The town sinks into the magnificent aura of this festival as its background music is played throughout the town which is soothing to the ears. The whole town becomes so vibrant and full of life. There is also a main theater located in one of the historic fortresses called the Bloody Tower and some outdoor theater which you can find everywhere in the town.

Where: Herceg Novi old town
When: August

7. Bokeljska Noc

Bokeljska Noc

This is one of those summer festivals which you simply can’t afford to miss. It is a festival for all the fun seekers. This is a traditional festival that features beautifully decorated boats and floats that are meant to compete against each other and the winner gets a wonderful prize. But more than winning what attracts people to this festival is the vibe of this celebration. Everyone one is so full of enthusiasm and the whole ambiance is full of chattering, hooting, joys, laughter, chills and of course some delectable local food delicacies which are surely a delight to taste!

Where: Herceg, Montenegro
When: August

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8. Budva Carnival

Budva Carnival

This is a three-day carnival which draws people from different parts of the country. Unique costume parties, cheerful parades, and the open air theater shows are the highlights of this amazing festival. You can also participate in some fun competitions in which different groups participate; coming right away from countries like Italy, Macedonia, Serbia, Turkey, Bosnia, and Slovenia. It is a family-friendly festival which organizes fun things for children as well, like the funny puppet shows and has masked balls for the kids.

Where: Old Town of Budva
When: May

9. Udahni Kolasin

Udahni Kolasin

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This is a festival for everyone all the music lovers, art and culture enthusiast, fun lovers and dance enthusiasts. There is not just one or two but several reasons why you must visit this festival. It features bands which play different genres of music like the Jazz, rock, pop, house funk, and the list goes one. While this music is soothing, some of them are heart pounding and jaw-dropping. Also, the visitors get to visit various historical sites and try some healthy organic food brought right from their mountains.

Where: Kolasin, Montenegro
When: between July and August

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10. City Groove

City Groove

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This is one of the hottest events that happen here in Montenegro which features live bands performing on some of the most electrifying music of all time. This goes on for three days, never for a second will you feel bored. Every time the beat drops it will make you dance no matter what. The jaw-dropping music and a crowd full of enthusiastic youth make this festival a complete power packed festival something that is worth the visit.

Where: Podgorica, Stadion malih sportova
When: Update Soon

11. Cube Fest – Festival Of Cuban Music

Cube Fest

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Witness the phenomenal energy that defines this festival that is surrounded by a lively atmosphere, fun loving people and breathtaking performances which you will not get to see in any part of the world. You can feel the influence of the Cuban culture in a European country. The festival is famous for its DJs, dances and outstanding arts displays.

Where: Caffe bar Salsa Familia, Bar, Montenegro
When: June

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12. Bedem Fest

Bedem Fest

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This is a famous summer music festival which attracts tourists from different corners of the world. As you come here you not only witness their soul touching music but also the magnificent art for which this city is known for! You can enjoy the music and dance in the day and enjoy free camping at night. This festival is all about good music and good food. Visit this festival and go home with some of the most beautiful memories of your lifetime.

Where: Niksic, Montenegro
When: August

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Montenegro is one of those countries which will never disappoint you. Be it their magnificent culture or their picturesque towns, it has a beauty of its own. And what makes this place even more joyous are the festivals in Montenegro. So if you ever plan a Europe vacation, visit this country, and make sure that you attend at least one of the above-mentioned festivals and we assure you that while traveling back home you will be taking an extra baggage home, baggage full of wonderful heart touching memories!

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